Getting to know the Moodle LMS

This course will provide you with an overview of Moodle and all of it's features and inner workings.

You will learn how to create a course, create a new user, and enroll an existing user, as well as digesting information on creating an assignment. You can then put your newfound knowledge into practice with a post-course quiz.

What is Moodle?

Moodle overview

What is a Moodle plugin?

What is a Moodle course?

How to create a course

Create your own Moodle course. Name the course "[Your full name] course"

Assessment - Creating a Moodle course - Part 1

Assessment - Creating a Moodle Course - Part 2

  • Add a user to the course.
  • Course navigation
  • Course administration

What makes a Moodle user

How to create a Moodle user

Create a Moodle user account with "[Your full name]"

Assessment - Creating a Moodle User

User enrollment

Enrol the user that you created in the previous assessment

Assessment of enrolling a user

Creating a Moodle assignment within the course you created

Create a Moodle assignment called "[Your full name] assignment"

Assessment of creating a Moodle assignment - CONTENT STILL NEEDED

Moodle admin user features

Moodle Summary