How to become an Independent Revenue Insurance Agent

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Quick Learning - Independent Revenue Insurance Agent

The first step in promoting an insurance product is to gain the customer's .........


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  • Revenue Insurance is a way to help business owners minimize their government taxes

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  • Gaining the customer's trust
    Is the first step in marketing strategy
  • Learning the principals of Revenue Insurance
    Is essential in becoming a successful Insurance Agent
  • Minimizing competition
    Is your responsibility as a business partner
  • Being able to communicate in English / French or both
    Is very crucial for your success

Steve is a restaurant owner, he's been struggling with his revenue for the last 5 years, his turn over has been dropping gradually, is Steve a good potential client for Revenue Insurance? (Yes / No)

As an Independent Revenue Insurance Agent, your main focus will be (Choose 5 answers)

  • Utilize our state of the art marketing technologies in order to maximize your profitability
  • Avoid signing up too many clients in order to avoid overwhelming yourself
  • Stay in contact with the head office and utilize all the support available to you
  • Expand your business beyond your country of residence and use the power of our website automation
  • Avoid non-ethical marketing avenues like Email Spam and Telemarketing
  • This business requires minimal concentration so you don't need to work more than 2 hours a week
  • Always send your feedback and suggestions to the head office to improve the quality of our venture