Pokemon TCG Tutorial


This instructional program will tell you everything you need to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Your deck of cards represents your Pokémon as well as items and allies that help you on your adventures.

Instructional Goals

The goal of this instruction is to teach someone the basic rules and flow to play Pokémon Trading card game. Through a series of explanations and questions, you will become more familiar with playing the game and becoming a master!

Basic Pokemon Card Types

Energy cards

Energy Cards

These are your main resource for Pokemon and used to pay the cost of that Pokemon's attack and retreat.

Basic Energy Cards

There are nine different types of basic energy cards, grass, fairy, steel, fighting, water, fire, psychic, lighting, and dark. You can any amount of basic energy in your deck! A basic energy provides one energy of its type or one colorless energy. 

Special Energy 

There is another type of energy and its called special energy. It provides the energy written on the card and can sometimes have cool effects.You can carry up to four of any special energy sharing the same name.

Playing Energy

Once per turn, you can play one energy from your hand underneath your Pokemon to power up its attacks.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards 

Pokemon cards are used to battle against your opponent and have a lot of unique characteristics. We will cover what each trait is on the card.

Basic Pokemon

Required in order to start the game. They can be played directly on the bench at any time during your turn, as long as you have not filled up your bench.

Evolved Pokemon

Can be played on-top of a previous stage and has been in play for one turn.Evolving removes all special conditions if on the active Pokemon. In the top left of card you will find out who the card evolves from. There are three stages in Pokemon basic, stage 1, and stage 2.

Special Pokemon

Have special rules that are explained in the text of the card.

Trainer Cards

Pokemon Trainer Cards

Pokemon trainer cards help add consistency and help your Pokemon battle. They are played from the hand and there are 5 different types of trainer cards.

Item Trainers

Play from your hand to the discard pile and perform the their effect on the card. Can be used as many times as you want during your turn. 

Supporter Cards

Are powerful cards. Play from your hand to the discard pile and perform the their effect on the card. Can be used only ONCE per turn.

Pokemon Tool Card

Play from your hand to the discard pile and attach it to a single Pokemon to give them a special effect. Can be used as often as you like, but you can only have one tool per Pokemon. 

Stadium Cards

Placed in between each player's field, and creates a effect both players can use. You can only play stadium card per turn and it must be a different then the current stadium in play.

Special Trainer Cards/Ace-Spec Trainer Cards

Special trainer cards that are extremely powerful, but you can only have ONE card total in your deck.

Game Setup

Playing Field

Your deck

Your deck consistent of 60 cards by combining energies, Pokemon and trainer cards.Your deck must not be no more or no less the 60 cards. Also you may not have more the 4 copies of the exact came card.

Discard Pile

This is the place where used trainers and knocked out Pokemon will go.(Including the energy attached to it).

Your Hand

This is where you hold cards to play and where you put cards when you draw. Your hand is only visible to yourself and not the opponent. 

Active Pokemon Area

This is the only Pokemon that can attack but requires the correct amount of energies.

The Bench Area

The bench area can have up to 5 additional Pokemon ready to battle and may be switched into the active area to attack.

The Field Area

This where a special Pokemon trainer card goes and is placed in between the field of both players.

Prize Card Area

Six unknown cards are placed from the top of your deck at the beginning of the game (after you choose an active pokemon). Getting a knockout lets you take a prize card, and taking all six prize cards wins you the game.

How to Play!

Special Conditiions

Special Conditions

These are special effects that can be placed on the Pokemon to give it a special conditions. There are 5 different special conditions and can be applied with an attack, abilities and even trainer cards. These conditions can only effect the active Pokemon and ends when active Pokemon is sent to the bench.

5 Different Special Conditions 

Confusion- Flip a coin every time you attack, if heads you attack normally. If tails, you place 3 damage counters on the Pokemon. You can retreat out of this special condition. 

Poisoned- Place a poison counter on a poisoned Pokemon. Poison adds one damage counter in-between each players turn.

Burned- Place a burned counter on a burned Pokemon. Flip a coin in-between each players turn. If tails your Pokemon remains burned and your active Pokemon takes 2 damage counters. If heads remove the effect of being burned.

Asleep- When asleep , you cannot attack or retreat. Flip a coin in-between each turn, if heads you wake up, if tails you remain asleep.

Paralyzed- A paralyzed Pokemon cannot retreat or attack. The paralysis ends at the end of your turn.

How to Play!

How to play 

  1. Shuffle your 60 card deck
    1. As many basic energies as you would like
    2. Up to any four cards that have the same name
    3. ONE total A-spec card
    4. Any time after shuffling, offer your opponent a chance to cut your deck
  2. Draw 7 cards and play basic pokemon
    1. You must put one face down in the active spot and then add any basic Pokemon to your bench
  3. Place 6 cards face down from the top of your deck to prize area

* If in your opening hand if you do not draw a basic Pokemon you shuffle your hand into your deck and draw a new set of 7 cards. Your opponent may draw 1 extra card each time you do this. This commonly referred to a MULLIGAN!

  1.   Flip a coin or roll a dice to determine who will go first. Evens are heads and tails is odds on the dice roll.
  2. Flip over Pokemon and begin the game! 

There are Five Steps to a Turn

  1. Draw a card
    1. Take one card from the top of your deck
    2. You must draw a card a the beginning of your turn
    3. If there are no cards left in your deck to draw, you lose the game
  2. Perform Actions
    1. Attach a energy card from your hand (once per turn)
    2. Play a supporter or stadium cards (once per turn)
    3. Retreat by discarding energy cards attached to your Pokemon (once per turn)
    4. Play an item or tool card ( as often as you like)
    5. Play a basic Pokemon on the bench (provided there is room)
    6. Activate a Pokemon ability (when the ability allows)
    7. Evolve a Pokemon (if they have been in play at least one turn)

Choose an Attack:

  1. If you have the proper energy to attack, you may announce one on the active Pokemon
  2. You do not have to attack, you may end your turn without attacking

Calculate Damage

One damage counter = 10 damage

  1. Determine damage after weakness and resistance, and place damage counters.
  2. If you deal damage equal to the HP of your opponents Pokemon, it is knocked out and you take a prize card.
  3. A knocked out Pokemon is placed in the discard pile and is replaced by a benched Pokemon.

Determine Effects in-between Turns

  1. Determine any effects between turns, such as sleep, poison or burn.
  2. It is now your opponents turn, and they will start at step 1 by drawing card.

How to Win

  1. If you draw all six prize cards, you WIN!
  2. If your opponent has no benched Pokemon to replace a knocked out one, you WIN
  3. If your opponent begins their turn with zero cards left in their deck, you WIN.

Becoming a Master Trainer

How many energies can you attach per turn?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

How many different types of energy are there?

  • 12
  • 9

Special Energies!

  • You cant have no more then 4 of the same name special energies.
  • You can play as many special energies in your deck.

What is the first or base starting Pokemon called?

  • Basic Pokemon
  • Evolution Stage 1 Pokemon

How many turns do you have to wait to evolve your Pokemon?

  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • End of the Game

Where is the location of weakness on a Pokemon card?

  • Top right corner of the card
  • Bottom left corner of the card

How many of the same named Pokemon can you have in your deck?

  • 4
  • 2

Trainer Cards

  • Item Cards
    Play from your hand and may play as many as you want
  • Supporter Cards
    Powerful trainer that can only be played once per turn
  • Pokemon Tool Cards
    Play from your hand to attach to a Pokemon and may play as many as you want
  • Stadium Cards
    Are place in-between each players fields
  • Special Trainer Cards
    Usually called A-spec trainer cards

How many cards is your deck made up of?

  • 45
  • 60
  • 50
  • 100

Knocked out Pokemon or Used Trainer Cards

When a Pokemon gets knocked out or a trainer was used, it goes to the

How many Pokemon can you have on your bench?

  • 5
  • 6

Where are the prized cards taken from at the start of the game?

  • Top of your deck after you draw your hand and place Pokemon
  • Bottom of your deck after you draw your hand and place Pokemon
  • Top of your deck after your opponent cuts the deck
  • Bottom of your deck after your opponent cuts the deck

How many special conditions are there?

  • 3
  • 5

How to play!

What is the first thing you do with your deck when you sit down to play your opponent?(one word)

How to Play!

When you start the game you draw  to your hand.

If I don't have a basic Pokemon in my hand at the beginning of the match, I take a...

  • Redraw
  • Mulligan
  • Reverse
  • Hand Check

What determines who goes first?

  • Dice or Coin flip
  • Paper, Rock, Scissors

There are steps to your turn...

  • There are 8 steps to a turn in Pokemon

What MUST you do every time at the beginning of your turn?

  • Attack
  • Draw 1 card
  • Place your hand in the discard
  • Attach a energy to a Pokemon

What actions can you perform during your turn in the order that was explained in the previous section?

  • Attach a energy
  • Play a supporter or Stadium
  • Retreat a Pokemon
  • Play an item or tool card
  • Play a basic Pokemon down on the bench
  • Activate a Pokemon's Ability
  • Evolve a Pokemon that has been out a turn
  • Attack and end your turn

What must you have to use the Pokemon's attacks?

  • One energy to use any attack
  • The right amount and correct type of energy
  • Having psychic energy on a grass Pokemon

How much damage is 2 damage counters?

  • 30
  • 40
  • 10
  • 20

What do you determine in-between turns?

  • Damage
  • Check for status effects

What are the 3 ways you can win?

  • Take all 6 prize cards
  • Ask opponent to concede
  • Your opponent cant draw a card at the beginning of their turn
  • Your opponent discards their hand
  • Your opponent doesn't have anymore Pokemon to promote and battle