Zenergi Initial Training Review - CAM

Zenergi Knowledge Review

History Of Zenergi

When was Zenergi founded?

In your own words, what does Zenergi do?

HR & Fire Safety

What is the sickness procedure?

Who are your Fire Wardens?

Where is your Fire Assembly Point?

If you need to be contacted (at work) for an emergency you should?

Where can you find copies of the H&S, Employee and Fire Handbooks?

How many Flex days can you book a month?

The Zen Way

If answering the phone, you should pick up after no more than

In your own words, what are the important features of a successful phone call?

What should you do at the end of every call, especially negative one’s?

What font size should you use for emails?

What font type should you use for emails?

When should you give an account more attention than normal?

Industry Knowledge

Match the correct electricity meter types to their profile classes

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
A meter with a profile class of 03
Half Hourly Meter
A meter with a profile class of 00
Non Half Hourly Meter

If a Customer's VAT status is de-Minimis, what do they pay

What does FIT stand for?

What does CCL stand for?

What is a VA School?

By law a Half Hourly meter must have a supply contract and what two other agreements in place?

Explain Half Hourly ASC

Role Specific (CAM)

When should a case be raised? (You can select multiple answers)

What does it mean if you have created a PEP for a customer but it is still showing as "To Send" on the Dashboard?

If you are validating the first invoice in a contract, what should you check from the previous bill?

What is even better than a contract start email?

What is the tax point date on an invoice?

What is the tolerance for the difference for a Zenergi validated invoice?

Select on the invoice where you would find the MD

Click where you would find the p/kwh Gas unit rate being charged to the customer and click the total invoice amount excluding VAT

What does LOA stand for and why do we need one for each customer?

How often do we request an LOA from a customer?

Which of the below is a PEP Lite

Which of the below is a normal PEP?

What is included in a PEP Max?

If a customer would like to see how much they are consuming at night, what is the best PEP to show this? (You can select multiple answers)

What is Zenergi's expectation for turnaround of an invoice from Zenergi receiving it and validating it to it being sent to a customer?

When is an ECD (Emergency Contact Details) form required from the customer?

For CAM standard expectations, how many 'No Validation Comms' can there be at the end of a month?

What does 'DEC' stand for, and when is one required?

Your Feedback

Thank you for completing the feedback questionnaire. Do you feel like you have had adequate training on everything you need to complete your job role to the best of your ability? Is there anything you would like more training on?