Che Post-Assessment Quiz

Post-Assessment Quiz

Where was Che born?

Che Guevara was a: [select all that apply]

Che graduated from his country’s university with a degree in which field?

Che married more than once. Who were his wives? [select all that apply]

Che decided to join the revolution of which country?

Che was the right-hand man to which dictator?

At which prison in Cuba did Che perform executions of the Batista regime?

Che was responsible for the deaths of how many prisoners?

Where did Che give his last speech?

Che discussed what topic during his speech?

Che died in which country?

How did Che die?

Which country’s government organization was responsible for Che's death?

The iconic photograph of Che entitled ‘Guerrillero Heroico” became the defining image of the twentieth century. It was taken by which photographer?

What is your opinion of Che Guevara?