Training and Development

The course looks at the discipline of training and development as a whole and provides the trainer with the necessary tools to manage the training process.

Roles of different employees

Roles explained

Roles and responsibilities of employees

Project Sponsor

  • This is the ultimate decision-maker and the tie breaker
  • They provide the project oversight and guidance
  • They also review and approve some of the project elements

Steering Committee

  • The steering committee commits the department resources
  • They approve major funding, resource allocation, strategies and significant changes to funding
  • They resolve conflicts and issues during the project
  • They provide direction to the project manager
  • They also review project deliverables

Project Manager

  • The project manager manages the project in accordance with the project plan
  • They serve as a link to the steering committee
  • They receive guidance from the steering committee
  • The manger supervises the project consultants and vendors
  • They provide the overall project direction
  • The direct the lead team members towards the project objectives
  • They handle problem resolution
  • Manages the project budget

Project Participants

  • Understands the user needs and business processes of their area
  • Act as consumer advocates in representing their areas
  • Communicate project goals, status and progress throughout the project timeline to personnel in their area
  • Review and approve project deliverables
  • Creates or helps create work products
  • Coordinates the participation of work groups, individuals and stakeholders
  • Shares knowledge and recommendations
  • Helps identify and remove project barriers
  • Helps identify and remove project barriers
  • Assures quality of products that will meet the project goals and objectives
  • They also identify the risks and issues and help in resolving these

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Lends expertise and guidance as needed on the project

Business Analyst

  • Defines needs and recommends solutions
  • Documents business requirements

what is the role of project manager

  • buy lunch for employees
  • provide oversight and guidance
  • fuel conflicts and issues

Which/who is not a stakeholder in project management

  • Steering comitee
  • Project sponsor
  • The president of the countyr
  • project participants