Life Balance Walnut Team

Life Balance is a gathering of like minded individuals working as a team to reach individual wellness goals. 


The Beginning of the group

How will this work. We have gathered here to start a group that will work as a team to reach individual wellness goals. 

The team strategy will be a bit new to you all, but businesses are using this self managing team strategy to achieve business goals and it works well. It is my opinion that it will work well for us to reach wellness goals also.

In our group we will work together on the following to support one another as we work on our wellness goals. 

Learning Time: In my recent job the company offered us learning time. We were actually paid to learn something we did not know before. I found this time illuminating, it opened my eyes to so many things I just was not aware of. I believe it is a tool we can use to broaden our outlook and improve our wellness.

Team playing: Team playing will be the way we structure this group. We will decide as a team how we want to structure the group. We will decide as a team what our team goals are. We will decide as a group  how we will move toward those goals. Except for the few group structural items we will make the decisions on how to run the group as a team.

Tips and Recipes: Each member will bring in a Tip or Recipe. These items will be things that the team member found useful in achieving their personal wellness goals.

Sprints: As part of the group structure we will run "Sprints". These sprints will run from one week to the next. We will talk more about "Sprints" in detail in a bit. 

Support: We use our Facebook Group to stay in touch during the week. We will be able to communicate in a private group to help one another. 

Working as team and supporting each other as a team we will work toward our team and personal wellness goals. 

Learning Time

Intro to Mel

Learning Time

We will start our first learning time section with a TED Talk from Mel Robbins. I discovered Mel and she is a great motivational speaker. As time progresses and you spend more and more time in learning time each of you will be able to bring content to the group that you would like to share. 

I personally find learning time invaluable. It can be a great way to get your mind off of something that may inhibit reaching your wellness goal. 

Team Playing

The Trello Board

Working with the Trello Board

Think of the Trello Board as a big board of sticky notes. Each sticky note has a goal that we want to work toward each week. As individuals we will bring ideas for things to try each week to keep us on track to our wellness goals. 

Each individual can bring ideas for different cards to try each week, and each individual can commit to trying that item for the week.

Examples of cards:

• Drink a gallon of water every day

• Eat only protein this week

• Add two more hours of activity (take the grandkids to the park)

Each week we will add our name to a card, we will follow the intention of the card for one week. No long term commitments, just a week. 

At the end of the sprint we will have a Sprint Review and bring our findings or results back to the team. How did the card help or hinder progress toward your personal goal. How did it help toward the team goal.