30 Day New Hire: Goal #3 Business Blue Print

For Goal #3 Lets focus on setting up your Business Plan. 

Blue Print to Success

Why do Agents Struggle (Fail)?

Business Plan Blue Print

At EHM we want to see our agents become successful.  If you ask any successful agent out there what helps them achieve success they'll tell you they have a PLAN.  The next few sections will walk you through screen shots of our EHM Business Plan tool.  After this module, you will meet with yout mentor and create YOUR Business Blue Print!

How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

It's important to have an idea of how much you would like to make.  What is that number for you?  

Also, to have an idea of what your current market looks like.  What are homes selling for in your area? What is the average commission? Base on your current situation, do you see yourself representing more buyers than sellers or is it the other way around? 

Breakdown and Marketing Decisions

Based on the information you input on the previous page of your plan, you will be given a calculation of how many transactions (sides) you'll need to achieve that goal.  In this example, you will need to represent 3.3 buyers and 2.2 sellers in order to achieve an income of $75,000.

You will also have to opportunity to pick your marketing "Pillars".  Those are the key activities you plan to work on in order to build your book o business. In this example, you have chosen Facebook activities, Open Houses, Sphere of Influence and Events.  On the next page you will get the opportunity to dive in deeper to those pillars. 

Define Your Marketing Pillars

Out of the 4 pillars you have chosen, where do you think you will spend your time and money?  In this example, Sphere of Influence has the highest percentages.  Why is that?  It makes sense to spend most of your time and money on those who already believe in you.  Real Estate is about trust and relationships, you have already established that with your Sphere of Influence.

When you start to break down your tasks within each pillar, think about what activities you will be doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Take a moment to make a list of activities you think you will be doing.  

Weekly Activities

The final page of the blue print will help you connect your activities to a dollar amount.  Doing the RIGHT ACTIVITIES throughout the week based on your goals will help you work smarter not harder.  

Now the goal isn't to just got these down once and never look at them again.  It's important to revisit them and make adjustments.  Also, to have your mentor hold you accountable.  Your mentor is also there to help coach you to ensure that you are effective at each of these activities.