Benefits Virtuagym

Now that you know the functionality of the Virtuagym Professional system, it is time to focus on the benefits our system can offer (potential) clients.

Knowing these benefits is essential for the sales process, but also a definite need to know for support.

The course is divided per package and within the package per feature.

Elevator pitch Virtuagym:

Virtuagym is an online software package, which helps you to run your business more efficiently.
We offer an all-in-one solution, with tools for: the manager, the coach and your clients.

Other than our competitors: our system comes with an integrated business model, which allowes you to increase your renevue. So our system doesn’t cost you money, it helps you to earn more money.


Benefits per section


Virtuagym Professional offers 3 different packages:

  • Coaching & mobile apps
  • Membership management
  • All in one

The package Coaching & mobile apps offers coaches the tools to provide better client coaching and to schedule appointments. The features of the Coaching & mobile apps package include:

  • Club community
  • Challenges & rewards
  • Training plans
  • Nutrition advice
  • Mobile apps
  • Scheduling

The package membership management is focused on managing the contracts of the clients, selling products, access control and collecting payments. The membership management package:

  • Memberships
  • Point of sale
  • Access control
  • Payments (direct debit, online payments)
  • Financial reporting
  • Management dashboards

It is important to know the benefits of each of the features and to combine the benefits in a short pitch to prospects, clients, your mom and other persons it might be interesting to.

Make notes during the course. You will need the information to create your own elevator pitch about the Virtuagym Professional software system.

How we present benefits

Presenting benefits:

Of course you can think of a million benefits per features. For prospects it is hard to see the added value of Virtuagym if they can't link the benefits to something tangable.

To make sure the prospects see the added value Virtuagym can offer them, we link all the benefits to 3 main pillars and show the prospects how they can:

  • Increase their revenue (IR): show the prospect how he/she can make money by using Virtuagym. For example by implementing our business model.
  • Reduce their costs (RC): Saving time, cutting in staff costs; all kinds of examples how the prospect can save money.
  • Expand their market share (EM): show the prospect how there market share can expand due to our professional appearance. For instance the custom mobile app is a great tool to present yourself as professional.


Club community

Club community:

As you already know, the Club community is the integrated communication platform to reach out to your clients or a specific groups of members. You can see it as your digital bulletin board or new form of news letter.


The benefits of using the club community:

  • Centralised communication (RC): One system and one app to manage all your communication towards your clients. No more hassle using Whatsapp, Facebook and website all for client communication, but everything in one system.  
  • Time saving (RC): With the Club community you can easily reach out to all your members at once. No more having to send multiple emails or Whatsapp messages. You can create one post, with a picture or video and post this on your main page. All your clients will automatically receive an email notification and read your post online or through the mobile app. 
  • Targeted communication (EM): In the club community you have the possibility to create groups and provide target specific communication. No more overkill on information (like Facebook), but only supplying your members with the additional information they want to receive. 

    Groups can be used as a "collective coaching tool". By creating a new coaching post, all the members of that group will get access to that post and you don't have to notify them one by one.
  • Client engagement (EM / IR): By creating different groups for clients, allowing them to engage with each other and feel part of your business. For example: create a group for all the spinning clients, so they can motivate each other to join the classes and have a place where they can talk with each other. 

When you create a new post within the community or in one of the groups, clients will automatically receive a  . A lot of our clients use the community  as sort of a 

The community allows you to reach out to all clients at once, a real efficient way of communication. Obviously this showcases one of the most important benefits of the community: .

What are the 4 benefits of using the Club community:  , 

Challenges & rewards

Challenges & rewards:

Creating challenges is an important tool to properly motivate your clients. Coaches have the possibility to either create an individual- or a group challenge.

The benefits of the challenging section:

  • Motivation (RC / EM): Working out without a proper goal is killing for the motivation. The first month might be ok, but after a while the client will lose motivation. By setting up a goal and linking it to a specific timeframe, the client knows what he wants to achieve and where he currently is. This makes it less likely that the client loses interest and has a positive effect on your retention rate.
  • Engagement (IR / RC): by creating group challenges you can stimulate clients to work together towards a common goal (weekly/monthly challenge). Engagement can lead to a better bond between clients and will lead to a better motivated client.

The benefits of the reward section:

  • Recognition (RC): Everybody likes to receive compliments and acknowledgement for the work they're doing. The badges are a nice confirmation of the work the client has completed. Sort of a digital pad on the back. 
  • Social sharing (EM): Sharing results is all the rage right now. Think of the "before and after" pictures spamming your Facebook wall. These badges can be shared on Facebook and Twitter as well, which causes your business name and logo to be shared into your client's direct environment.

One of the most important efforts for retention is . Without a goal, the path to success will be vague and it's easier for the client to just give up. 
With group challenges you can create common goals for clients, which can result in more 

A lot of positive promotion and word of mouth from your clients, can be linked to the benefit of 



The trainingplan editor allows you to create trainingprograms for your clients. These can be printed on paper or directly linked to the client´s mobile app.

  • Professional (EM / IR): A lot of prospects still create trainingprograms using Excel or even pen and paper. That looks sloppy and unprofessional. By having amazing looking 3D animations you can present yourself as a professional. Your programs will have animations and instructions, that carefully explain how to exercise properly. 
    Furthermore all the trainingprograms are branded with your logo and colors. A great way to present yourself as a professional brand.
  • Time-saving (RC / IR): by creating a couple of training plan templates you can save a lot of time. Instead of creating a trainingplan from scratch everytime, you can change one of the existing templates to the preferences of the client. This time saves can be used to do more sessions or coah more clients. 
  • Customizable (EM): The trainingplan editor allows you to easily create a customised trainingprogram for your clients. You can either use our exercises (2500+) or  also create your own exercises in the system, supported with pictures from your database and a Youtube link integrated. 

No more drawing programs with pen and paper or on Excel, with our trainingplan solution you will come across as more.
We offer more than  pre-animated exercises. Furthermore you can add your own exercises with pictures and movies from . In other words, our trainingplan solution is very .

By editing excisting trainingprograms instead of creating new ones every single time, you will experience the benefit  

Nutrition advice

Nutrition advice:

The nutrition advice is created in cooperation with the university of applied science, education nutrition and dietetics. The client will receive a nutrition advice focused on calory and macro nutrient intake, based on their goal and lifestyle information.

The benefits of the nutrition advice:

  • Integration with exercises (EM): Virtuagym's nutrition advice is one of the few systems that has an integration with the exercise planner. If the client completed a workout, the nutrition advice automatically synchronises and the advice will be adapted depending on the intensity of the workout.
  • Added service (IR): the nutrition advice allows you to provide an additional service to your client, besides only trainingplan coaching. This tool allows clients to fill in the nutrition log and allows you to check their intake and make suggestions at any time. 
  • Increase revenue (IR): by providing an extra service, it is also possible to create additional revenue. By upselling the nutrition component with a PRO membership, you can receive extra money from clients who want nutrition advice. 

    For example: Nutrition coaching now available from our business. For access to our self management nutrition tool, you will be charged €3,50 per month. For receiving actual nutrition coaching, specified on your nutrition habits, you will be charged pay €7,50 per month.


  • Create awareness (EM): 

    the nutrition component is created with the purpose of raising customer awareness regarding their nutrition habits and creating a long term lifestyle change, instead of just suggesting that they eat certain products without teaching them why this helps them to reach their goals quicker.


  • Time saving (RC): the nutrition advice allows you to coach your clients in a simple and collective way, by saving healthy meals. This way you only have to explain your clients how to find these and they can make their own “choices” regarding healthy nutrition.
    Another way to coach clients in a collective way is by creating a group in the community "healthy nutrition". If you add all the clients with a nutrition plan in that group, you can also use that as an additional information platform.

  • A lot of clients give the nutrition advice as a service included in a membership, so in other words for free
  • Virtuagym believes in the power of education
  • Our nutrition advice provides an insight into the nutrition habits of users
  • By working with the nutrition component clients experience a lifestyle change
  • The nutrition advice consumes a lot of time, since it is mainly focused on individual coaching
  • When a business owner sells a PRO membership, the money will be revenue for Virtuagym
  • The nutriton advice automatically changes depending on the intensity of the training of that day
  • The nutrition advice for a client is created based on their motivation

Mobile apps

Mobile apps:

The mobile apps are in use for your clients. We offer 2 mobile apps:
The training app, which allows clients to see their trainingplans, for communication and scheduling appointments. The nutrition app is a separate one, to fill in their nutrition dairy. The nutrition app won't carry the client's logo, but has a general green design.

The benefits of the mobile apps:

  • Extension of business (EM / RC): everything is mobile these days. Both the older and younger generations work with smartphones. Having your entire coaching system on the mobile app is a huge extension of the business. You'd be able to reach the client 24/7 and also extend the contact moments to online contact. 
  • Increase in brand exposure (EM): the mobile apps will carry the logo and business colors. We can even create your own custom mobile apps, so your logo and colors will appear in both iOs  and Google Play stores. This gives an enormous boost to your brand exposure and has a professional touch to your clients, especially when you use this within your website promotion. 
    A nice example is:
  • User-friendly (IR / EM):  Our apps have approximately 7 million downloads and a 4,5 stars of a 5 star rating in the appstores. This shows that our mobile apps have proven to be user-friendly and functional. A really nice tool to distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

  • The client's logo and colors will only be visible when they take the custom app
  • The nutrition app is also branded in the business design of the client.
  • The apps are mainly in use for the clients of the business
  • The functionality of the app has been proven by our consumer solution
  • The mobile apps are only used by the young generation
  • The mobile apps allow you to extend your contact moments


The scheduling allows you to show your availability in one or multiple online schedules, so clients can use their online system or mobile app to book appointments.

The benefits of scheduling:

  • Time saving (RC / IR): Instead of calling, texting or emailing to book and reschedule appointments, simply show your availability for different sessions and allow your clients to schedule appointments on their own.
    Example: a client of ours called Body Mentors have about 40 hours of personal training every week and used to have 2 fte. (full time jobs, 80 hours) for simply booking personal training sessions. They could use those 2 fte. for training and coaching clients. 

    Due to the fact that you don't have to schedule a lot of appointments, you can use the saved time for additional trainingsessions or providing guidance to your clients.
  • Automatic control (RC): when linking the membership management system, this allows you to set up perimeters and payments for your schedule sessions.
    Example: To join a personal training session, you should at least have 1 personal training credit on your profile. If you don’t have that credit, you’re not allowed to book that session since your package has expired or your current membership doesn’t allow to book this session.  

    So only at the beginning you need to set up the booking policy. After that booking sessions and the control will be done automatically.
  • Approachable (RC): clients have the possibility to have access to your calender and schedule appointments on the preset slots. This allows them to book sessions in advance and make it approachable for them to reschedule sessions as well. Instead of calling/texting you to book or reschedule an appointment you can give your clients the possibility to do the scheduling themselves. Obviously within your preset parameters.

The schedule can assist a business owner to . A great example of optimal use of our schedule is done by one of our clients: . They saved approximately  hours per week by using our scheduling tool.

Also the possibility for clients to book appointments saves you as business owner a lot of time. For your clients this is also a benefit:  

When linking the schedule with the , clients can't book schedule sessions without the proper  . This principe is linked to the benefit .

Membership management

The membership management system focuses on the memberships and packages of the client, creating invoices and collecting payments. The management dashboard provides information about your clientbase and growth.

The benefits of membership management:

  • Time saving (RC): Virtuagym automatically creates invoices with every transaction, either outstanding or paid. The invoices will appear with your corporate identity.
    No more wasting time on creating invoices, Virtuagym will manage that for you.
  • Integrated payments (RC / IR): You can easily integrate different online payment options such as PayPal, Paysafe and Mollie (EU) into Virtuagym. Once you have sent the invoices with a payment link to your clients, Virtuagym automatically closes the invoices as soon as the payment is completed. This completely automates your payment section. Futhermore you can also create a SEPA file for EU direct debit payments.
  • Efficiency (RC): By integrating credits in memberships and point of sale packages, you can control the accessibility of your clients at the beginning. Once the client has a membership or a package, the credits will automatically be deducted by the check-in module or by the schedule.
    This way you don't have to keep track of the amount of sessions or accessibility of your clients manually.
  • Insight in retention (EM): The retention dashboard gives you insight into your retention rate, based on the amount of new member sales vs. leaving costumers. These numbers show you which months you've been successful in comparison to other months. 

The membership management system automatically  for every month, which is a benefit for the business owner: .

By sending invoices with a payment link to your clients, the system will automatically mark all paid invoices due to .
The creditsystem can be integrated in memberships and  and will automatically be deducted by the schedule and . This links with the benefit .

Benefits of Virtuagym Professional

Here you will find a complete overview of all the benefits of the E-learning course.
Match the text and the benefits together.

  • Instead of calling, texting or emailing, allowing your clients to book sessions themselves
    Schedule / time saving
  • Instead of using Whatsapp, Facebook and website communication, have everything in one system
    Community / Centralised communication
  • Without a properly set goal, clients are more likely to lose interest and leave
    Challenges & rewards / Motivation
  • We can create your own custom mobile apps, so your logo and colors will appear in both appstores. This gives an enormous boost to your brand exposure and has a professional touch to your clients, especially when you use this within your website promotion.
    Mobile apps / Increase in brand exposure
  • You can either use our exercises (3000+) or also create your own exercises in the system, supported with pictures from your database and a Youtube link integrated.
    Trainingplans / Customizable
  • By upselling the nutrition component with a PRO membership, you can receive extra money from clients
    Nutrition advice / Increase revenue
  • Everybody likes to receive compliments and acknowledgement
    Challenges & rewards / Recognition
  • Virtuagym automatically creates invoices with every transaction, either outstanding or paid. The invoices will appear with your corporate identity.
    Membership management / Time-saving
  • You can change one of the existing templates to the preferences of the client.
    Trainingplans / Time-saving
  • Creating a long term lifestyle change, instead of imposing them to eat certain products without teaching why this helps them to reach their goals quicker.
    Nutrition advice / Create awareness

Write your own elevator pitch

Write your own elevator pitch for Virtuagym Professional and send it to your manager.