How To Fill Timesheets

Welcome to the course "Filling up timesheets"!

Learning how to use fill timesheets and avoid being featured in the defaulter list.

The timesheet-When

When to fill the timesheet?


As with everything in life, timing is of essence. Please fill the timesheet daily - as it is a record of what we did during the day and is used by the management in reviews. 

The timesheet - How

The timesheet - How?

How to fill the timesheet?

The right-hand side of the page displays what essentially can be called a spreadsheet. The sheet is divided into two. Click the right-hand side of the sheet and choose the task which best captures your activity for the day. Our day is for eight hours (8), irrespective of the extra time taken by us.

If you keep moving towards the right by clicking the right arrow, you can see that the sheet displays a time period (usually a week).


After filling in any entry, click the save button on the top left-hand side and then click the Send Button. Choose the Send Progress for All Tasks option from the drop-down which is displayed. 

The timesheet- What

The timesheet-What

What is the Timesheet

Well, it helps us in answering quite an existential question - What work did we do, how long did we take? and most importantly, does our supervisor know that we worked and indeed, finished it?

Well, click the "Timesheet" tab on the left-hand side to progress further!


The Timesheet-Where?

Location of the Timesheet


Before you scratch your heads, the timesheet is located here: