Online Task Management

The future is now!

Use this online course to understand the benefits & impacts of a task management system. The training program enlightens you on how the wonderful world of technology can improve your ways of working as an events planner.

This is your route to save you time and reduce your stress when planning your events.

Benefits and Impacts

What is the impact of a task management system?

Benefits and Impacts of a Task Management System

Effective task management is essential to completing any project successfully and a task management system can be very beneficial to this process.

The key benefits of using an online task management system are:

The ability to manage multiple tasks between multiple people on a single platform. Online task management allows you to customize & create your workflow to the needs of the event. Being a web based system, makes it easily accessible to the event planner, co-coordinating team and the client which allows for clear communication and collaboration. Emails can be linked directly to the system. The infrastructure of the software enables compatibility to all devices such as computers, tables & smartphones. The system offers productivity tools to manage schedules, budgets, tasks, calendars and checklists. The online task system also assists with managing the attendees to the function as well as creating floor plans and seating arrangements.

So how do these key benefits impact the business?

Using the online system effectively helps the planner meet deadlines and achieve objectives which in turn reduces stress as it keeps all your event details in one organized platform.Collaboration tools keep the clients informed and connected to their event. This visibility creates a sense of comfort in the client which then leads to as satisfied client. 

An engaged, productive event planner as well as a satisfied clients will mean that the business can achieve great success.

  • Helps meet deadlines and achieve objectives.
  • Manages multiple tasks in multiple platforms.
  • Reduces stress for the event planner and allows for a satisfied client.
  • The infrastructure of the software enables compatibility to all devices