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SO100 Sales Order Setup

Sales Order Setup and Preferences Video

Sales Order Setup and Preferences Quiz

  • There are 5 tabs in the sales preferences screen.
  • You set up the sales order numbering sequence in the preferences screen.
  • Free item shipping is a required field in preferences.
  • You cannot create new order types.
  • Watermark settings are in the preference screen.
  • Ship Vias can be created in the Ship Via screen.
  • You cannot add tax to shipping.

SO200 Sales Order Transactions

Sales Order Entry Video

Sales Order Entry Quiz

  • The plus sign at the top of the screen will allow you to enter a new sales order.
  • You cannot choose your order type.
  • You can only enter one line on a sales order.
  • Discounts can be added at the line level.
  • The Add Stock items will show you what the customer purchased from you in the past.
  • To email the sales order you would go to actions and choose email.

Shipment Creation Video

Shipment Creation Quiz

  • There are multiple ways to do a shipment in Acumatica.
  • In the Process Orders screen you can show everything by a certain Carrier or Date.
  • Once you start the shipping process you cannot add any information.
  • Printing labels in available under Reports in the Process Order screen.