Project Analysis

As your consultant, it is my responsibility to you to be Just Bold -and- Brilliant! This is what I have gathered from my analysis. Enjoy and looking forward to hearing your feedback. 

What is happening now?

I have identified your Immediate business goal.

  • If I have correctly identified what you would like to see changed, select TRUE. YAY
Minimize man-hours spent on tasks that could be simplified or automated, so those man hours could be used to develop other parts of the business.

Who is involved

Gathering insight: Who is involved

AND..DISCcert Students


Consistent Feedback:

- Duplication of work, manual tracking, no procedure

What other insights do you have?

Identifying the Gap

OverView Now

What this means... 70 hrs @ $46 = $1090 a WEEK
Total $ hrs rt$    
640 640 40 16   J
865 225 15 15   A
1090 225 15 15   H
    70 46    


70 --> 10-15 man-hours

What this means...280 man-hours to 60 (15 wk)
70 4 280
15 4 60

What this means...280 man-hours to 60 (15 wk)
70 4 280
15 4 60

At this time success is identified as automating all of these processes to 10-15 hrs a week with a trained account manager. Those hours would be spent doing administrative upkeep. What is your metric for success?


3 Main Areas

Constant Contact

Link CC and DISCcert University

Clean up

Automate Response

Automate Contacts

Automate DcU Account

Link Splash


Link Constant Contact

Link LMS 

Track Learner progress

Immediate: 1 week


LMS - 6 wk

Learner Tracking + SCORM development

The following will be part of the project scope.





Untitled section

Overview and quote

120 hours - Initial  and 5 Javonne or Amy

26 Feb Soft Launch

12 Mar - Launch

31 Mar - Close Project


Accomplish all items on (3 Main Areas Slide) Flat $3000 

* Additional $1000 for annual licence (I will only provide 2 months as project scope)