August Centerline

Introducing the WOW! Trivia Game! Test your knowledge on new products and process to become a subject matter expert!

Whole-Home Wifi

Month-to-Month customers are eligible for Whole-Home WiFi.

  • Month-to-Month customers are eligible for Whole-Home WiFi.
  • Ultra can be combined with Small Cable.
  • WHWF is $19.99 when also renting a wireless modem.
  • The Ultra MG5000 cannot be combine with a tandem modem.

What is WOW!'s "White Service"?

  • Technician wear Michael Jackson "White Gloves" during every install.
  • A pleasantly surprising experience that goes beyond the customers expectations.
  • Customers get a complementary pair of "White Gloves" with every install.

Word Matchup

  • The ___________ connects directly to the modem and even distributes signal to ____________ in the home.
    Base, Beacon
  • Multiple ________ are places around the home to create a strong, reliable network.
  • The eero system creates a ____________ network.
  • WOW! technicians will assist customers in setting up their ______ app during their installation.

WHWF Up-Selling Scenario