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Ghostery Basics

What is Ghostery?

How does Ghostery work?

Does Ghostery charge me for their service?

How do I make certain that Ghostery blocks all trackers?

How many trackers does Ghostery have?

What happens to my personal data?

For how long are you saving my details after I have deleted my account?

What can Ghostery do for my business?

Is Ghostery's business service also for free?

Getting started!

How do I install Ghostery?

You can install Ghostery by going to our website. Under the "Our Solutions" tab you will find thedownload button. Please be sure to download the most updated version that is compatible with your browser. After having installed Ghostery browser extension you get:

- A user-friendly and easy to manage tool 

- A tool which puts you into the position of control 

- A tool which enables you to make informative decisions  

- A tool which incorporates the biggest tracker database  

- A tool that is compatible with numerous browsers and devices

- A tool that is compatible for many browsers and devices 

How do I create an account?

After having installed Ghostery in your browser, you will get introduced to the little ghost on the right side of your browser tool. You can create an account by simply clicking on the ghost. A window will pop-up which prompts you to "log-in" or to "create an account" on the very right side.

Do I need to create an account to use Ghostery?

No, you don't need an account to use Ghostery.

Customers who have an account are provided with an extended set of features. Additionally, an account enables you to save your personal seetings and ensure you always have the latest version of the application on your browser.

Finally, if you have multiple installations of Ghostery, it is recommended to have an account to maintain your personlised settings across all of these.

What are Ghostery's system browser requirements?

Ghostery is suitable for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

We continously adapt Ghostery to work seamlessly with the latest versions of your browser. At present, Ghostery 7 doesn't operate within Safari as Safari does not use the webkit API for its extensions. We are currently working on porting Ghostery 7 to that browser. In the meantime, you can still use Ghostery 5.4 on Safari.

Can I use my account on a mobile browser?

Your Ghostery account does indeed work on your mobile devices. We have developed a Ghostery app for iOs devices as well as Android.

Managing my personal Ghostery account

Where can I find the tracked items?

How can I view the tracker profile?

How can I deblock a tracker?

Can I use my account on multiple computers?

How can I delete my account?

What happens to my data after I have deleted my account?

Why are there some sites where no trackers are appearing?

Why can I not view some webpages any more?

Can I block all trackers by default?

Why is the purple box sometimes a list and sometimes a circle?

Wifi protection overview

Ghostery for businesses

Does Ghostery share data about Ghostery users with businesses?

What advantages does Ghostery offer businesses?

How can Ghostery help my business to increase sales?

What is the trackermap?

What is data protection governance?

How can Ghostery help my consumers to have greater transparency?

I'm having trouble!

I'm having trouble signing in. Can you help?

I spotted a new tracker that you didn't block. Shall I report new trackers?

My Ghostery button has disappeard in my browser!

I'm having trouble deleting my account. Can you help?

Random questions

What is the difference between blocking cookies and using Ghostery?

What is the CMP?

How do you make money?

Are you guys hiring?