Security in the Workplace

Keep your work area secure


With today's advances in security software, it's easy to forget a common threat to workplace security: Your desk or office.


Passwords found on sticky notes or notebooks and left out in the open are the most common form of work place security risk. Never leave passwords out in the open.

White Board

Erase all sensitive information from your white board after a brainstorming meeting.

Sensitive Documents

Never leave sensitive documents unattended on your desk! These should be discarded in a secure shredder, or stored in a locked drawer. Take special care with any documents that include customer account numbers or other personal information.


Keep your badge on you at all times. Never leave it unattended at your desk, where it may be stolen and used to access secure areas.


Don't leave sensitive information on the printer, or discard it in the bin next to the printer. Pick up your printed information immediately, and discard it appropriately.


Which of these poses the greatest risk?

  • Personal photos on your desk.
  • A password on a sticky note on your monitor.
  • A cluttered work area.

You've just had a meeting in your office to brainstorm solutions to a customer issue. Personal account information is on your white board. What is the best action to take?

  • Erase the sensitive information from the white board.
  • Take a photo of the white board on your personal phone to save the information.
  • Tell people not to look at your white board when they enter your office.

You've been sent customer account information, which you need to print for a meeting later this afternoon. What should you do?

  • Print it and then go to lunch. It's a lot of pages - you don't have time to wait for it right now.
  • Print it and ask a coworker who sits near the printer to bring it to you when they have a minute.
  • Print it, pick it up from the printer immediately, and then lock it in a secure drawer if your desk will be unattended.