Stevens Pass Orientation Winter 16/17

This course is designed to orient you with Stevens Pass and the benefits of being a Stevens Pass employee or volunteer. We will discuss: policies you should know, safety tips, a bit about our culture, employee benefits, and some information on products available to our guests. You will not be graded on the quiz. The quiz is designed to be part of the learning process. All answers will need to be filled in correctly to complete orientation. If you get the answer wrong, don't fret, you can use the tools provided to guide you to the correct one. On behalf of all of us, welcome to Stevens Pass Mountain Resort!

Employee Benefits



  • Stevens Pass employees get paid every other Wednesday.

What percentage of intermediate runs does Stevens Pass offer?

At Stevens Pass we offer a wide range of activities to get you out to play! With beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain; all levels of riders can enjoy the mountain. 

Who gets a season pass?

  • Employees who meet the minimum availability requirements equivalent to about 1 day per week.

How long does it last?

  • As long as you remain an active employee for your agreed upon schedule, your pass will remain active.

Can I ski/ride on the clock?

  • Only if it is part of your assigned duties, you are performing those duties, and you have followed procedures regarding the Clock Rider Inspection Program. (Ask your Supervisor if you are unfamiliar with this program.)

  • 54%
  • 45%
  • 62%
  • 38%

We had around 700 employees last year, how many dependent passes did we process?

Dependent Passes and Discounts 

Full Time Employees

Dependent Passes are now free. 

Say what!?!? Woohoo!

Dependent Passes are available at Human Resources.

Part Time Employees and Volunteers

Dependent Passes are $50

Dependent Passes are available at Human Resources.

Friend & Family Vouchers 

Full-time, Part-time employees and volunteers receive these!

Please visit for more information. 

  • 932
  • 655
  • 293
  • 360

Identify the state that these 5 PNW resorts are located.

Mountain Exchange

What is it? 

  • Free or discounted lift access at other mountain resorts. 

How does it work?

  • Pick up The Mountain Exchange Request form from outside of HR.
  • Complete the form, have your manager sign, and then turn it in to HR at least 2 days in advance for processing.
  • Forms must be dropped off and picked up in person from the HR Office.
  • Only four employees will be issued a letter for a given area per day (put letters in ahead of time!).
  • You can only request two letters per resort, per week.
  • You must present the original signed letter AND your employee ID card to the resort you’re visiting.
  • You are expected to follow Company Policy while visiting other area.
  • You may only pick up letters 5 days in advance of your exchange.

How can I find out which resorts are part of the program?

  • Eaglecrest
  • Sun Peaks
  • Schweitzer
  • Mt. Bachelor
  • Stevens Pass

Pro Deals

Pro Deals

You have access to a wide range of discounts on outdoor gear.  

  • For example – Black Pants 

How can I find out what the offers are?

Where would I get Pro Deal codes?

  • Human Resources office.

Stevens Pass employees that primarily work outside are required to wear  pants. 


Match the employee's or department name with the award won last season.

End of the Season Awards!

Who decides the winners?

You do! Towards the end of the season, you will be able to vote your peers for each of these awards. Award winners will be announced at the Employee Award Dinner. 

Spirit of Stevens Award

Employees who embrace our service philosophy (Fast, Fun, Friendly, Flexible) with a smile on their face, who go above and beyond, and set great examples for others.

ESPY Award 

Awarded to the best ESPN suggestion.

What is ESPN? It is our Employee Suggestion Program Network. If you have a suggestion for us, let us know at through this email address: [email protected] 

Leader of the Year Award

An Employee who every day is showing others how to be a positive role model, bettering the company, going way above and beyond. Embraces the mission statement: Inspire fun.

Department of the Year

Pretty self explanatory. 

  • Jon "Sunshine" Popovich
    Spirit Award
  • Dave Johnson
    ESPN Award
  • Joey Egbert
    Leader of the Year Award
  • Lift Maintenance
    Department of the Year

What was our total visit count for 15/16 season, including employees and Nordic?

Resort Performance Incentive

As an incentive, if you remain actively employed for the entirety of your agreed upon schedule, and if the Resort achieves an NPS score of 9.0 and a skier visit number of 415,000, you will receive a bonus of $.30 (thirty cents) for every hour you worked between the opening and closing dates of the winter season, as long as you fulfill your agreed upon schedule obligations during the winter season. If you are laid off by Stevens Pass due to lack of work and business volume you will be paid the Resort Performance Incentive up to the date of your lay off. 


The National Ski Area Opinion Survey or our guest survey. This is where our guests rate us, including this question: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Stevens Pass to a friend or family member?”

Our NPS or Net Promoter Score is the average of all of the responses to this question. 

What counts as a skier visit?

All lift scans, including employees!

Want to know how we are doing?

Look for posts in high traffic employee areas and/or updates from your Supervisor weekly. 

  • 398,200
  • 415,026
  • 268,500
  • 405,690

Place these items in order of the most popular to the least popular item sold in the Company Store

Company Store

The Company Store is run by Human Resources and it is for employees only! 

Why go there?

Uniforms, discounted food, beverages and transit tickets. 

Where is the Company Store?

The Company Store is located on the basement floor of the Tye Creek Lodge. 

When is it open? 

We strive to have the store open during core hours. 

You can find the hours of operation either on the door or at

  • Cheese
  • Smucker's Uncrustable Sandwiches
  • Red Bull
  • Mini York Peppermint Patties
  • Cup O' Noodles

Match the terms below with the answer.

Employee Transit

Where can I find the transit schedule, stop locations and more about transit?

How do I pay for the transit ride? 

  • You must present a ticket to the driver upon boarding the vehicle and be prepared to show your Employee I.D. 
  • Tickets are available at Company Store.
  • Each ticket is good for a one-way trip and cost $2.00. 
  • Unused tickets may be reimbursed.
  • You must be heading to or leaving your shift to use transit.

Questions or concerns about transit?

  • One Transit Ticket
  • Miles from Monroe to the Big Y
  • Number of passengers the new Stevens vans hold.
  • The number of transit stops from Monroe to the Big Y including the Summit.


Rank the employees below in order starting from the longest serving active employee.

Employee ID Card

What is my Employee ID card for? 

  • Discounts on and off the mountain. 
  • Proof of employment for Pro Deals and Mountain Exchange participation. 

Where do I get my Employee ID card?

  • Once you have completed all of your on-boarding tasks, and this orientation, Human Resources can provide you with an Employee ID Card.

 Employee ID cards are only valid while you remain employed at Stevens Pass.

  • Court Wing - Patrol
  • Mike Power - Nordic Manager
  • Beth Tesh - Ski and Snowboard School
  • Ryan Forbes - VP Mountain Operations

How many total vehicles did we park over the course of the 15/16 winter season?

  • 146,180
  • 535,020
  • 80,550
  • 320,960

Drag the Food & Beverage Outlet name to the correct lodge and rough location within the lodge it is located in.

On Mountain Discounts with use of Employee ID Card

F&B Discounts

• 50% off food and drink at all outlets 

• No discounts for GPL food outlets on peak days between 11:30-1:30

• Tips and alcohol not included

• Purchases are for yourself only

Retail Discounts

• 25% off most soft good items 

• 15% off hard goods and most electronics 

• Purchases are for yourself only

  • The Foggy Goggle
  • Tye Creek Deli
  • The Bull's Tooth Pub and Eatery
  • Cascadian Kitchen
  • T-Bar Market
  • Taco Stop
  • Iron Goat Pizza Station
  • Hot Shots Espresso

Which of these places do Stevens Pass employees get discounts?

Off Mountain Discounts

Local discounts on both sides of the hill available. 

  • Purchases are for yourself only.

One example:  

  • BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga Leavenworth - 30% off any class or packages. 20% off Retail. 

Where can I get a full list:

  • Squirrel Tree Restaurant
  • The Loft in Leavenworth
  • Little Red's Espresso
  • BeYoutiful Hot Yoga

What is the average # of hours a full time employee worked in the 15/16 season?

Clock in/out, breaks, and timesheets

• Punching in/out should be done within 5 minutes of your scheduled shift.

 • It is your responsibility to punch in/out at a time clock and record your hours on a departmental time sheet.

Do I have to clock in and out for lunch?

• No, shifts that are more than 5.5 hours will have an automatic 30 minute meal break deduction.

Do I have to clock in and out for breaks?

• You do not need to clock out for 10 minute breaks, unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor.

You must clock out for authorized ride breaks. 

  • 652
  • 430
  • 714
  • 1200


Of the 3,000 participants last season how many graduated from the Learn-in-3 Program?

What is Learn in 3 Program?

Ski and Snowboard beginner lesson program for ages 13+ 

Unlimited lessons, rentals and learning area tickets until an intermediate level is reached and they graduate, so people can learn at their own pace.

The Graduation Packet

Participants receive an awesome Graduation Packet upon completion including:

  •  2 free lift tickets 
  • A free intermediate lesson
  • Discounts on rental gear
  • A huge discount on a 17/18 Season Pass

  • 3,000 (100%)
  • 2,004 (65%)
  • 510 (17%)
  • 1560 (52%)

What is the Flow Zone?

Flow zone: Our Terrain Based Learning Area. Why?

We shape the terrain so we control speed and direction and the beginner doesn’t have to, because there is a direction and pathway to follow. 

We increase the challenge as the beginner's ability grows. This makes snow sports easier to learn by reducing the fear factor and difficulty. 

The  encompasses all our terrain inclusive of the and the chairlift.



Which U.S resort was the first to open in the 2015-16 winter season?

Peak Days

Core weekend and holiday days when we charge a premium on lift access between 9am and 4pm.

Off-Peak Days

All other days


Any day we are open past 4pm. We are open until 10pm on all Peak Days.

  • Breckenridge
  • Killington
  • Baker
  • Arapahoe Basin

Since we implemented RFID, what is our record for most visits in one day?

The Premium Pass

–Formerly called the Everyday Pass –

Unlimited access to Stevens Pass every day from open to close during the 2016-17 winter season.

The Select Pass

–Replaces the Weekday Pass –

Ski or ride any time on Off-Peak Days, as well as from 4pm–10pm on Peak Days.

 This means with a Select Pass one can ski or ride  every day that we're  open!

  • 10,224
  • 9,167
  • 8,135
  • 7,995


Match the word to it's English translation.

The same growth seen in these graphs is apparent at Stevens Pass. We are seeing an expansion in our customer base, especially within our beginner programs.

Did you know a portion of our website has been translated and can be viewed in 4 different languages?

Those languages are: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

  • 雪 Xue
  • 雪 Yuki
  • 눈 Nun
  • Nieve
  • हिमपात Himapaat
  • ogien’
  • tuyết
  • снег

Drag and drop the items into the correct receptacle in alphabetical order.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of the company. Stewardship is one of our values, and a very important one at that. 

Out of the Landfill

We prevented 51% of all our waste-stream from entering the landfill! 

Up from 28% in 13/14.

Use your green filter. 

"Think before you throw."

It starts with you, please make the choice.

  • T-Bar Coffee Cup
  • Coffee grinds
  • Paper
  • Clean Plastic
  • Bottles no lid
  • Utensils from our Food Outlets
  • Cans
  • Dirty Plastic Bags
  • Chewing gum

Get out and play.

Get out and play Alpine. 

  • Employee Events 
  • Calendar will be available on Employee Website
  •  Free group lessons 
  • Discounted lessons for dependents 
  • 20% off mountain education classes 
  • ½ off rentals 
  • Repair – 25% off services.

Get out and play Nordic. 

  • Located 5 miles east of the Resort 
  • Offering cross country skiing and snowshoeing 
  • Schedule of operating hours can be found at
  • Eligible employees receive: 
    • Free Nordic Pass 
    • ½ off rentals 
    • ½ off food

  • Stevens Pass had 1,830 hours of operations (at least 1 lift spinning) last fiscal year.

Drag and drop all the ways you can Own Your Zone. Hint: Clues should be dropped alphabetically, starting at 12:00, and continuing clockwise.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

Fast - Anticipate and make it happen.

Friendly - Smile and greet

Flexible - Adapt to the situation

Fun - Make it memorable

Own Your Zone

As employees of Stevens Pass we take pride in not only our direct work space, but in the entire hill and  environment we get to work in. 

We ask that you be a part of our culture by Owning Your Zone. Take care in yourself, your workspace and our mountain. 

  • Choose your attitude
  • Shovel
  • Follow safety guidelines
  • Keep workspace organized
  • Help when needed
  • Look sharp in your uniform
  • Pick up trash
  • Say Thank You!
  • Fast, Friendly, Flexible, Fun


Responsibility Code

Do you ski or ride?

You do? Then you should know the code. Click on the link below.

NSAA Responsibility Code.

stay in control.

People ahead of you have the  of way.

Stop in a  place.

 whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail.

Use devices to help prevent runaway

Observe  posted signs and warnings

Know how to load, ride and unload a

Accident Reporting and Close Calls

How much average snowfall (in inches) does Stevens Pass get?

Are you prepared for winter?

The WA State DOT has great information on getting yourself prepared for winter. Take a look!

  • 510
  • 380
  • 460
  • 430

Stand up, pull your chair out and walk like a penguin around it.

Why did we ask you to do that!?

A study showed, the best way to avoid slipping and falling while walking on hard packed snow and/or ice is to….. Walk like a penguin!! 

Stevens Pass Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our mission here is pretty simple, and it is what we get up to do every day we come to work. That is to:

Inspire Fun

Our Vision

To be the very best PNW mountain experience.

Our Values

Passion, People, Profitability, Safety and Stewardship