JCAD - SIR System

This course is for anyone wanting to use the JCAD system for reporting Safety Incident Reports (SIRs). Please complete all sections and email Amy Gascoigne on [email protected] to collect your login details. Training materials and supporting documents can be found on SharePoint > Compliance > Safety Incident Reporting.

Introduction to JCAD

The SIR System

JCAD - SIR System

The JCAD system acts as a register to store any Safety Incident Reports (SIRs) that are reported by LBA staff and business partners. 

Each user will only be able view the incidents they have created.

The link to JCAD can be found via SharePoint > Compliance > Safety Incident Reporting.

Where is the SIR system located?

  • SharePoint > Compliance > Safety Incident Reporting
  • CAA website
  • SharePoint > Airside Operations Unit > SIR System

Reporting an SIR - The process

Reporting an SIR - Process Chart

Incident Types

Incident Type

Apron Incident

Aviation Security Incident

Health & Safety

Incident Owner

Head of Airfield Services

Head of Security

Health & Safety Manager

Which of these is not a safety incident?

  • Aviation Security Incident
  • Bird Strike
  • Broken Light Fitting In The Terminal

How can you find out who the appropriate owner is for each incident type?

  • Guess
  • Refer to the training materials on SharePoint
  • Leave the owner blank for now

SIR Reporting Simulation

Creating a record

Once you've logged into JCAD, you'll see your department down the left hand side. Click on the department name to view your incidents.

From your unit, open a new incident by selecting the "new incident" icon.



Thank you for completing the JCAD SIR e-learning module! Please email [email protected] to request your login details. 

If you are unsure of anything, please feel free to revisit the module at any time or refer to the training documents on SharePoint. One to one training can be organised for anyone needing additional support.