Maintenance Control Manual

Please make sure you have read the Maintenance Control Manual prior to attempting this quiz


Where does the MCM Live?

What is the current Version of the CareFlight MCM?

What is the CareFlight Vision

The MCM Must be read in conjunction with:

Mark all that are correct


Match the Maintenance Controllers to their Primary Aircraft Types

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Marcus Goldston
Primary MC - BK117, Bell 230
Roger Keuning
Primary MC - AW139, Bell 412

Who is the Accountable Manager?

Who is responsible for the administration and control of the continuing airworthiness of the CareFlight Group Limited fleet?

Continuing Airworthiness

What does EMP mean?

Corrections and Omisions

In which section of the Aircraft Log Book will you find the Log Book Statement?

Which of these documents make up  the Maintenance Release

How is the Maintenance Release Number generated?

When is an Independent Inspection required for CareFlight Group Limited aicraft?

An Independent Inspection is to verify what?

Which of the following constitute a Major Defect

Are CareFlight Group Limited Pilots allowed to perform maintenance on CFG aircraft

Where defect rectification or modification requires the use of a CASR Part 21 approved design or STC, Who is responsible for all aspects of this approval?