Together we achieve more

Successful Alignment of Relationships in Teambuilding

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Purpose of alignigning team members on a project?

 ‘Together we achieve more’ 

Working alone, independent how many hours you work or how hard you work, one person is limited to the many tasks that can only be accomplished in one day. Delegation improves efficiency and increase development. 

Assigning tasks benefits the team as follows:-

  • It frees time up for planning and organizing:  It becomes very difficult to work in-between tasks whilst carrying the workload as well
  • It helps one spreading yourself too thin:  Becoming unable to manage own workload, become disastrous for the whole team
  • It allows for each team member to contribute individually and create a sense of accomplishment from making significant contribution to a successful project.

Ensure the right person is delegated to the right job and according to their knowledge, efficiencies and ability.  Control procedures e.g. identification chart, milestone and budget charts will be used to manage accountabilities.

Meetings are scheduled for Team leaders before the start of each day to discuss priorities,  meet deadlines and review.  Team leaders should ensure checking and controls are communicated in advance with team members in such a way that the other persons’ views are being considered.  Failing to do so can lead to interference or lack of trust.  Team leaders to pass credit onto team members for successes accomplished.  Exposure to different positions develops team members and generates innovation, cooperation and creativity.  Employee turnover reduces and the team become better qualified and more skilled.

  • Relationship building
  • Promoting team members
  • Relying on others to do the job
  • Manage people to successfully execute a project