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This presentation will provide the you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable you to safely lift and handle inanimate loads, in accordance with the Nine Principles of lifting.


Manual Handling Animation

Manual Handling

Watch the video above & answer the questions that follow.

Presentation Slides

The Manual Handling Presentation can be downloaded using the password protected link below.

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Manual Handling Assessment Questions

Fill in the blank with the correct answer from the drop down menu.


It is my  responsibility to arrange a certified manual handling assessment

Read the statement below and fill in the blanks.

Manual Handling Training teaches the correct for undertaking tasks and the need to consider factors such as & stability.

Manual Handling encompasses tasks that involve transporting by , putting down, pulling, or moving a load which involves risk of injury.

Which of the below are contributors to back injuries?

  • Bent Knees
  • Incorrect Lifting Techniques
  • Heavy Physical Work
  • Ensuring feet are firmly on the floor and back straight
  • Frequent Bending, Lifting, Twisting and Pulling
  • Poor Posture

Is the statement below True or False?

  • Lower back pain is expected to effect 80% of the population at some point in their lives?

Click on the part of the spine known as the Lumbar Region

There are 9 correct principles of lifting. Match the below with the correct actions.

  • Assess
    the Task
  • Stance
    Broad Stable Base
  • Knees
    must be Bent
  • Back
    must be Straight
  • Hands
    Use a firm grip with the palm
  • Lift
    with the legs
  • Arms
    Keep in line with trunk
  • Weight load
    close to the centre of gravity
  • Feet
    turned in direction of movement

What does each principle in T.I.L.E.R stand for?

  • Task, Individual Capability, Leverage, Energy, Resources
  • Time, Inner Belief, Load, Environment, Relaxation
  • Time, Imagination, Load, Environment, Rest
  • Task, Individual Capability, Length of time available, Energy, Resources
  • Task, Individual Capability, Load, Environment, Resources