Project Management Quiz

PM Knowledge

What is project management?

PMBoK defines Project Management as the  of knowledge, skills, tools, and  to project activities to  project requirements.

What is a PM issue?

Assume that you are working on a project. Which of the following is not covered by project management?

  • Supplier list incomplete and the deadline is near
  • Meeting room availabilities for the week
  • Project Manager's wife undergoing a major surgery
  • Theft/burglary in the office
  • All of these issues are covered in project management.

Term Recall 1

Recalling concepts

Match the term with the definition.

  • Compares projects according to the risks involved and the returns gained
    Profile Model
  • One is an ongoing thing whereas the other is a temporary undertaking
  • Compares projects by comparing criteria
    Checklist/Scoring Models

Term Recall 2

Recalling concepts

Match the term with the definition.

  • Entities who influence/are influenced by projects
  • Can happen at any time in the project and must be controlled/managed correctly especially after the original plan is already set in place
  • Project quality suffers when one project constraint (cost, time, or scope) is adjusted and the others are not compensated
    Iron Triangle

Term Recall 3

Recalling concepts

Match the term with the definition.

  • Contains everything that needs to be done in a project
  • Shows deliverables in a hierarchical structure and determines that work that needs to be done
  • Future money's worth today

Project Lifecycle 1

The following shows the project lifecycle in terms of different project management aspects. Choose/click the area on the chart where the following is described:

Clients are least interested in projects when ideas or output are not involved.

Project Lifecycle 2

In the same manner, find the area in the chart that pertains to the following:

Most cost and manpower are required when the project is underway.

PM Experiences

Previous Experiences with PM

Share your previous experiences in project undertaking and management, whether as part of your job, school assignments, or any work that you have been part of (home renovation, neighbourhood campaign, etc.). Elaborate as thoroughly as possible, including your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and successes in the project. Answering intently will help in determining your area of expertise in the succeeding PM activities, so do take your time in recording all pertinent previous experiences in project management.