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Pre-Stack Pro
Quantitative Interpretation Toolkit

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Pre-Stack Pro QI Toolkit

The Pre-Stack Pro QI Toolkit is an add-on module for the quantitative interpretation of pre- and post-stack seismic data. The tools included enable you to:

View and QC your pre- and poststack seismic data effectively so you understand the reliability of any interpretations

Track horizons on pre- and post-stack seismic data including pre-stack autotracking

Extract pre- and post-stack seismic attributes

Use cross-plots of any well data or seismic attributes to determine fluid and lithology trends

Extract wavelets and spectral information on your pre- and post-stack seismic data and see how this affects your interpretation

View log data and construct synthetic gathers to directly compare with pre-stack data

Seismic Forward modelling to understand the seismic effects of changes in reservoir thickness, lithology and pore fluids.

Seismic Inversion of pre- and post-stack seismic data – choose between Colored Inversion, EEI/Chi angle and P-Cube pre-stack probabilistic inversion.

PSPRO-QI is sold on a per-seat basis, and can be run on a workstation system or any number of server nodes for a flat fee. In addition it requires the base server license