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Bodynits Company Profile

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be a company in the active apparel business admired for its’ performance, partnerships and people

Our Mission

To build an extraordinary company with a highly motivated and inspired team

Our Values

We believe that the people of Bodynits Group will always be our most important asset.

Professionalism and excellence will always be at the forefront of our working relationships.  We are determined to always do the right thing with honesty and integrity.

We will conduct our business in the most professional and ethical manner with full commitment to the highest standards in quality and efficiency.  We shall reward our shareholders, employees, and associates fairly and whenever possible will contribute and help to improve the broader community where we work.

Milestones in History

Company History & Milestones

The company started business in 1984 just as the fitness and aerobics craze took hold in Singapore.  The very first Bodynits leotard was made in the backroom of the Tan’s family home.  Six months later production was relocated from the house to a rented factory space of about 800 square feet.  With hard earned capital and other financial leverage, additional sewing and cutting machines were bought and more seamstresses hired.  By 1985, new markets and higher volume in production required that the factory space be increased to 1,500 square feet.  By 1987 it was 5,000 square feet and yet it became inadequate.  In 1996 the company was occupying 20,000 square feet and was still crying out for more space as it was bursting at the seams.

Today, Bodynits has manufacturing facilities in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

With 30 over years working with stretch fabrics, it’s our second nature to stretch values without compromising on quality.  Head-quarter in Singapore, Bodynits, is an exemplary example on how a home grown company can grow to its current size through the core values of strong business ethics, reliability, transparency and corporate governance.  Our expertise lies in manufacturing of active and fitness wear.

While building offshore manufacturing facilities, we maintain the same level of customer satisfaction through our expertise in global management.  We observe strict local statutory compliance and international standards for labor law.

Investing heavily in new technologies, we are able to collaborate with our customers on design and samples, ensuring quick turn-around time.  To support the entire manufacturing processes, we have established strong information flow and processes for the Headquarters and its manufacturing facilities.

What Bodynits do?

We are consulted in the design and development of active wear, and we also craft active wear so you can bring them to your target audience.

Whether you are a new start-up, a young brand needing help to move on to a larger scaled manufacturing or an established brand looking for a quality manufacturing partner, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

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