VECV Overview

This course is about to give you the aerial view of VECV which will help you to gain the insights of this prestigious company.All the best for the beautiful journey ahead and a great learning experience.

About VECV

History of VECV

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited

  • Volvo Eicher commercial Vehicles Limited is a 50-50 Joint venture between VOLVO group and Eicher motors limited.It is a partnership that brings together Global leadership in technology,safety and environment care,along with deep knowledge and understanding of the Indian commercial Vehicle market.
  • It has the corporate headquarter in Gurgaon and this joint Venture came into existence in July 2008.

2008-2012 [JV formation and synergy products]

  • Truck plant modernization.
  • MDE engine and condor can indigenization.
  • CED paint shop.
  • Volvo process absorption.
  • Customer satisfaction India no.1 Launch.

2013-2016 [Project completion and Launch of Pro Series]

  • Product renewal and product expansion.
  • Bus plant and MDE productionization
  • Customer Experience center.
  • COCO.
  • Consistent growth even in recession.

2017 onward [Profitable growth]

  • Efficient price and cost management.
  • Quality leadership.
  • Significant growth in HD segment.
  • Sustain LMD market share.
  • Retail excellence and growing service business.
  • Revitalizing VECV values. 

Journey from Eicher to Volvo-Eicher [The Power of Two]

The power of two

Mission Vision and VECV's Values

Values in Action


Passion inspires us to demonstrate constant enthusiasm and unlimited drive to deliver beyond expectations, positively challenging the status quo.

•Be it a challenge, sport or work that you do, the important thing is to do it with passion

 •People around you ridiculing and questioning your methods should never dampen your passion

 •If you have passion, everyone will be willing to help you and join you 

•If a task is undertaken passionately, success is guaranteed One man’s passion can change the thinking of several others and influence them to become part of this endeavour.


The customer’s point of view is central to our organizational processes, and with a proactive focus on his/her changing needs, coupled with consistently excellent service, at VECV we aim to create a long-term relationship with our customers.

•Being Customer Centric means to understand the customer’s needs

 •What extra can be  done for the customers so they appreciate the organization

 •Every member of the organization can join hands to make the customer their priority and go an extra mile to deliver beyond expectation


Strive uncompromisingly to develop new standards for meeting and we constantly challenge ourselves to innovate for the future and exceeding customer expectations.

•Bring out the best in you by challenging the status quo and surpassing your own expectations

 •If you dare to dream, then have the drive and the zest to pursue it to the perfection

 •It is very clear that thinking out of the box and accordingly planning systematically, will lead to success

. • Demonstration of improving existing tasks and continuous excellence leads to achieving  goals in  the first attempt itself

Fair & ethical

We strive to conduct our business with integrity, treat everyone fairly and be reasonable and ethical in all our dealings

Everyone should be treated the same no matter what background they come from 

•One does not become inferior by their circumstances

•When the team understood their mistake, they did not hesitate in accepting it and rectifying it 

•It is important to be firm if you know your choice is fair and ethical and not succumb under pressure to change your opinion 

Respect people, System and processes

In an enabling environment that recognizes, embraces and celebrates differences, at VECV respect to all is a central belief.

•Never discriminate against anyone….treat everyone with respect 

•For people to respect you, you have to first learn to respect yourself. It is imperative to fight for what is right

•Respect has to be earned, not demanded 

•Earn respect by becoming a role model and setting the example for others. Never ask anyone to do something which you would not be comfortable doing 

Fast facts about VECV

VECV Business Areas..

VECV Footprint.

Path breaking performance..Outperforming the industry...

Market Share Progression: Consistent growth in market share.

Organisational Structure

When was VECV become operational

  • July 2008
  • December 2008

Where is the headquarter of VECV?

  • Gurgaon
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore

Match the market share progression with the variant in FY'18

  • LMD
    32.2 %
  • HD
    4.6 %
  • Volvo trucks
    87.9 %
  • Bus
    17.1 %
  • International Business
    14.7 %

HR policies & Intranet portal (Evolve)

Code of conduct


At VECV we conduct our business with honesty,integrity and in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.Keeping this in mind,the employee code of conduct has been formulated to lay down the fundamental standards to be followed by all VECV employees.

"The code is what we stand for and what we expect from you"

Note- The code applies to everyone in our company,our executive directors,officers,employees,and those who work with us,as the context may require.

This code sets out how we behave with the above mentioned entities.

Excerpts from the code of conduct.

Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Do not Practice Discrimination,evaluate candidate based on Talent,Skill and experience.
  • Speak if you see discrimination.

Dignity & Respect

  • Treat all individuals with respect.
  • Never bully,intimidate or threaten another person.
  • Avoid behavior or language that could reasonably be offensive or inappropriate to anybody.
  • Be completely aware about the policy for prevention,prohibition & Redressal of sexual harassment at the work place.

Safe & healthy work place

  • Take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others around you.
  • Never take shortcuts or ignore required safety practices.
  • Don't use or possess illegal drugs at work.
  • Don't work while toxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Ethical dilemma

You are reviewing profiles and find a candidate who looks promising but your superior makes a comment about the candidate being from a certain religion/community and hiring him can risk "spoiling team motivation".What would you do?

  • Report the case to Human Resource representative and do not worry about the consequences
  • Do not do anything as he is senior to you and you believe that reporting the matter will make things difficult for you in future.
  • Speak to him and tell him not to be biased as it is against the code of company and then do not do anything
  • Agree with him since he is senior and also more experienced and consider a less competent candidate who does not belong to that religion /community

Ethical dilemma

While working at the factory,a worker loses his hand due to a lapse in the established health and safety protocols.The worker now demands to report this matter to the labour commissioner to ensure the company pays a hefty fine for this.The labour commissioner may demand the arrest of the plant head,but they are known to become lenient if paid a a small bribe.What would you do?

  • Allow the labour commissioner to arrest the plant head and appoint a lawyer in anticipation
  • Report the matter to the Chief Ethics Officer and the Human Resource representative and let him/her decide on the best action
  • Ask the worker to withdraw his complaint and pay him a hefty compensation in order to avoid further blackmailing
  • Pay the regulatory authorities a small bribe and end the matter as soon as possible

Ethical dilemma

You are at the year-end appraisal stage of your can promote only one junior team as a manager.They are two contenders for this promotion.One is a female employee who is very competent for the required post and has been very impressive with her work.There is also a male employee who is very competent and sometimes drives you back home.The male employee has mentioned to you informally that if not promoted,he will quit and join compensation.There are also issues with other male team members now wanting a female boss.What would you do?

  • You will promote the male employee to avoid losing a competent resource to your competitor and increase the roles and responsibilities of the female employee and also give her a direct reporting into you,instead of the male employees.
  • You will promote the female employee as she is more competent for the post and convince the male employee not to quit,and assure him of higher responsibilities in time to come.
  • You will transfer the female employee to an overseas posting without a promotion but a significant pay hike,and promote the male employee,though she is more deserving,so everybody is happy

Ethical dilemma

You caught one of your colleagues consuming alcohol at work place by mixing it with cold drink in a water bottle such that no body else comes to know. On observing for some days,you realized that it has become his habit however,he neither exposes the organisation to any risk nor does he cause any nuisance at work place.What will you do?

  • You will approach your colleague and try to make him understand that he should stop this habit and respect the code of conduct
  • You will report the matter to the HR and let him/her take the required course of action
  • You will chose to remain silent because it is common for him to have alcohol and he is not causing any nuisance or risk to the organisation
  • You will choose to remain silent because it is his personal life and you believe you do not need to interfere

Ethical dilemma

For many years now you have been responsible for the implementation of IT management systems at VECV. You have completed various training courses related to this.A commercial training company request you to provide an IT management systems course for a fee of 250 USD per half day.They are offering you fifty days of work.What would you do?

  • You accept the job and take an equivalent number of days vacation and leave from VECV
  • You decline the tempting offer
  • You say that you are prepared to help them out on a few afternoons depending on your availability
  • You discuss the issue with your line manager and the Human Resource representative and seek their guidance

Ethical dilemma

Your retired father-in-law has invested most of his savings in the stock of your company.Recently while having an informal discussion with the senior management,you gained an understanding that the group company has incurred heavy loses in a large project which will surely affect the share prices.This information is not publicly known to anybody.What would be your reaction to this?

  • Pass on this information to your father in law and ask him to sell his shares immediately to limit the risk of losing most of his hard earned like savings.
  • Drop hints and indirect indications to your father-in-law suggesting to him that he should sell off his investments in your company as it does not seem like a good investment anymore.
  • Consult your line manager and the head of Internal Audit to understand if you could share this information with your father-in law
  • Remain silent and do not use the information till the time it is publicly available

Ethical dilemma

Your company is being represented by a consultant to help respond to queries by a regulatory authority .The consultant states that,for this particular case,the officer may pass an unfavorable order if the company does not pay a small bribe of INR 2,000.What would your reaction be?

  • You would reject the consultant's suggestion outright despite the fact that the authority may pass an unfavorable order
  • You ask the consultant to handle the matter as he deems fit and include the bribe amount in the invoice without mentioning so explicitly
  • You tell the consultant that you would handle the matter with the regulatory authority yourself and bribe from your personal account to ensure that the order is in the company's favor,which will help you can earn a handsome performance bonus
  • You discuss with the Head of Internal Audit about this and act as per his direction.

Ethical dilemma

The main door at your house has broken and needs to be fixed immediately.You have a civil contractor working at your office.You approached him and requested if he can help you with the main door at your house.He offers to do it free of cost,since he has some extra unused wood and material from another contract.In return he may expect himself to be awarded a long term contract for the company's work.

  • You accept the offer as it is not causing any loss to the company
  • You accept the offer and disclose the acceptance of such services from the vendor to your line manager
  • You will not accept the services free of cost but ask him to charge you the market value of the services
  • You will not accept the services as it is against the company policy

Ethical dilemma

Your close relative is a raw material supplier who wants to bid for a proposal for your company.He recntly approached you to suggest him the best price to bid at,and offered you a 5 percent compensation if he bagged the order.You know the material he supplies to be of good quality and would not cause any lossto your company in any way.

  • You will tell him that you cannot disclose the details of the bid and he would have to bid an independent party
  • You suggest a price band and accept the compensation too because your personal profiteering is not causing any loss to the company
  • You will suggest the price band but will not take any compensation to avoid a conflict of interest situation but take benefit from the relative in other indirect ways
  • You will report the incident to your line manager and ensure that your close relative is black listed for attempted bribery since he will attempt to bribe others as well

Ethical dilemma

One of your colleagues spouse works for a local cricket club newsletter.You notice that your collegue habitually uses the photocopy machine at work to make copies of the newsletter to save the printing expenses of his spouse.what would you do?

  • You express your displeasure about this and ask him to stop
  • In a team meeting you propose to put a money box near the copy machine in which people can deposit the money for their private copies
  • You do nothing;it is up to your boss to say something about it
  • You make some remarks in guarded terms about the behavior.Perhaps he does not realize that his behavior won't be acceptable

Ethical dilemma

You come to know that a close friend,who is also a colleague has claimed reimbursement of medical expenses by submitting fictitious bills and claimed Leave travel allowance by submitting photocopies of train tickets on which travel never took place

  • Report the case to the Head of Internal Audit without letting your friend know as you believe he deserves to be penalized for this unethical behavior
  • Do not do anything because he is a close friend and you cannot betray him
  • Do not do anything because you believe it is a tolerable behavior because there is no loss to the company and your friend can save some tax
  • Speak to your friend and advise him to revise his claim and advise him not to claim fictitious expenses in the future.

Policy of Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment 

There are four types of Sexual Harassment prevalent in the today's workplace which needs to be eradicated.

  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Unwelcome
  • Intent vs Impact
  • Hostile Work environment

1.Quid Pro Quo


3.Intent vs Impact

4.Hostile Work Environment

Consequences of Sexual Harassment

All complaints should be made within 3 months from the date of the incident. In case of a series of Incidents, Complaints should be made within 3 months from the date of the last incident. 

  • Only written complaints are investigated by the ICC and the action is taken.
  • The option to withdraw the complaint is not available.
  • Mail ID for filing complaint:[email protected]n

Right of the complaint/respondent

  • Fair Invstigation
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Copy of the report 
  • Escalation
  • Legal Action

Dealing with Sexual Harassment or how a victim can deal with Sexual Harassment in the organisation.

The two different kinds of behaviour that should be displayed by the accused as per the situation.

  • Victim confronts you
  • Victim directly files a complaint.

Rights of the accused.

Prevention of the Sexual Harassment in VECV

What is the meaning of Intent vs.Impact in context of Sexual harassment?

  • The impact of an action is more important than its intention
  • Any act or behaviour that is consensual to the victim
  • It is sexual harassment in disguise.It is not directlt targeted at any employee
  • It occurs whrn employment decisions and conditions are based upon whether an employee is willing to grant sexual favours

What is Hostile work environment?

  • Any act or behaviour that is not consensual to the victim.
  • It occurs when employment decisions and conditions are based upon whether an employee is willing to grant sexual favours
  • The impact of an action is more important than its intention
  • It is sexual harassment in disguise.It is not targeted at any employee

What is Unwelcome behavior in context of Sexual Harassment?

  • It occurs when employment decisions and conditions are based upon whether an employee is willing to grant sexual favours.
  • Any act or behaviour that is not consesual to the victim
  • The impact of an action is more important than its intention
  • It is sexual Harassment in disguise. It is not directly targeted at any employee.

What is Quid Pro Quo?

  • Any act or behaviour that is not consensual to the victim
  • The impact of an action is more important than its intention
  • It occurs when employment decisions and conditions are based upon whether an employee is willing to grant sexual favours
  • It is sexual Harassment in disguise. It is not directly targeted at any employee

Scenario related to Sexual Harassment

A senior calls his subordinate "sweetheart" even when he knows she hates it. Which harassment concept they correspond to?

  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Intent vs Impact
  • Unwelcome
  • Hostile work environment

Scenario related to Sexual Harassment

A senior asks his subordinate to give in to his sexual demands to keep her job safe. Which Sexual harassment concept this corresponds to?

  • Unwelcome
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Intent vs impact
  • Hostile work environment

Scenario related to Sexual Harassment

A team leader shares jokes to build camaraderie but some female members aren't happy.Which Sexual Harassment concept this corresponds to?

  • Intent vs Impact
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Hostile work environment
  • Unwelcome

Scenario related to Sexual Harassment

Ramesh and his friends stand at the water cooler and check out girls from other departments. Which Sexual harassment concept this corresponds to?

  • Unwelcome
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Intent vs Impact
  • Hostile work environment

Your Sexual Harassment Behavior

Here is a quiz to identify where you stand with reference to sexual harassment. Be honest as you respond to the quiz. It will help you create a sexual harassment free zone at your workplace.

  • I never make gerogatory or sex-based comment
  • I sometimes compliment my collegues about their appearences
  • I often address my collegues as "honey","sweetheart","babe"
  • I enjoy sharing intimate details/Sex stories with my collegues during free time in the office
  • Secretly,I enjoy teasing people.Once I had initiated a rumuor about a co-worker
  • When interacting with collegues,I maintain a reasonable distance
  • i am a physical person,I like to touch people while talking to them
  • I never share or comment on sexual content in any form (like posters,drawings,messages etc.)
  • I often hug my collegues to say hello

Compensation & benefits

Components of Salary Structure.

Flexi Pay allowances.

•All Claims to be made through Employee Portal (EVOLVE)


•Enclosed PDF covers the guidelines for document submission and precautions to be taken while  submitting various categories of claim •Genuineness of the claims is the topmost precaution to be taken care


•Hotel GST invoice (Original) is mandatory for processing the Travel Bills. 

•Kindly take the VECV GST No in which state employee is planning to visit. 

•Before leaving the hotel, please ensure that Valid GST No of VECV is printed on the invoice. 

•In case, if there is any variance then no tax benefit will provide at the time of claim processing and employee has to bear the difference. 

•Employees can take the GST list from their respective BPHR.

Intranet portal (Evolve)

This is the intranet portal(Evolve) for the employees where they can look upon the ABDP plan, FPA, Leave management, mediclaims , non-limits and much more.

HOME page(Evolve)

Annual Business & development plan

Flexi-Pay allowance


Leave Management System

Introduction to Zing HR

Zing HR

It is a cloud-based Employee Self Service (ESS) portal that facilitates you with information relating to

  • Viewing your pay slips
  • Tax computation
  • Filling up your investment declaration
  • Query management relating to your salary related issues

ZingHR Login id and password are same as your system login id & password

Your ZingHR Login id is activated after your first salary Run

Zing HR dashboard

Zing HR helpdesk.

Zing HR helpdesk.

Internal job post and referral policy

Internal job post(GROW)

  • Everytime a position opens,it is first posted on our internal website on "evolve".
  • The objective of GROW is to make a development way for the employees inside the organisation through an interior enlistment framework wherein the correct hopeful gets the chance to apply to the publicized position, gave s/he meets the performance criteria.
  • When a vacancy arises, the BHR circulates the Grow post to All VECV Users in an email and within 15 days, the CVs  will get shortlisted. The shortlisted hopefuls will be welcomed for the selection procedure.
  • The procedure will be opened to the external consultants in parallel, when the opportunity emerges. In spite of the fact that inclination will be given to inner applicants, if there is lack of fitment, the position will get closed remotely. 
  • Eligibility criteria-

Every single internal employee, who meet the criteria of Functional knowledge, qualifications,experience can apply provided he/she is

  • Has spent not less than two years in the Organization.
  • Has spent through year and a half in current role..
  • Has not been under PIP or any disciplinary procedure in the past a year.
  • Only applies to a most extreme of 2 Grow posts at a given time.
  • Applies to a role one level higher or at a similar level.

Employee referral policy(TAG)

TAG is an inside representative referral program mirroring the trust we put in our kin to locate the best fits for us. Inner representatives know best the general population who can coordinate our work culture and state of mind required to be effective here.

  • Just like Grow, TAG entries will also be invited as soon as a vacancy arises. The BHR has to send the requisition, and respond within 15 days of receiving the CVs.


  • Employees in HR and GM above are not eligible to participate in this program.
  • Any candidature referred and already available in resume bank of HR.
  • Individuals whose prior association with VECV was as an employee, or any form of contractual person including, but not limited to, a temporary, a freelancer, or a consultant..
  • Any ex-employee referred against job postings will not be considered under TAG.
  • Employees cannot refer a relative, as per the VECV Code of Conduct.

Referral amounts

If the referred candidate is subsequently hired after the normal selection process, the employee who has referred the candidate will be eligible to a one time reward amount (subject to taxes).

  • AM & below  - Rs 15000/-
  • DM & Manager- Rs 25000/-
  • SM & DGM- Rs 25000/-
  • GM & above- Rs 50000/-

*An additional reward amount for Rs. 10,000 shall be given to the referring employee on the selection of a diversity candidate (i.e. woman &/or specially abled)

Note-. In case of multiple referrals or any doubts, the date on which the application was forwarded to HR will be used to determine the employee whose reference has been considered for reward. The person who had sent the application on an earlier date will be given the reward on the selection of the candidate.

Performance Management System or Annual Business development Plan(ABDP) at VECV

Performance management system or ABDP is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives and overall contribution to the organisation.

  • For the purpose of performance evaluation only KRAs and for conduct

The ABDP process 

  • In April-KRA planning & Development Planning session is carried out for the upcoming financial year.
  • In Sept-Oct-Mid year reviews carried out in which KRA's, values and development plan taken into account.
  • In March-Final reviews carried out in which mainly identification of Strengths and development areas carried out which is used for making KRA planning & development session for the next financial year.

ABDP(Annual Business and Development Plan Flowchart)

Meaning of the Key roles (Appraisee, Coach, Chairperson, Functional head and HR) in the Process. 

PMS rating scale by which the employees will get evaluated on the basis of there performance. 

In the Intranet portal "evolve" there is a separate section for the Performance management System in which all the work plans need to be filled by the concerned employee.

Product details


The two main purpose of the automobile 

  • Transport the people from one place to another
  • Transport the goods & other materials from one place to another
  • Automobiles are used mainly for the commercial and personal reason.

Gross Vehicle Weight= (Payload+Unladen          Vehicle weight+Crew weight)

Eicher products

One chassis, Many applications

About engines

In Automobile – An Engine is a machine which converts the chemical energy contained in fuel or the environment into thermal energy and then into mechanical energy.

Engine Cooling System-Cooling System is the collection of parts and substances (coolants) that work together to maintain the engine's temperature at optimal levels. Comprising many different components such as water pump, coolant, a thermostat, Radiator, Radiator Cap, Condensed tank,  Viscous clutch fan etc, the system enables smooth and efficient functioning of the engine at the same time protecting it from damage.

Lubrication System :

  • Cooling in the form of heat dissipation via the lubricant (e.g. cooling of pistons),
  • Precision sealing of components sliding along each other (e.g. cylinder wall and piston rings), 
  • Cleaning by removing combustion residue which could otherwise lead to damaging deposits, 
  • Preventing corrosion by providing a permanent oil/grease film,
  • Absorbing noise through the vibration-damping, sound insulating effect of the lubricant film.

Fuel System:

The purpose of the fuel system is to deliver fuel into the engine cylinders, while precisely controlling the injection timing, fuel atomization, and other parameters.

Intake & Exhaust System :

Diesel engines require sufficient quantities of air to burn the fuel. Air induction systems must provide enough clean air for combustion. The exhaust system must remove heat and combustion gases, and provide for efficient operation of turbochargers, where used.


A Clutch is a machine member used to connect the driving shaft to a driven shaft, so that the driven shaft may be started or stopped at will, without stopping the driving shaft. A clutch thus provides an interruptible connection between two rotating shafts.

Why we need Clutch

•Equalizing input and output speeds, 

•Transmitting engine torque,

 •Interrupting the power transmission path between the engine and the gearbox, 

•Enabling the vehicle to drive away smoothly and without jerking,

 •Damping torsional vibrations,

 •Guarding against the overloading of components.


  • The transmission changes the torque generated by the engine to a torque which the vehicle requires. The torque or the driving power is increased or decreased by shifting several groups of gears. 
  • Since the engine always turns in one direction, the transmission also performs the function of changing the direction of rotation so that the vehicle can be reversed.

All EICHER Transmissions are synchromesh Transmission. Three type of synchromesh mechanism is used in EICHER transmissions.

1. Synchronizer with shifting key mechanism.

2. Synchronizer with poppet & spring mechanism.

3. Double cone Synchronizer mechanism.

There are four type of transmission control in EICHER

  1. Cable Type GSL 
  2. Mechanical GSL 
  3. Hybrid GSL 
  4. Single Rod GSL


The main function of a suspension system is 

  1. To prevent the socks to transmit to car or vehicle body so that passengers may ride comfortably.
  2.  To maintain the stability of the vehicle during pitching and rolling actions while the vehicle is in motion.
  3.  To provide better road holding at the time of driving, braking and cornering.
  4.  To allow proper steering geometry.


  1. Semi-Elliptic
  2. Parabolic
  3. Weveller
  4. Bell Crank 
  5. Bogie

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B-Brought to  R-Rest  A-Against  K-Kinetic  E-Energy

WHY brakes?

  • To control the vehicle.
  • To stop the vehicle.

Number of brakes in a vehicle

  • Service Brake.
  • Hand Brake.
  • Auxiliary Brake.

Types of brakes

  • Mechanical Brake.
  • Hydraulic Brake.
  • Hydraulic assisted by vacuum.
  • Hydraulic assisted by pneumatic.
  • Air brake.

Brake Pneumatic (Air)