Which is Correct, I or Me?

In one way or another, you've probably had your grammar corrected. The English language can be confusing, especially when using the personal pronouns "I" or "me." Even so, would you make an effort to correct the mistake or just brush it off? Although it's common to misuse personal pronouns, the rules are very easy to understand and perform.


This lesson covers:

  1. Definitions
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Exercise Activities

At the end of this lesson, you'll be able to

  1. Express and identify personal, subjective and objective pronouns
  2. Determine and demonstrate correct pronoun with deduction method

Demonstrate how to determine correct pronoun

Pre-Train Your Brain

proper noun indicates the name of a person — Janet, Nick, Robert, and Tina.

A personal pronoun replaces the noun that refers to a person or people — I, me, us, and we.

subjective pronoun is the subject of a sentence that performs the action of the verb. 

Subjective pronouns are specific personal pronouns — I, he, she, you, and we.


He and I walked to class.

Eventually, Nicole and I went home.

An objective pronoun is the object of a sentence receiving the action of the verb.

Objective pronouns are specific personal pronouns — me, him, her, you, and us.


Megan watched Brandon and me drive away.

Then, the cop pulled you and me over.

Condensed Essentials


Proper noun Name Lily
Personal pronoun Personal "I" or "me"
Subjective pronoun I'm performing the action Lily and I
Objective pronoun I'm receiving the action Lily and me

Understanding of Key Information

  • Emma is a proper noun.
  • "I" and "me" are subjective pronouns.
  • "me" is a personal pronoun and an objective pronoun.

Deduction Method

Let's work it out!

He already told Laura and (I or me) to get ready.

He already told I to get ready? Incorrect
He already told me to get ready? Correct
He told Laura and me to get ready.

If Katie and (I or me) don't study, we’ll fail the test.

If me don't study? Incorrect
If I don't study? Correct
If Katie and I don't study, we'll fail the test.

Between you and (I or me), this is a terrible idea.

Just between we? (I) Incorrect
Just between us? (me) Correct
Between you and me, this is a terrible idea.

Lastly, never link subject and object pronouns together in a phrase.

Lesson Activity

Taylor and (I or me) need to go shopping.
Taylor and me need to go?
Taylor and I need to go?
Taylor and  need to go shopping.

Lesson Activity

The teacher asked Maria and (I or me) to stop talking.
The teacher asked I to stop?  
The teacher asked me to stop?  
The teacher asked Maria and  to stop talking.


Lesson Activity

You and ​ have class on Monday.

He will speak to Kristen and ​ later.