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What is Nielsen Mobile Performance (NMP)?

What is Nielsen Mobile Performance (NMP)?

Nielsen Mobile Performance (NMP) measures network performance as experienced by the consumer via a mobile app downloaded to their smartphone. 

The data Nielsen collects can be used to understand:

  • Network performance
  • What consumers think of the network performance they are getting (collected through surveys)
  • Where consumers are using their phone.
  • How they are using their phone

Learning Objectives

This training will provide an understanding of Nielsen Mobile Performance (NMP).  Following this training you will be able to:

  • Confidently explain the value proposition of Nielsen Mobile Performance to clients
  • Match client needs with NMP capabilities

How do Clients use Nielsen Mobile Performance?

Our clients need to understand their network’s performance in comparison to their competitors on key metrics related to coverage, speed, and reliability; this helps them prioritize infrastructure/network investments, enhance their marketing campaigns, and understand what drives their consumers’ satisfaction and willingness to recommend. 



  • Optimize network performance
  • Measure in-building and venue performance
  • Improve marketing campaigns
  • Build partnerships with device manufacturers


Identify operators and areas with network coverage issues to increase tenants for existing and new tower sites.

Identify mergers and acquisition or build opportunities to expand coverage in low performance or high-demand areas.
Benchmark performance across operators to identify device performance parity. Often this will be used during contract negotiations with operators. Identify areas with performance gaps to better align sales and business development opportunities with operators.

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What are the Benefits of NMP?

Nielsen Mobile Performance provides:

  • Benchmark of ‘delivered’ network performance across national carriers networks,  device models, venues and in the future applications
  • 360° view of the wireless experience based on actual subscriber usage patterns
  • Direct linkage between a consumer’s experience and perceptions of the services (monthly survey)
  • 24/7 view of key performance metrics
  • Customizable online dashboards and mapping capability
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly data update options

Device models- Cellular performance may vary by device (Samsung Galaxy, LG, etc). We are able to compare performance in a specific location by device.

Venues- NMP captures where consumers use their phones. 
Using GPS coordinates we can match to building footprints and categorize by venue type (airport, stadium, shopping mall).

Applications- The ability to measure app usage is available now!

360° view- We collect a 360 degree view of consumer behavior: where subscribers are using their device, how they are using the device, and their network experience. 
In addition, Nielsen also collects survey information to determine consumer perception of the network experience.

Monthly Survey- Nielsen surveys consumers with the app monthly to determine their perception of performance. 
Only Nielsen collects the performance and perception information; this is a key differentiator!

Specifications of all our products can be found on the Knowledge Center.

NMP Performance Metrics

Nielsen Mobile Performance collects demographic and performance data, painting a 360 degree view of the consumer’s wireless experiences. The information collected from Mobile Performance panelists can be grouped into the following categories: 
NMP metrics are available at the national, regional, market and sub-market levels.

Panelists & Device

Nielsen collects data about the panelist and their device. For example:

  • Moulin joined the Nielsen Mobile Performance panel by downloading the app.
  • Moulin is from Milwaukee and her intended carrier at home is T-Mobile (the carrier may vary in other cities while she travels for work).
  • Moulin uses a Samsung Galaxy S4 which is 4G Capable and uses an Android 4.3 operating system.


When & Where

Nielsen collects data on when & where the 'event' took place.

  • When Moulin uses her phone we can access details from that ‘event’ – whether she uses voice, data, upload or download and information about coverage.
  • When Moulin makes a call, for example, we can measure the exact time she attempted the call, whether it connected or not, the duration of the call and what time she disconnected.
  • NMP also measures geographic details about location of the call including:

       - Latitude & longitude
       - Name of the Landmark or Venue
       - Zipcode
       - City, State
       - Range of Network technical details


When Moulin uses her phone to make a call we have access to data points which can answer these questions:
Does she have service in the area? What is the signal strength? Is she roaming or not? Is the call inbound or outbound? What operator is she using?

Network Metrics

  • Voice Network Availability
  • No Service Rate
  • Roaming Rate
  • Signal Strength

Usage Metrics

  • Number of calls
  • Minutes of usage



Nielsen measures the unique characteristics of the data session.

When Moulin uses her phone to access data we can measure details including how quickly she gains access to the network (i.e., latency) and the IP addresses of websites she is accessing.

Network Metrics

  • Data Network Availability
  • No Service Rate
  • Roaming Rate
  • Abnormal Termination Rate
  • Setup Latency (Speed of connection)
  • Signal Strength

Usage Metrics

  • Number of Sessions
  • Session Durations


Nielsen collects the unique characteristics of the throughput event.

When Moulin uses her phone to access data the speed of uploads and downloads are reported separately under ‘Throughputs’. 

The Throughput metrics include the following:

Network Metrics

  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed

Usage Metrics

  • Number of Downloads
  • Number of Uploads
  • Volume of Data Downloaded
  • Volume of Data Uploaded


Nielsen collects the unique characteristics of the coverage event.

The Coverage events report the network and access details regardless of whether Moulin is using voice, data, uploading or downloading. In particular, it reports changes in the access technology (i.e., 4G, 3G & 2G) as she moves around her local market or while she is travelling. 

This information is important because the ability to access data (e.g., using YouTube or uploading photos to Facebook etc.) declines when users are transferred to 3G and 2G networks, causing a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Network Metrics

  • Time in each Technology
  • % of Time in each Technology
  • Location of Network Changes

Usage Metrics

  • Number of Network Handdowns (e.g., 4G to 3G)


What is the Collection Methodology?

Panel Recruitment


Panel Coverage

NMP currently recruits panelists in 41 markets. However, while data is collected in 41 markets because panelists travel to other markets we have performance data for over 675 markets.

The dots represent active markets. These 41 markets are the largest by usage and population (based on the mobile FCC – Federal Communication Council Mobile Statistical Area boundaries). We are currently recruiting panelists in Indonesia, South Africa, and Qatar. We’re also conducting market trials in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, and many others. 

1200 panelists in Dallas made 628,000 voice calls between November 2013 and January 2014.

MOU - Minutes of Use




Data collected in over 675 markets. 

Knowledge Check

Apply Your Learning

We created three scenarios to test your knowledge. 

Depending on your screen size, some of the graphics may be hard to view. If that is the case, please download the questions and graphics here then enter your responses online.

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Scenario 1: More Families

T-Mobile wants to increase its number of subscribers. However, they don’t want just any subscribers, they want to attract subscribers with a high revenue per account. These tend to be family share plans.


Match the needs which Nielsen Mobile Performance address will address.

  • Segment subscribers to determine those with highest average revenue per account.
    While NMP won’t address this issue, Buyer Insights, Market Intelligence and Share of Wallet can help to identify the most profitable segments.
  • Report on which T-Mobile subscriber segments are satisfied with their service? Which are dissatisfied with their service? Why?
    NMP survey data captures consumer perception of operator performance but we have limited demographic data to segment subscribers. Mobile Insights would be a better solution.
  • Report on T-Mobile network performance compared to competitors in the areas where the target demographic lives.
    NMP tracks where subscribers use their phones and can provide GPS data on network performance both inside and outside!
  • Report on T-Mobile network performance compared to competitors in the areas where the target demographic visits.
    NMP tracks where subscribers use their phones and can provide GPS data on network performance both inside and outside! NMP currently collects data in 35 markets. However, because panelists travel to other markets we have data on 675 markets.
  • Identify which apps the target demographic uses the most to determine ad placement.
    Mobile Apps Playbook can provide detailed information about apps.

Scenario 2: Tourist Central

  • Improve Voice Availability
  • Improve Data Network Availability
  • Improve Network Speed
  • Upgrade to 4G Coverage

Orlando attracts over 50 million visitors each year (including over 4 million international travelers) making it one of the most visited cities in the U.S. (exceeding New York City). 

As a result, ATT is looking to invest in infrastructure upgrades in Orlando to make the network superior to that of Verizon.

Based on the coverage map data at the bottom of the page, which improvements would you recommend? 

Scenario 3: "Best Carrier"

T-Mobile wants to improve its performance in the Atlanta market to better position its network against competition.


Match correct observations based on the dashboard below. 

  • To beat the competition, T-Mobile needs to exceed 98.7% Voice Network Availability.
    Yes, T-Mobile would need to exceed Verizon’s 98.7%
  • To beat the competition, T-Mobile needs to exceed 98.1% for Data Network Availability.
    No, T-Mobile is already the market leader
  • T-Mobile is the market leader for Network Speed with 3.2.
    No, T-Mobile would need to exceed Verizon’s 3.2
  • T-Mobile is ranked currently ranked third (3rd) for 4G Coverage.
    Yes, T-Mobile is ranked 3rd for 4G Coverage.



Nielsen Mobile Performance gives clients a 360 degree view of consumer behavior. Survey data ties subscriber perception of performance to actual performance providing clients with valuable insights that can be used to prioritize network infrastructure projects and tailor marketing campaigns.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the NMP Tutorial. 

Your completion will be recorded in your learning plan and your manager will be notified.

Discuss with your manager how you can apply the learning.

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