A Brief History of an Old Railroad Town - by Frank F. Scobey and Gerald D. Musich

In 1984, the City of West Chicago Historical Museum in West Chicago, Illinois, published "A Brief History of an Old Railroad Town: An Updated Review of West Chicago" by Frank F. Scobey and Gerald D. Musich.

In order to share the history of West Chicago with a wider audience, West Chicago City Museum (formerly known as West Chicago Historical Museum) will release an enhanced digital version of Scobey's book, chapter by chapter.

Although this book is currently out of print, visitors to City Museum may read the book in our reference library. Visit West Chicago City Museum at 132 Main Street, West Chicago, Illinois 60185. Find us on the web at www.wegohistory.com. Please send questions, comments, or feedback to [email protected]

Chapter Content

Chapter 1: The West Chicago Story

Chapter 2: An Overview of West Chicago History

Chapter 3: John B. Turner's Role in Town Founding

Chapter 4: West Chicago Post Office History - Dates to 1850

Chapter 5: Church History Began With the First Settlers

Chapter 6: First School Was a Small Log House

Chapter 7: Oakwood Cemetery Oldest in West Chicago

Chapter 8: Population Figures, 1860-1980