3. Function Deep-Dive

Sales/Business Development


A key document which runs through the entire sales process is the Sales Book.

Take a look at the document below to learn more about the entire sales process here at Seedlink, as well as what materials can be used at each of the various stages. 

Please also find here the document that explains the 10 - Steps in the Sales Process:

  • Qualification
  • Problem Definition
  • Evangelise
  • Define Scope
  • Draft Proposal
  • Review Proposal
  • Proposal with Price
  • Review Price
  • Obtain Contract
  • Process Deal
  • Handover

Click here to access the Salesbook

How many stages are there in the Salesbook?

  • 3
  • 13
  • 6
  • 11

Which of the following are methods of obtaining Outbound Leads? Select 1 or more answer(s)

  • Cold Calls
  • Seedlink Website
  • Through our Partners
  • Marketing Efforts
  • Hosting Events
  • Attending Events

Who do we qualify as potential leads? Select 1 or more answer(s)

  • Startups
  • Companies undergoing restructuring
  • Companies with around 100 employees
  • Companies with names starting with 'Seed'
  • Early adopters of innovative technologies

Which document assists you in understanding the problems faced by the client?

  • Problem Finding
  • It's Your Problem
  • Problem Definition Checklist
  • Problem Understanding Form

Evangelize! Wait... Evangelize what?

  • Tell of your religious beliefs
  • Tell of your childhood story
  • Showing how Seedlink understands the problems faced by the client
  • Show how other competitors are not as good as Seedlink

Time for Case Study!

Time for a Case Study!

Let's try to use an important tool that the Salesbook has provided us with, the Business Case Calculator. It can be obtained through the Salesbook or downloaded below. 


You have just made a cold call with Seedless Corporation, a hightech farming company in Shanghai and they would like to find out more about the Seedlink Product and have arranged an initial meeting with you in a week's time.

Through the call, you managed to obtain the following information from the HRD of the company(Unlikely to get so much information, but for the sake of practice...):

1) Not satisfied with the current recruitment processes

2) They have about 10,000 employees China-wide, with 20 farms in China

3) Each farm sees about 7% of their staff leaving each year.

4) Currently they use job portals to recruit new talent and receive about 10,000 applications each year, of which 1,000 are interviewed.

With the information above, use the Business Case Calculator to obtain a rough figure that Seedless Corporation could potentially save when engaging Seedlink.

There is no right answer for this because information is limited. It is how you justify the figures you used in the calculator that matters! 

Have fun!

Business Case Calculator

More Practice!

To be even more familiar with the calculator, try using it on a real company. If you are unable to find figures on the company, try using industry-wide figures.

What to include in the Draft Proposal? Select 1 or more answer(s)

  • Recap problems faced by client
  • Brief introduction of the product
  • Seedlink's solution
  • Quote a Price

What to take into consideration when determining the price of the contract? Select 1 or more answer(s)

  • BATMAN Theory
  • Latest Pricing List
  • Market price
  • Business Case Calculator

What do you do when the proposed price is not accepted by the client?

  • Cry...
  • Update Zoho on the loss of client
  • Counter-Offer
  • Prepare the contract documents for signing

What documents are not included in our list of contracts? Select 1 or more answer(s)

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Authorisation Letter
  • Proposal with Price Contract
  • No Discount Agreement (NDA)

Who is to obtain the purchase order from the client?

  • CEO
  • COO
  • Salesperson (Me)
  • Engagement Team
  • Purchase Order? No such thing!

What do you need to do when all the contract documents are in place and the project is ready for launch? Select 1 or more answer(s)

You have completed the Salesbook Quiz!

Thank you for taking the time to read through the Salesbook and familiarising yourself with the Sales processes within Seedlink. We hope that you have benefitted from this training process. Go out and close those deals!

  • Nothing is left to be done, time for the next deal!
  • Change stage of the client in ZOHO to "Win"
  • Change the owner of the client in ZOHO to "Seedlink Engagement"
  • Plan a meeting with engagement team and the client
  • Inform the tech team to get the product ready

A/B Testing

One way to improve the results of our emails, calls, and other methods used to reach out to potentials is through A/B testing.

Take a look at the slides below to understand the the benefits of A/B testing, as well as the proper steps to carrying it out. 

AB Testing

Email Templates

Here are some email templates that you can use as reference when reaching out or following up with new clients.

Make sure to continually carry out A/B testing while using these templates, so as to keep improving the them and get better response rates!

Email Template

Pitch Email Template NL - EN

Client FAQ

9 Frequently Asked Questions from Clients 9MAY2017


Communication Style Guide

It is essential that Design follows the brand identity guidelines when creating new materials. This is important to convey a standardized and coherent brand image.

The brand guidelines were provided in the earlier module on Brand Identity. Take a look at the document below again for a refresher on the following points:

  • Logo Usage
  • Colour
  • Font
  • Email Signature

Seedlink Brand Identity & Style Guidelin...

User Story: Components

What is User Story?

User stories are written and tracked on JIRA to ensure better internal communications across Product, Design and Tech.

User stories are a useful way of documenting what your website or application needs to do for users. After user stories are written, they should be prioritised from most important to your user to least important.

Click here for an introduction to user story

Rollover the information icons below on the example of a user story to learn more about the key components of it.

As an [actor] I want [action] so that [achievement]

  • Actor
  • Action
  • Achievement 

User Story: Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria (AC) define the boundaries of a user story, and are used to confirm when a story is completed and working as proposed. Setting acceptance criteria helps to reduce ambiguity in communications, and also produce clear and objective outcomes. 

For example, acceptance criteria could be: 

  • Payment can be made via credit card.
  • An acknowledgment email is sent to the user after submitting the form.

Click here for more details on acceptance criteria

Click here for an example of a user story with acceptance criteria

UX Document

To better understand user experience, let's take a look at how the Seedlink product was designed for candidates from start to end! 

It is a comprehensive thought process which pays attention to details and intricate user needs. The document outlines how the following segments are designed:

  • Landing Page
  • Login
  • Post-Login
  • Interview
  • Account Centre
  • Contact Us
  • Error Page

Click here to look at the Candidate UX Document

Prototyping & Wire-framing

Axure RP is the software the Design team uses for wireframing and prototyping. 

In addition, it can be used to create and style diagrams, add interactivity and notes to diagram pages and elements, and publish finished designs to HTML for viewing via web browser.

The guide below includes instructions on the following uses and more in Axure: 

  • Arranging and styling widgets
  • Editing text
  • Interactivity

Click here for the tutorial guide to Axure RP


Media Platforms

On our communication channels, the Marketing team generates content to engage and attract audiences. These content materials include updates about our events, articles on A.I., and media coverage on Seedlink. 

These posts are very useful for keeping our clients and potentials informed about our technology and activities, as well as increasing general awareness about Seedlink.

The key communication channels managed by the Marketing team are:

Competitor Analysis

In order to position Seedlink well, it is important for the Marketing team to have an intricate understanding of our competition. 

The powerpoint below provides information about our key competitors, and how Seedlink compares to them.

Competitors Analysis

User Cases

User Case

In addition, in order to market Seedlink well, it is important to understand how we can value-add to our clients. Take a look at this user case to help you better understand how Seedlink creates business value for our clients. 

Case study-EN

Event List

Another important role handled by Marketing is managing events for Seedlink.

Events are a great platform for us to showcase our technology and reach out to clients personally. In addition to attending events organised by others, Seedlink also holds our own events which have proven to be successful in attracting and engaging our target audience.  

To make the best use of our resources, we focus on events which have agendas or attendees who are aligned to Seedlink's interest. Here are some characteristics we look for in events:

  • HR or Technology related, particularly themes such as recruitment, internal mobility, and A.I.
  • Attendees are high-level HR or Innovation executives (e.g. CHRO, CIO, HRVP, HRD) 
  • Opportunity to participate in panel discussion, presentations, booth exhibition

Click here to view potential events in 2018

Media Email Templates

The Marketing team is also in contact with media personnel for coverage on our technology and events. Leveraging on our media partners is very helpful

Here is a template email (in mandarin) which can be used as reference for contacting the media.

Media Email Template


Release Plan

The release plan lists the new features to add to the Seedlink product, along with the planned dates for design, development, testing and release.

This document is helpful in planning meetings and testing dates, for as well as understanding the upcoming product features.

Short Term Release Plan



Engagement seeks to maximize short and long term client value throughout the contract implementation cycle, communicating and coordinating vital information between user and product development to ensure both internal and external expectations are managed, met and exceeded.

Engagement is a crucial, front-line, client facing function within Seedlink. As the central connector to so many different stakeholders, patience, attention to detail, and a calm attitude is key with working in this role. 

The list of Engagement core activities involve the following: 

  • Contract implementation
  •  Data analysis and project reports
  • Providing support
  • Technical fault reporting and new release testing
  • Internal communication, supporting other departments, and record keeping


Understanding competencies is important, as it can help clients realize our value. This can pave the way for us to upsell more models.

This presentation below explains to clients the need for different models, and helps them to recognize recognize treating models and competencies "in different levels". For engagement, it can help to prepare clients on deciding which models to build. 

competencies for business success

Product Demo Video

In order to address any queries from clients, it is essential that engagement has an intricate understanding of the product. 

Here is recap of the candidate flow process and our product in the video below. 

Product Demo

Common Questions from Clients

This document on common question from clients will help you to learn more about the Seedlink product, as well as how to effectively answer these questions. Knowledge of the product is very important for the engagement team in order to allay client doubts and build strong relationships.  

Here are some key questions that are answered in the document:

  • How is the Seedlink score calculated?
  • How do we predict performance for internal mobility?
  • Does accuracy vary between different languages?

The list is constantly being updated with new questions, do take a look regularly!

Click here for the list of common questions and how to answer them

Client On-Boarding Slides

It is crucial to ensure goal alignment and common expectations between Seedlink and our clients. Having a shared understanding will help the project to progress smoothly, allowing efficient delivery of insights for our clients.

 Here are some key areas to achieve alignment on: 

  • A basic understanding of our methodology
  • Clients know what is expected from them (e.g. Language data of employees, HR scoring) 
  • Project timeline

Take a look at the client on-boarding slides below which is a useful tool for setting client expectations. 

Click to view the on-boarding slides

Case Study

The case study on Seedlink's partnership with a leading logistics firm is a good example on how we can benefit our clients.

Engagement officers are heavily involved in the analysis of data and communication of findings, both of which are key steps in drawing out insights for clients. This example will help you to understand and visualize how Seedlink adds value to clients.

When presenting findings to management, it is important to be tactful and avoid potentially offensive statements.

Seedlink was able to provide the following insights for our client:

  • Identified competencies which are high in correlation to Seedlink score
  • Identified competencies which employees fare the best/worst
  • Compared competencies of different regions

Click here to access the case study