Managing Fairly - Pre learning

Managing Fairly - pre-work

Learning Objective

Understand how to Manage Fairly, by identifying triggers that will prompt you into action, could raise cause for concern and situations where you may need to engage the support of your HRBP.

Are you a fair manager?

  • A manager who is fair does not play favourites. You don't give anyone all the good jobs, or all the bad jobs, just because of how you feel about them. You treat them as the unique individuals they are. Be consistent with your people.
  • Don't take advantage. You don't treat someone unfairly just because you can and can get away with it.
  • Model the rules and behaviours. Your "do" must match your "tell," or people will lose trust in you.
  • How do your decisions affect others? Consider the implications of decisions you make and how other people may perceive it.
  • Be honest and specific. Tell them why things are a certain way. Tell when you can't tell them, but only if there is a valid reason why. When you're honest, you are treating them equally. You aren't telling them that just because they aren't managers they don't deserve the information.
  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.


Take a minute to consider is you truly are a fair manager, 100% of the time? 

Whether you answered yes or no to this question, there will be exceptional circumstances that can change your 'norm' actions and behaviours. Later we will look at the concept of 'Unconscious Bias' and how this can influence your decision making skills as a manager.

But first click to the next section to learn about 'Triggers' you need to recognise.

Triggers you need to be aware of

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