Core Product Knowledge

Learn the basics of our products to suggest and sell the best items for your customer!

Men's Footwear Basics

Oxford Styles

Gentlemen's Cut

Grand.OS Innovation Basics

The components of Grand.OS

  • Responsive Cushioning inside the shoe
  • Increased Flexibility in the sole that moves with your feet
  • Incredibly Lightweight uppers
  • Zerogrand is the pinnacle expression of Grand.OS

Add-on Expert Knowledge: Socks and Hosiery

Be the expert with details on your UPT builders.

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Test your Sock and Hosiery Knowledge!

  • Denier
    Refers to the weight and thickness of hosiery.
  • Premium Combed Cotton
    A process that removes the shorter fibers before it's spun into yarn for a soft, breathable material.
  • Softball Cotton Wrap
    Polyester-wrapped cotton yarn that gives a plush, lofty feel.
  • Sock Liners
    A must-have for Zerogrands, ballets, loafers and oxfords.

Product Care Video

Product Care Video


Product Care Video Quiz

  • The best place to start mentioning product care
    The sales floor
  • Never use the bar or brush on
    Wet suede
  • Sole and Edge dressing
    Covers up nicks and marks
  • Great for travel
    Shoe Shine sponge

Product Care

Level Up: Additional Product Care questions

  • Neutral shoe cream
    For any items that do not have a matching colored shoe cream.
  • "Brush first, then use the bar" applies to what type of footwear?
    Suede products. Use the brush first and then the bar to remove stains and dirt.
  • These can add years of life to your shoes and absorb the extra moisture from your feet
    Shoe Trees
  • This helps to waterproof your shoes and keep stains away
    Protectant Spray