Chemistry 102 OLM Activation and Extra Credit Syllabus Module.

Hello everyone, use this portal to activate your single user access code found on the inside cover of your lecture guided notebook you obtained for this course.  Once activated you will have full access to the online learning modules for 6 months.  Although your activation will be time stamped and linked to your name and email address, you should keep your code secure and safe from others who may try and use your code to gain access.  If this happens you may temporarily lose access while the issue is resolved.  Please notify your instructor as soon as possible if this happens.

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Section 2: Extra Credit Syllabus Module

Select "True" or "False" for each of the following Statements

  • It is my responsibility to pay attention to the due dates outlined on the course syllabus.
  • My assignments must be completed by the due dates stated on the syllabus.
  • If, for any reason, I fail to complete an assignment by the due date the assignment WILL be graded and I will receive an "A" for the assignment.