Mastering Value Propositions

An online course that will teach you how to use the Value Proposition Canvas to better understand customers, design value propositions they want, and differentiate from competition.

Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas & Jobs-To-Be-Done


Welcome to your first lesson! We're excited to have you on board and wish you great success with the tools of Value Proposition Design.

In this first lesson we introduce you to the Value Proposition Canvas and how the tool can help you tell a story about the value your products and services create for customers. After the introduction you will dive right into the heart of the Value Propositions Canvas by exploring the Jobs-To-Be Done concept, customer pains, and customer gains. 

Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas

Watch this video to get a first overview of the Value Proposition Canvas and learn how it’s connected to the Business Model Canvas; a tool that allows you to tell the story of your business model.

Customer Jobs-To-Be-Done

Watch this video to learn about the Jobs-To-Be Done framework.

The Jobs-To-Be Done framework is the first of six building blocks of the Value Proposition Canvas. Learn how this framework is different from traditional marketing approaches.


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