The E-Course Entitled: PRINCIPLE will take you on a guided assessment that will give you the 3 starting point self-help tools as the 'principle' you need to MAKE MORE MONEY in your own brand (Course For Non-Real Estate Entrepreneurs)! Are you ready? Grab Paper & Pen to take plenty of notes or read along; but be sure to answer the questions honestly, and get excited to execute what you learned once you are done! It's just 3 steps; you can do it. You will have unlimited access to this course should you want to refresh. GO!

Step 1: The First Step in Real Estate is Pricing - So How Do You Price Your Brand?

In Real Estate, we use use comps to price listings for sellers and to consider pre-approval amounts for home buyers. Comps display both past prices and that of the next door neighbor. In a list; what are some trends that change your pricing of your brand?

Note: Compare your brand with past products from older companies that have been in your industry for at least 3-5 years (compare with their original product and not current) and then compare with newer companies (less than 6 months) are charging now.

Part Two of Step 1: What's your price after noting comps? Now make a small chart or table so you can see how much of that product or service you need to sell to beat the numbers of older and current businesses in 1 month. (Avg to close on a house: 1mth).

Step 2: Offer and Acceptance - After you calculate comps and you have a product price to work with, then it is time to evaluate your emotional & spiritual attachment to your brand/money! We all have great ideas but something holds us back!

Answer these questions out-loud: Who do you know that has launched this brand in the past and how did they succeed/fail and compare it with a list of what it will take for you to put a mental or financial offer on your goals. Make their list first!

Everyone experiences branding differently but there is no reason to repeat the mistakes that others endured. I had you answer that question so that you can measure yourself carefully. Now what is the first step you want to put a deposit on your brand?

Note: A deposit can be a prayer,  a phone call, an email, open a business savings account, register for your trademark, or compiling an email list of potential customers, etc,,, FOR EVERY BLESSING IN LIFE, A DEPOSIT IS ALSO REQUIRED BY GOD, THE UNIVERSE.

Step 3: Due Diligence - The Most important part is your due diligence also known as your waiting-to-close or waiting to make-money season! NOTE: What you do while you wait for profit increase will determine how powerful the impact of your success will be!

NOTE: Due diligence is the time period where the contract starts to wrap up with appraisals, inspection, etc... and consider termination. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR FINANCIAL GOAL, keep yourself busy with your lists and remain consistent till you close deals!

Now, make a list of your current obstacles that have hindered you from obtaining that goal, price point, one months profit, far (i.e., bank loan, a happy home environment, HS-College education, relationships, etc...,) .


Now that you have taken good notes for you self and made your lists, let's apply. This is the tough part. Below, you will put in order what it will take to execute the principle in order to achieve your 1 months goal. Your mind will try to fight you!

For example, if i want to start a traveling business: I should first send an email to inquire dept of tourists, make a phone call to research airport rates, visit a local or similar travel agency, host an event to raise funds and open a savings, etc...

Time to Put in chronological order on how you think can execute the principle of a real estate contract for your goal, Feel free to use your lists on this next interactive part. The goal is to make month profits because of your consistency. Repeat Cycles!

  • Research
  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • Make an appointment with a mentor in that field.
  • Visit the site, school, church, or a business with similar comp or price point set-up.
  • Go-Home Write Up Your Mental Plan for the month or add to lists of what's hindering you this month.
  • Send the Letter or Turn in the Business License Application or next business step for your brand: trademark, savings account, partnership, vendor, sponsorship - there's always a business task you should tackle every month!
  • Follow up with the mentor.
  • Get Involved or Raise Funds: Start Small - Sell on a Simple Bases.
  • Work on the goal, evaluate your goal, check in with your mentor.
  • Celebrate your wins and challenge your small victories until they become larger.
  • Calculate your monthly profit - repeat the cycle - their should be an email, a call, a link you send every week/every month! Repeat: REAL ESTATE AGENTS MAKE MONEY BECAUSE THEY REPEAT THEIR DAILY HABITS OF CALLING CLIENTS, NETWORKING, FOLLOW UP, ETC...