Technology Integration Implementation

Hi,  I will be your instructor for this training.   This training will take you through the process of integrating technology into your daily lesson plans.

Introduction to Technological Integration

What is technology integration.

Introduction:  Technology Integration

Technology integration is the use of technology tools in general content areas in education in order to allow students to apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving. Generally speaking, the curriculum drives the use of technology and not vice versa.

The Technology Integration Matrix and TIM TOOLs Introduction. 

Participates will view the video and then complete the quiz.  

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Changing eLearning dynamics in the enterprise to user-generated content

How many levels are in the TIM?

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  • 5

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Working Example

Let's have a look at the example. Imagine the situation that you have to sell a pen to the CEO of the 30 person startup.

What should or shouldn't you do to boost your sales?

  • Specialize in the products or services you offer
  • Don't show the lack of confidence
  • Ignore your customers' objections
  • Don't start the conversation first


Thanks for completing the course! I hope that my personal experience will help you enhance your sales techniques and gain more profit for our company!