UiPath : Image and Text Automation

UiPath : Image and Text Automation

This module is created for users to learn about Image and Text Automation using UiPath. It covers the major aspect of automating tasks that simulates Keyboard and Mouse activities such as clicking, typing, mouse hover, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Text Recognition and other activities that interacts with images to identify appropriate UI elements. 

This plays an important role when UI automation does not work in an environment such as Virtual Machine, Remote Desktop, Citrix Platform where in you cannot find UI Elements using UiPath traditional methods.  

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About Image and Text Automation

About Image Automation & Text Automation

LearnLinq is the first learning management system (LMS) in the Netherlands that enables you to go live within less than one month.

Created based on Google’s design principles, LearnLinq is a new type of LMS. It allows you to easily manage even the most complex processes yourself.

LearnLinq is innovative and interactive. It clearly instructs employees on what they need to do and when. It sends out automated notifications and provides easy-to-use dashboards to each role in the organisation.

LearnLinq video

Match the terms

  • LMS
    Learning Management System
  • Design
    Google Material

What does LMS stand for?

  • Learning material system
  • Learning management system
  • Learning management software

Mouse and Keyboard Activity

Importing an EasyGenerator course to LearnLinq

In Easygenerator, go to 'Publish' 

Once you've finished creating your course in EasyGenerator, you can import it to your LMS.

Logging into LearnLinq

LearnLinq Library

The LearnLinq Library is where you design and save all your courses before releasing them to your employees. 

LearnLinq teaching methods

  • Blended learning paths
  • Practical training sessions
  • Weblinks to videos and documents
  • SCORM (e-learning courses)
  • Sign-off with a supervisor 
  • LTI (SCORM Cloud) 

Starting e-learning with LearnLinq

Drag and drop the terms to their correct location in the picture

  • Navigation
  • Dashboard
  • Chat
  • My account

Example of Mouse and Key Board Activity

Course planning


The Planning section in LearnLinq is where administrators and trainers can easily schedule training times, events and other activities. 

Attendence List

Using the Attendance List in LearnLinq, tutors, trainers and administrators can keep a record of whether a trainee attends a mandatory training or event.

Compliance management

A transparent, user-friendly LMS for a capable, certified staff with documented skills

Employees often require qualifications and certifications, depending on their jobs and work locations. These are documented in (multi-year) training and enrichment paths that may be defined by (inter)national legal and regulatory frameworks.

The entire training and enrichment cycle within the organisation needs to be documented using standard processes and procedures.

LearnLinq is a first-rate tool that helps you analyse, organise, schedule, execute and evaluate the entire cyclical process.

Result tracking

The LearnLinq LMS Smart Dashboard

Managers have busy schedules. They hardly have time to review every employee certificate or education requirement set for their organisation. Reports are also time-consuming and outdated. The LearnLinq Smart Dashboard gives you an efficient, real-time overview of the progress, results and skills within your team.

What does the LearnLinq Attendance List do?

  • It allows administrators and trainers to easily schedule training times, events and other activities.
  • It enables tutors, trainers and administrators to keep a record of whether a trainee attends a mandatory training or event.

Which answer best describes the purpose of the LearnLinq Smart Dashboard?

  • It gives you a real-time overview of the progress, results and skills within your team.
  • It is the first step to creating a learning path.