WU Job Preview

WU Job Preview

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While the telegram is a distant memory, we continue our history of connecting people—both around the corner and around the globe—by providing fast, reliable, and convenient financial services.

Western Union has partnered with IBEX for more than 3 years now.

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What Will Be Your Responsibility?

How many calls per day may be received depending on skilling?

Number of calls per day may vary depending on LOB:


Money Transfer by Phone / MTBP - Assist the customer in generating the pin for sending and receiving money transfers thru cash at an agent  (Average Handle Time- 200 seconds)

Core - Assist the customer in status inquiry and change requests on a paid money transfer (Average Handle Time - 300 seconds)

Telephone Money Transfer / TMT - Assist the customer in sending money by calling 1800-CALL-CASH using their credit or debit card (Average Handle Time - 415 seconds)

  • MTBP
    80-100 calls
  • CORE
    60-80 calls
  • TMT
    50-60 calls

How Will IBEX Prepare Me For The Role?

Training Timeline

Week 1 - FST

Week 2&3 - MTBP

Week 4 - Core 

Week 5 - ABAY (OJT) 

Week 6 - TMT

Week 7 - ABAY (OJT)

Types of Assessments:


•Final Written Examination 

•Mock Call Certification

Support Ratio:

 –Trainer Ratio  1:20

 –Abay Support Ratio  1:5 

–Team Manager Ratio  1:15

How Do I Get Paid?

Sample Pay Slip

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