Compliance Training

Training topics for annual compliance

Techniques for Assisting the participant with Impaired Mobility

Working Effectively with Elderly Home Care Patients

Working Effectively with Home Care Patients who are Children

Working Effectively with Home Care Patients who are Physically Disabled

Working Effectively with Mentally Ill Home Care Patients

Processes and Effects of Aging

Aging well in the 21st Century: Strategic Directions for Research on Aging

Eldercare at Home: Problems of Daily Living

Death and Dying

Facing Death: How far would you go to sustain the life of someone you love, or your own?

A terrific look into end of life care and preparations

Recognizing and Reporting Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation

MOSafe - Missourians Stopping Adult Financial Exploitation

Website for Missouri Agency created to fight financial exploitation and a video that explains this growing crime

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of the Elderly and Disabled

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services introduction to the topic

Alzheimer's and Related Dementia

Alzheimer's Association

Information regarding: Risk Factors, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments, and Progression

AIDS Education

HIV/AIDS: The Basics

The Basics of HIV Prevention

HIV Treatment: The Basics

Home Management and Budgeting

How to Create and Manage a Budget

A guide on creating and following a budget 

Non-Medical Personal Care of the Incapacitated Participant

Advanced Directives and Patient Rights

Introduction to Advance Directives and how they impact potential care

42 CFR 489.102 - Requirements for providers

Legal Requirements for Providers of Patient Care in regards to Patient Rights and Advanced Directives

Meal Preparation for Special Diets

Food Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Home Care Patients

Complex Modified Diets