In this course you will learn how to use the time function in excel


Time Function

There are a number of ways to enter the current time in an Excel spreadsheet. Try this:

  • Click inside a blank cell on your spreadsheet
  • Click into the Formula Bar at the top
  • Type the following inbuilt function: = Now( )
  • Hit the enter key, and you'll get the current date and time. If you only want the time, you can format the cell to get rid of the date part:

  • Click on the cell that contains your Now() function
  • From the Excel menu bar, click on Home
  • Locate the Number panel, and you may see Time already set (it might say Custom in later versions of Excel):

Which action is not part of entering current time in excel?

  • Using Inbuilt time formula
  • Clicking In the formula bar
  • Clicking inside the cell
  • Clicking in the name box

What formula can you use to enter current time in excels formula bar?

  • =()now
  • =(now)
  • =now()
  • now()