Customer Service Skills

1. Basic Customer Service Concept
2. Total Service Commitment
4. SkytraxChecklist
5. Magic Words
6. Check-in Counter
7. Boarding Gate
8. Arrival Gate
9. Baggage Services
10. Handling Complaints and Difficult Passenger
11. Body Gesture
12. Share Session

Customer Service

Customer Service

Collective term of skills
Complete customer interaction
Meet our customers’ expectation in time
“ABC” Concept
-A: Attitude
-B: Business Knowledge
-C: Customer Oriented Service


What is People Concept

  • Contact
  • Analysis
  • Exceed
  • Customer Interaction

Our Business Values are:


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In the service industry, PEOPLE are always our greatest asset; both and  i.e. our staff & our passengers.

which statement advocates our People Concept?

  • Maintain an open communication frequently with our staff
  • “Closed culture” -receptive to feedbacks

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Passion to deliver 熱情待客
Extra to give 多走一步
Options to offer 提供選擇
Promise to fulfill 履行承諾
Lasting impression to create 難忘印象
Emotional quotient to serve 高度情商

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