Snippets: How to Create and Reuse Canned Responses through BombBomb's PowerWheel for Gmail

Do you find yourself frequently recreating the same communication in your Gmail email messages day in and day out?  Would you like to save time and become more efficient with your email sends?

The "Snippets" tool in BombBomb’s PowerWheel for Gmail allows you to create and reuse canned responses to communicate information that you find yourself recreating frequently in your Gmail email sends. 

Your days of typing the same email again and again are over, as are your days of recording the same video again and again.​​​​​​​

Before you begin this tutorial, please review the requirements below:

VIDEO TUTORIAL | How to Create and Reuse Snippets in Gmail


VIDEO | Part 1: How to Create a Snippet

Before you insert canned responses into your email, you have to create a Snippet. The video tutorial below will teach you how to create a snippet and save it to your library to reuse again and again!

VIDEO | Part 2: How to Add a Snippet to an Email

Once you've created a Snippet, you can add it to any email moving forward! The video tutorial below will teach you how to add a snippet to a new email in Gmail.

Below are additional options you have available within your Snippets library!

Favorite: Click the heart to Favorite a Snippet. Access your Favorites through the “All” folder dropdown at the top.

Control: Click the gear to edit a Snippet. Click the + plus circle to put it into any open Compose or Reply Window.

Create: Click the + plus file at the top to create a new Snippet.

Rearrange: Grab any Snippet by its file icon next to the title to drag it up or down to change its order in the library.

Search: Click the magnifying glass to search for Snippets.

STEP-BY-STEP | Written Instructions

Step-by-Step Written Instructions for Creating & Using Snippets

To view instructions, click the links below:

Part 1 | Creating a Snippet
Part 2 | Adding a Snippet to a New Email

Additional Links & Resources

Additional Links & Resources

Links & Resources

PowerWheel Walkthrough - How BombBomb Works Inside Gmail

How to add the BombBomb Extension for Gmail & Chrome (PowerWheel)

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BombBomb PowerWheel FAQ's


  • Google Chrome Browser - Click the link to learn how to install Google Chrome. Chrome is required to install the BombBomb Chrome Extension & PowerWheel for Gmail.
  • Gmail Email Account - Click the link to learn how to set-up a Gmail Account. To use the PowerWheel, you'll need a Gmail email Account.
  • BombBomb Chrome Extension for Gmail - Click the link for instructions on installing the BombBomb Chrome Extension for Gmail.

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