Level A1 - EXAM 1 - General Knowledge

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Multiple Choice with Single Answer (These sections are not visible to the learner.)

Supplementary conditions in a tender package:

  • Modify existing contract clauses.
  • Apply only to the General Contractor.
  • Can be read without reference to any other document
  • Are only to be reviewed when the job has been won

Liquidated damage clauses:

  • Protect the contractor from flood insurance.
  • Must be researched thoroughly to mitigate our risk at tender time.
  • Only apply to the Prime Contractor.
  • Have a maximum value of $1,000.00.

Pay when pay clauses:

  • Are always worded clearly in section 3.12 of a contract.
  • Are an acceptable revision to any contract.
  • Can be waived if the customer gives us a down payment before we start the work.
  • Must be negotiated away prior to the tender closing.

True or False

True or False Questions

  • Bonding costs are the same for all projects.
  • New customers should have a background check completed prior to receiving our bid.
  • The Estimating BPI site has instructions how to pursue a background check.
  • All estimates must be checked by another party prior to the price being submitted.
  • Material pricing is regularly updated by Head Office.

Open-ended (Short Answer) Questions

Your labour status report shows more hours worked than total estimated but with only 50% of the work accomplished. Please explain what you should do in this situation.

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What is your opinion of foremen assisting in the management of the projects?

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