Standards and legislation applying to heat pump installations

The renewable heating industry is governed by  several bodies, all with sets of guidelines and standards that exist in order to keep standards high, satisfy customer expectations, encourage fair and transparent trading and push for efficient, well designed systems.

There are lots of baffling acronyms, various measures of efficiency, and all in all it can be confusing, especially of you are not an MCS-Accredited installer, or you have limited experience of the industry.

At Kensa we do our best to keep things simple, understandable and fair. We want you to understand why these guidelines exist, so that you can continue to provide a solid, clear service to your clients too.

MCS and MIS 3005

What's MCS?

What's MIS 3005?

Why bother?

Requirements for MCS Umbrella Scheme

List of Requirements

Domestic RHI vs Non-Domestic RHI


Non Domestic

At a glance

Requirements to claim RHI

Claiming Domestic RHI

Claiming Non-Domestic RHI


What is SCOP?

Why air source has it easy

ERP and Eco-labelling

What is ERP?

Eco labelling - the installer's responsibilities


Tick what you think is needed

Match the definition...

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
ERP is:
Show the efficiency of a heat pump at a set flow temperature
MIS 3005 is:
The installer standards that MCS Approved installers must comply by
MCS is:
A new rule that means heat pumps have to be labelled to show their efficieny
SCOP can..
a very simple way of illustrating a heat pump's efficiency
COP shows
A Governemt scheme overseeing all renewable products