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We believe that the personal development of our employees is one of the most important things in our company. As part of our commitment to your development, we’ve created an E-learning program. By completing this course you will get to know the company. In this course we will focus on:

The benefit of this E-learning is that you will be up and running in no time so you can focus on the job at hand.

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The Virtuagym Team



Learn about the history of Virtuagym

Introduction, how it all started

Let's start with a brief introduction of our company:


Digifit was founded in 2008 by the brothers Paul and Hugo Braam. As a lot of tech companies, they started out small, in an attic with a great idea.  They both had good jobs but decided to quit them and become entrepreneurs.

In the beginning, they were not focused on a software solution as we know it today. They started out with a device which you could wear on your waist. The device had two wrist bands attached with elastic strings on it so it could measure your activity, repetitions, speed and range of motion. All this data was then sent to an online account on their software platform. At that time, it was a great idea and very innovative. They even found a potential investor who was willing to help them produce and launch the product.



Unfortunately for Hugo and Paul, a competitor had just released its product and it was far more developed than what they had created. Without elastic strings attached, Microsoft had developed the Xbox Kinect.

Paul and Hugo saw that the Kinect was far better than what they had, so they decided to throw away the product and continue with the online platform. Of course, they still needed the funding of the investor, so they pitched the new idea to him with the hope that he would still be interested. But no, that could not be further from the truth. The investor took his suitcase of money and ran away. His last words were: ''An online platform?? That's never gonna work!!''

So there they were; no product, no money and no jobs. Still, they decided to continue and further develop the online platform where consumers could track their fitness and share it with friends.

Did Hugo and Paul start with a software or hardware product?

Ok, let's give a short summary:

  • They created a product to track activity.
  • It came with an online platform to store the data.
  • Microsoft Kinect was released.
  • Hugo and Paul gave up the hardware and continued with software.
  • The investor walked away.


  • Software
  • Hardware

Virtuagym Fitness released for iOS

In 2012, Virtuagym released the app for iPhone.

Check out this video :-) We rock!!


Virtuagym investment, fill in the blanks

After 5 more years of development, the company had developed a great online program to track fitness and nutrition for consumers all over the world. At this stage, they had about 2.5 million users worldwide. They had already received an investment in the beginning, but now they received a second investment. This would not only help them further develop the product, but also help them to switch focus from a consumer solution towards a white label solution for professionals.

Click here to read an article about this investment. After reading, please fill in the blanks.

Virtuagym received its first investment in  and its second 5 years later in by a Dutch company called They are a Dutch a media company who is best known for their magazines like Playboy / Linda / Margriet and their news website The company was shifting their focus from printed media to online media and therefore, saw Virtuagym as an interesting investment.


They have a minority interest in Virtuagym and we will share client data with them.

B2B & B2C, True or False

Since Virtuagym was becoming more and more popular with consumers worldwide, we received a lot of questions from health professionals for a solution where they would be able to coach their clients with Virtuagym. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible yet. Thanks to the investment of Sanoma, Digifit was now able to grow and develop this business to business (B2B) solution rapidly. Instead of calling it Virtuagym, we decided to call this new product YourLifestyle.

With the help of a select group of health professionals (like fitness clubs and personal trainers), we improved this system to a solution which they could now use to train their clients.

We noticed that the name YourLifestyle caused a lot of confusion. People did not understand the difference between Virtuagym (B2C) and YourLifestyle (B2B). The products were so much alike, but still had different names. So, we changed our name from YourLifestyle to 'Virtuagym Professional' for the B2B aspect.

But quickly we noticed that we were not there yet. So, we added features like a branded club environment, a better coaching system, branded apps and a schedule for class booking.

We had a lot of interesting potential clients, but the challenge was that they wanted us to integrate with their membership management systems. Because an integration is very expensive (to upkeep) and because there are too many potential partners to integrate with, we decided not to build any integrations. Instead of making integrations, we started creating our own membership management system because we believed that we could do it much better than the rest!


After years of development, we are now at a stage where we can offer clients a true all in one solution with both coaching and membership management tools!


  • We developed Virtuagym Professional with the help of a select group of health professionals.
  • We built a membership management system to be able to offer a true complete solution for professionals.
  • First, we built our membership management system and after that, we integrated our coaching solution.
  • Virtuagym for professionals was first called YourLifestyle.
  • We renamed YourLifestyle to Virtuagym Professional because the name caused confusion.
  • We decided not to build integrations because an integration is very expensive (to upkeep) and because there are too many potential partners to integrate with.

Give chronologically

As mentioned, Paul and Hugo started out together at Paul's Place to keep the cost to a minimum and to be able to develop the product.

After receiving the first investment in 2008, they were able to move the company to a new office near Amsterdam Central called Pakhuis de Zwijger. Within Pakhuis de Zwijger, they had a desk in a shared office space on the fifth floor.

It didn't take long before more people joined Virtuagym and we needed a bigger office space. We moved to the third floor and shared it with another company called Moop. But that also didn't last very long and we had to move again to an even bigger space. So, we moved to the second floor which was completely for ourselves. It was great. :)

But then, the sales department expanded and got very noisy. They called prospects non-stop, gave screen share demos of the system and made the same awful jokes over and over and over... The rest of the company lost their mind. It was too much, so we really needed to move again.

Fortunately for everyone, Paul and Hugo found a great new location in the center of Amsterdam at the Herengracht 250. A great office with multiple floors (separate for sales and development) so everyone could work to their full potential.

Thanks to this new office and all our new colleagues we can continue to improve our product and keep on ruling the world!

  • Paul and Hugo started at Paul's Place.
  • We moved to Pakhuis de Zwijger and got a desk in a shared office space.
  • We moved to the third floor of Pakhuis de Zwijger and shared the office with Moop.
  • We moved to the second floor of Pakhuis de Zwijger and had our own floor.
  • Sales became too noisy and annoying to be able to work together with development in the same office space.
  • We moved to the Herengracht 250 (translate: Gentlemen's canal) in Amsterdam with 3 separate floors.
  • We continue to improve our product and company and we keep on ruling the world!

Fill in the blanks about the latest investment

Since the investment by Sanoma in 2013, Virtuagym has grown with an enormous speed. As you know, we shifted focus from a B2C to a B2B focused organization. This meant that we had to expand our marketing efforts, hired a sales team, a support team and actively started selling Virtuagym all over the world. From the beginning of 2013 up to the end of 2015 we have grown rapidly: 

  • From 5 employees up to 60+ employees and 30+ job openings
  • From 10 business clients to 2000+ business clients
  • From 2.5 to 7 million consumers

Thanks to this great success Paul, Hugo and Joeri were able to land a third investment in 2015! A process which took more than 7 months of outreach, negotiations, diligence and finally, closing the deal!

October 27, 2015, we officially announced that Virtuagym Raised €2.1M!!!

Great news that was published by the one and only TechCrunch. For those of you who don't know TechCrunch: TechCrunch is an online publisher of technology industry news. It primarily covers businesses ranging from start-ups to established firms. They are the highest-read technology startup news source on the Web, with over 35 million readers per month.

Thanks to TechCrunch this news was published on more than 200 news sites. Some of them include:

With this investment, we were again able to focus on improving our product even more, growing our marketing efforts, and expanding the sales and support teams in the hopes of becoming the #1 software provider in the world!

In , Virtuagym raised a 2.1 Million Euro investment by investment company . In the article on TechCrunch, Hugo explains that what sets us apart. What sets us apart is  

Medellín office


In 2014, we started to focus on expanding our share of the North American market. It began in true startup fashion. At first, the US office consisted of one person (Kalen) moving to California and working from home as well as Starbucks and other cafes to help with his loneliness.

Even though the North American customer base was steadily growing during this time, an army of one was hardly anything to brag about.

After a meeting in Bogota with potential client Bodytec, the owner suggested looking at Medellín as a new location. Why?

First of all:

  • It has a better time zone compared to Los Angeles

  • Global leader for innovative companies 

  • A lot of North American tourists visit Medellin

  • It is easier to find employees for both the North and South American market

But not only that. At Virtuagym, we believe that quality of life is very important! After doing some extra research, we discovered that Medellín was the perfect location for our new office. Medellín has gone through a remarkable transformation in the past decade and a half, becoming a microcosm of innovation and a hot spot for business investment. In 2013, it even was proclaimed by Citi, the Urban Institute and The Wall Street Journal as the most "Innovative City of the Year!" Medellín has shown no signs of slowing down. 

Ruta N Office

After searching all over the Medellín area, in March 2016, we moved and opened our new office in Ruta N, also known as the Silicon Valley of Colombia. 

At the moment, we have a growing team of 35+ employees working there in the Client Success, Sales, Business Intelligence and Human Resources Departments.

We opened a new office in  in (city) in . Within a year, the team in Colombia has grown to more than  employees working in the departments. Medellín was the perfect location because of  

Where are we now?

Where are we now? 

Around the same time that we opened the Medellín office, we also expanded our office in Amsterdam by taking over the whole building. With over 4,000 clients worldwide25,000 personal trainers8 million end-users, availability in 12 languages and over 130 staff in two offices in Europe and America, we are proud to say that Virtuagym is a leading player in the fitness technology space. 

Awesome fact:

Within 2 years, we doubled our number of customers. Together the teams in Amsterdam and Medellín cover more than 18 hours of service per day to clients. 

Mark the correct answer.

  • Our Amsterdam office is located in the city center of Amsterdam at the Herengracht 250. Our software is available in more than 12 languages and is being used by over 20,000 personal trainers. Currently, we have more than 8 million end users and our next goal is to reach 10 million.
  • Our Amsterdam office is located in the city center of Amsterdam at the Herengracht 250. Our software is available in more than 12 languages and is being used by over 25,000 personal trainers. Currently, we have more than 8 million end users and our next goal is to reach 10 million.

NEO Health

As a software company, we integrate and connect with other players. One of our most important connections is with NEO Health.

NEO Health sells hardware that integrates with the Virtuagym software. This means that all stats and results from users are saved in one app; a user doesn’t need to download a separate one. This is interesting for consumers, but also for B2B users. When a gym uses the Virtuagym online coaching software, the data measured with NEO Health products can be synchronized directly with the Virtuagym coach module. For example, coaches have access to metrics from their customers directly and can give them instant feedback when needed.

Partnership with Virtuagym

To clients, we communicate that Virtuagym and NEO Health work as partners together. The standard answer on how Virtuagym and NEO Health correlate is:

"We have made a seamless integration with NEO Health products within Virtuagym to offer the best client experience. This way your client data stays safe within Virtuagym and thus with you, unlike some other wearable providers who will register your clients and may approach them directly with commerical offers."

However, in case they ask more about the origin, etc. the answer is:

"NEO Health is an initiative within the Virtuagym Incubator, a division in which innovative ideas and companies get the chance to develop successfully."

NEO Health Products

The current collection contains: 

  1. NEO Health One (simple activity tracker)

  2. NEO Health Onyx (smart body scale)

  3. NEO Health GO (activity tracker with heart rate functionality)

  4. NEO Health Pulse (heart rate band)

  5. NEO Health Station (2m touchscreen)

Why NEO Health?

Next to the seamless integration and the ease of use for coaches and clubs, NEO Health offers the possibility for gyms and personal trainers to gain extra revenue, by reselling the products. Professional clients receive a high discount when ordering large amounts and can, therefore, resell it to their clients.

NEO Health Video

To gain a better understanding of NEO Health, check out the video. Also, take a look at the website to see the complete range of NEO Health products.

NEO Health website

Match the right product names with the right images.

  • Onyx
  • One
  • Go
  • Pulse
  • Station

Get to know our different clients


As you know by now, Virtuagym started out as a consumer focused solution. Consumers all over the world are able to create a (basic) account on our website and apps for free and then upgrade to a PRO membership for a fee per month (a freemium model).

Here is a screen shot of the two different pro options:

Assignment: Create an account on and explore the option to become PRO (or become PRO if you want to sponsor the company a little bit ;-)   ).

A PRO membership gives you more options within the system - the ability to track nutrition, create training plans and track full progress. To see all the differences between a PRO and basic account, click here.

Currently, we have approximately 8.000.000 users. Besides our consumer users, we also have professional clients who can use Virtuagym Professional for their businesses. From there, we can divide our customers into five categories.

  1. Fitness Clubs
  2. Personal Trainers
  3. Physical Therapists
  4. Online Coaching
  5. Corporate Health

All these clients pay us a monthly fee to be able to use the system for their members. All the profits that they earn by selling PRO memberships are for themselves. At this stage, we have over 4000! business clients. Let's have a look at some of our larger clients.


Team 360

Team 360 is a franchise concept in New Zealand for Personal Trainers. They sell Virtuagym's All-in-One solution along with their personal training concept.

Team 360 is owned by Doug Hatten, COO of New Zealand's largest gym chain City Fitness. They are our third biggest client in terms of revenue and currently have over 200 portals for personal trainers.

Each month Team 360 refers about 10 to 20 new trainers to us who will use Virtuagym as a complete Coaching and Management software. Soon they will switch to the name OVOLV, with which they have expansion plans into the US, aiming not only to sell to trainers but also to studios. 

Our Superclub solution is perfect for Team 360. The Superclub is a central management solution that links multiple sub-portals to a Superclub. With this system, Team 360 is able to manage and monitor all portals, styling, stats and personnel from one account. They can create, share and update training content and centralize communication.








At this stage, Team 360 is a very important client for us. Not only because of the monthly revenue and their 200+ personal trainers, but also because of all the connections that they can introduce to us.

Team 360 is a franchise concept in for personal trainers. They sell Virtuagym's All-in-One solution along with their personal training concept.

Team 360 is owned by , COO of New Zealand's largest gym chain City Fitness. Each month Team 360 refers about new personal trainers to us. Soon Team 360 will relaunch under the name with 1 goal in mind: to expand operations into the US and start selling not only to trainers but also to .

Lijfstijl Coaches

Lijfstijl Coaches is a network for personal trainers where they can collaborate with other personal trainers. Lijfstijl provides tools for marketing, sales, coaching software, support and more for their trainers.


Within the Lijfstijl concept, a license of 50 EU is provided for the trainers for the use of Virtuagym.

The owner of Lijfstijl is Rob Trousselot. Rob has an extensive history as a personal trainer and used to work for Health Software (a software company from Holland specialized in training software). Currently, Rob works for Virtuagym as our Product Manager.

At the moment, Lijfstijl has more than 100 locations and over 250 trainers using Virtuagym. Lijfstijl spreads massive content using their Superclub; 200+ challenges, 9 education groups, 4 weekly changing classes and workout formulas, a recipe of the week, meal plans, marketing banners and more.


In 2014, Lijfstijl Coaches partnered up with Virtuagym. Lijfstijl Coaches was founded by Rob  as a network for .  With more than  trainers, Lijfstijl is a very important partner for us.

Basic Fit & Healthcity

In 2014, the Dutch budget fitness chain, Basic Fit, and the high-end gym chain, HealthCity, joined Virtuagym with their 420 clubs. They signed a 3-year contract for all their clubs which recently has been renewed. Basic Fit is the largest gym chain in Europe with gyms in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Holland.

Read this blog post about it.


Rene Moos, the owner of Basic Fit, chose Virtuagym, after an extensive international research, as the best coaching solution for their clubs. Rene is not only the owner of Basic Fit but also the owner of the premium clubs of HealthCity.Within their budget clubs, Basic Fit uses Virtuagym as a self-management system for their members. Clients can download the app, log in and upgrade to a PRO membership for more functionality.

Rene Moos gave a speech during the IHRSA event where he talked about the success of Basic Fit and about the app, "First we tried to do it ourselves. We failed miserably. Now we are happy to work with a worldwide leading player in the market: Virtuagym."

Due to the enormous success, at the beginning of this year, Basic Fit decided to renew their contract with Virtuagym!

Basic Fit is the largest gym chain in Europe. With their (how many) clubs, they dominate a large part of the European fitness industry. They also own high-end fitness clubs called 

For all our other clients it is a great benefit that Basic Fit chose to work with Virtuagym. Because of their year commitment, we were able to grow as a business and make our system even better than it already is!


About fit20

fit20 is a franchise organization offering an "innovative way of fitness that suits both peoples ancient DNA as well as today's modern busy life." They call it primal health in modern times. The founder of fit20 is Walter Vendel.

The concept

The workouts are a weekly 20 minute, guided High-Intensity workout in a cooled training environment. One of the main advantages is the fact that the client works out with a personal trainer who guides the client safely through this very intense training. The trainer knows exactly how long each person has to keep up the intensity to get the best result with only one training per week. Each studio works with multiple personal trainers and clients train by appointment so they don't have to wait.

The first studio opened in 2009 in Zwolle. Currently, fit20 has over 90 studios in the Netherlands, five studios in Belgium, one studio in the UK and one studio in Qatar. They are on the way to having 100 studios in the Netherlands very soon - a reasonable goal with new studios opening every month!

Furthermore, fit20 is looking at expanding in the USA.

Make sure to check their website to learn more about them: fit20 website.

fit20 and Virtuagym

After doing extensive research and comparing Virtuagym to Mindbody, fit20 chose Virtuagym because of the international character and our ambition to think along with our clients. We develop our software based on feedback and feature requests that are of importance to our clients. During meetings with the fit20 team, it became clear that a few new functionalities were needed for fit20 in order to use Virtuagym's Membership Management software. We developed Family Memberships, Pro Forma Invoices and created new features in our current schedule. In addition to the Membership Management software, fit20 also uses the scheduling tool for booking appointments. They will soon launch the Mobile App which will allow members to schedule their own fit20 sessions. 

fit20 is a location franchise concept that uses our  package. The first studio opened in in . A workout takes place in a degree training space with a personal trainer. The goal of fit20 is to launch the concept in other countries than the Netherlands and  and to soon have more than 100 studios in the Netherlands. 


Train more, pay less

TrainMore is a Dutch nationwide sports club with nine location across the Netherlands. With their unique concept, their mission is to make people healthier. 

When Marjolijn Meijer and Han Doorenbosch founded TrainMore in 2009, they believed that it doesn’t make sense that you always pay more for the things that are good for you in life. With that in mind, they created a membership system where every training is rewarded with 1 Euro discount.

Both Virtuagym and TrainMore share the same vision: to use innovation to motivate people and to support them to live a healthier life. 

TrainMore uses the Virtuagym Coaches and Apps software for multiple goals:

  • To optimize client communication
  • To train clients in an efficient way
  • To schedule appointments and track activities directly in the mobile app.

TrainMore PRO App

Within their unique concept, TrainMore works with multiple membership upgrades. One of their upgrades is the PRO App. With this upgrade, members get access to handy tools for measuring muscle mass, training schedules and nutritional advice. 

Nice to know: especially for TrainMore, we developed the discount tracker so that clients can easily check how much of a discount they have earned by working out and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

What is correct about the partnership between Virtuagym and TrainMore? Mark all the correct answers.

  • Virtuagym developed a Discount Tracker especially for TrainMore.
  • TrainMore was founded in 2009 by Han Meijer and Marjolijn Doorenbosch.
  • Members get rewarded with €1 discount per training.
  • TrainMore currently has nine locations in the Netherlands.
  • Because of the PRO app, TrainMore members can create their own training plans and lift their workouts to a higher level.



Xercise4Less is a leading UK budget gym chain offering huge facilities at low membership prices. Their clubs have up to 400 pieces of the most up-to-date equipment, and over 40 classes per week which are included in the membership price. Xercise4Less has a number of different membership packages to suit every budget. They are known as "The People's Gym" as they’re committed to providing the best facilities to everyone at the lowest possible price. Currently, they have more than 40 locations with an average of 10.000+ members per location.

With their mission to better serve their member base, Xercise4Less was looking for a comprehensive software solution. At the end of 2016, they chose Virtuagym to offer its members an All-in-One solution for exercise and nutrition coaching, to support their staff with our membership management solutions, scheduling and access control.

The App was made available to all members in all locations and the use of the platform has been a huge success. The Club Community, for example, is constantly being used by the personal trainers to create interaction with clients, give updates and motivate people. The response rate of members is extremely high.

With regards to activating new members, Xercise4Less strives for a 100% activation rate. In order to achieve this, clients have to fill out a mandatory Par-Q form. The check-in software will give a warning when the Par-Q form hasn't been filled out. This way, management can make sure the rules for guiding new members are standardized.

The CEO of Xercise4Less is Jon Wright (left). Here's what he said about us after launching, “Virtuagym was easily the most complete and best solution on the market. With Virtuagym, we can offer an engaging mobile exercise and nutrition service to our members, as well as a seamless user experience. The solution is perfectly customizable to our business model: automated coaching for members, combined with an upsell opportunity of all-digital products or personal training."

The fingerprint check-in software was custom built for Xercise4Less. Furthermore, they are looking into expanding their software with Virtuagym’s  Online Shop.

An integration with Harlands (a billing solution in the UK) was built as well. Recently, Xercise4Less has also started with selling their new PT memberships via Virtuagym. This has been a big step for Virtuagym to test their membership management solution in combination with a big chain. 

  • Xercise4Less is known as "The People's Gym" as they’re committed to providing the best facilities to everyone at the lowest possible price.
  • The CEO of Xercise4Less is Jon Wright.
  • Currently they have more than 50 locations.
  • Xercise4Less started using Virtuagym in 2015.
  • One of the functionalities that Xercise4Less really benefits from is the mandatory Par-Q form that members have to fill out during activation.

Drag and drop our clients to the right logo

Ok, so lets summarize our clients:

We have two types of clients, our B2B and B2C clients. We started out as a B2C solution, but are now more focused on our B2B clients.

We can divide our B2B clients into five segments:

  • Gyms
  • Personal Trainers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Online Coaching
  • Corporate Health Companies

Our largest clients at this moment are:

  1. Basic Fit and HealthCity
  2. TrainMore
  3. Team 360
  4. Xercise4Less
  5. Lijfstijl Coaches
  6. Fit20


  • Jon Wright
  • Han Doorenbosch
  • Rob Trousselot
  • Rene Moos
  • Walter Vendel
  • Marjolijn Meijer

Learn our company Values and general rules


Within this section, we will focus on:

  • Our Company Values
  • Employee Values

Things we value

We believe that the commitment of every employee is very important for the success of our company and the amount of fun you have when going to work. These are some of the things we value in our employees and which we hope to see from all of you.


  • The attitude to make Virtuagym the best product in the world. 

We think we rock! We all think that Virtuagym already is a great product and that it has the potential to be the best and most complete software solution in this world! We expect every employee to have the same attitude.


  • An overall positive attitude

We love to go to work. Your attitude is contagious for everyone around you. So let's make it a good one! It never hurts to wish your colleagues a good morning when you enter the office.


  • Vrijmibo (Beer Time)

We love our Friday afternoon drinks! Starting at 17.30 every Friday, we close the week with our colleagues and celebrate our successes.


  • Structure

Make sure you have structure in your work. Whether this is as a developer, in marketing or in sales. Make sure to structure your work so you can work as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.


  • Strategy / Innovation

We appreciate it if you are open-minded with new innovations within our company. Good ideas are valued and contribute to the further growth of our company.


  • Optimisation

Always think about how we can optimise our work process and save time. What processes can be improved so it saves us a click, a call or another action? Don't hesitate to let your colleagues know if you have any thoughts on this.


  • Initiative / Proactiveness

Never wait until someone comes to you to take action. You are the master of your own development and responsible for your own work. Ask for help if you need it.


  • Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is import in our line of work. When writing a line of code, one error can mess up a system for millions of users. Check your email twice before sending it out to avoid typing errors in your email to an important customer etc. 

  • Contribution General Interest (apart from your own KPI's)

As an employee, you are obviously judged by the results for which you are hired in the first place. Nonetheless, we hold great value to people who help us improve the company outside of their own KPI's.


  • Personal Development

We believe that every employee should have the opportunity for personal development. What do you do to develop yourself? Do you read books, look on the Internet for related articles or study YouTube webinars? What can we do for you to help you develop?

  • Extra Hours (WODO Mentality)

Although we never demand you to work more than 8 hours a day, each hour extra at the office, to help Virtuagym grow to the Number #1 solution in the world, is always appreciated and will be noticed!

  • Non-Work Related Contributions 

We love non-work related contributions from our staff. Ideas for corporate events, birthday parties, housewarmings etc. Let's share some examples of the fun things we have done so far!

  1. Costume Parties
  2. Paintballing
  3. Eating Tapas
  4. Swimming Pool Parties
  5. Going to the Cinema
  6. Housewarmings
  7. Boat Trips

  • We encourage our employees to organize non work related activities.
  • We believe we offer the best product in the world.
  • We don't appreciate it if you think along with new innovations within our company.
  • We appreciate and expect an overall positive attitude.

What is #WODO?

What is true about WODO?

What is WODO?


WODO is short for World Domination, but its more than that. WODO is about what we believe in and what we want to achieve. As told earlier, we think we rock! We believe that Virtuagym is already a great product and that it has the potential to be the best and most complete software solution in this world!

Our goal is to become the Number #1 software provider in the health and fitness industry! This means we can't ever stop moving forward. We have to keep improving our product every day!



There is also a WODO song, which we sing at every tradeshow and special event. Be sure you know the lyrics before the end of your first week.


  • WODO is short for World Domination.
  • WODO is all about a positive mindset.
  • We aim to become the best and biggest software solution in the health and fitness industry.
  • To be the best we can to improve Virtuagym every day!