Print Advertising: Design Best Practices

Welcome to Print Advertising:  Design Best Practices!

One of our marketing team's goals for this year is to increase the ROI from our campaigns.  In order to do that, we need to drive increased response rates across media.  Print ads play a large role in many of our global campaigns. In this course you will learn how to apply design techniques that will maximize the response generation from WidgetCo print ads, helping us to drive response rates and meet our marketing ROI goal.  

State four objectives of marketing design

Communication team mission

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What is marketing design?

Marketing design is graphically effective design, based on tested and approved methods for generating response, which is used in the development of marketing communications.

  • Emphasizes response generation first, aesthetics second
  • Quickly conveys to our reader our offer, its value, and key differentiators
  • Succeeds through vigorous testing for performance and effectiveness

Objectives of marketing design

  • Select cost effective options that emphasize
  • Put your answer option here
Select three statements below that represent WidgetCo objectives of marketing design

Identify how print advertising supports marketing objectives

Marketing design objectives

  1. Generate response
  2. Identify new projects
  3. Increase brand preference and loyalty