Craggs Energy Domestic Sales Process

This short course will take you through the key steps of the Craggs Energy process.  Please take the time to carefully read each step, there are some questions for you at the end.

The estimated time it takes to complete this course is: 7 minutes

This course is equal to: 2 Craggs Credits

OBJECTIVE: To understand the Craggs Energy domestic up-sell process

Establish the price

Agree a price with the customer using Antha based on the required delivery window.

Up-sell volume


Explain the benefits of increasing the volume to the customer

  • Lower pence per litre
  • Fewer deliveries to oversee
  • Fill tank whilst prices are low

Up-selling additive

Explain the benefits of upgrading to an additive

  • Reduction of maintenance issues
  • Improvement of the system efficiency
  • Decrease of carbon and sludge build up

Rangeklene is the name of our additive for AGA's and Ranges

Keroklene is the name of our additive for boilers

Up-sell a Tank Sponge

Explain the need and benefits for a Tank Sponge

Condensation on the inside of the tank forms and water falls into the fuel and sinks to the bottom of the tank causing a build up of water that can get into your heating system or reduce the quality of the fuel;

  • Soaks up water from the base of the tank and suspended in the fuel
  • Prevents harmful sludge forming
  • Provides on-going protection against future build up of water


Important things to remember

Help yourself: Obtain a mobile number and email address to increase chance of future contact.

Help the driver: Ensure delivery instructions are comprehensive.

Set expectations: Inform the customer that a member of the customer experience team will contact them.

Always think about the next order: Establish how long the fuel will last and set a call back in advance of that date.


A customer is advised to increase volume because the they pay will reduce and they will have to oversee fewer deliveries if their tank is full.

(HINT: your answer must be in lower case)

The product Keroklene is used if the customer has a...

  • A Boiler
  • An Aga or Range
  • A Generator
  • Gas Oil Tank

Describe three benefits of a tank sponge

Why is it important to collect an email address and mobile number?

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