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So you are doing 24-7... Intro

What is ESC?

European Student Convention (ESC) is an annual event for students who follow the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a large variety of events including:

  • Music
  • Speech
  • Drama
  • Sports
  • Art & Design
  • Photography
  • Needle/Thread
  • Athletics

The highlight of each day is the evening rally, where students are awarded their hard earned medals and hear the Word of God preached.

The Convention allows students to discover and develop their God-given gifts. It is a time of fellowship with students, teachers and parents from around Europe, and a time of encouragement and inspiration at the rallies. The European Student Convention is an event not to be missed! This convention is for young people 12 years of age and older.

I am sure most of you have probably participated at ESC before, but it is good to read what it is that students are expecting from their experience. The theme this year is 'No Other Name', and therefore we want to ensure we spend the whole week pointing the students to the name of Jesus.

24-7 Role & Purpose

So you might be wondering what your purpose is at ESC or this may be the 10th time you have done 24-7 and therefore are currently quite frustrated at having to complete this training. We can never remind ourselves too many times the importance of serving however, so please keep reading...

24-7 exist at ESC for the purpose of giving graduates the opportunity to continue coming, as well as to ensure the smooth running of ESC. We do many different jobs from cleaning the rally floor to handing out medals to the participants. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how experienced we are, we must always be happy to do any job that needs doing. Psalm 100:2 says, 'Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.' 

ESC would struggle to run without the work of the 24-7 so thank you for being willing to serve. The staff at CEE really do appreciate all that you do and even when it may seem that no one recognises the effort you are putting in, God sees and will reward our servant hearts if we work with the right attitude. 'Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.' Colossians 3:23 We work as a team so please do encourage everyone on the team and include all. We don't know what a person may be going through in their life so we need to ensure we work together and for God's glory and not our own. 

Students put in so much effort to practising their events and therefore we need to ensure we stay professional, encouraging and friendly throughout the week as we are representing God first and foremost, as well as CEE, our ex-school/homeschool and ourselves.

What is the theme for ESC 2017?

  • Being the Change
  • Making a Difference
  • No Other Name
  • Don't Go There

Complete Psalm 100:2

 the Lord with ; Come before His presence with singing.

Who are we representing as 24-7?

Tick all that apply!

  • CEE
  • England
  • God
  • The Queen
  • Ace & Christi

Life of a 24-7er

The Life of a 24-7er

So what does a day in the life of a 24-7er look like? Below is a rough guideline of the timings for each day.


You will get a Daily Roster that looks similar to the below photo. This will give you exactly which roles you will be completing in the morning and the afternoon, as well as showing you what everyone else is doing, should you need to know. 

It is essential that you stick to this roster! If for any reason you should need to change what you are doing, you need to go to your 24-7 Coordinator. ie. Nathan or Becky Field and pass it through them. If at any point you are unsure of what you are required to do, please do ask. That is what Nathan and Becky are there for!

What do you need to ensure you look over and stick to at ESC?

  • Your Roster
  • Meal Times
  • Drinks Breaks

What are you responsible for?

Tick all that apply!

  • Being on time to your event
  • Setting up, owning and finishing up with your event
  • Being where you are meant to be at all times
  • Having fun
  • Your attitude
  • Students getting placed where they want in their event
  • Helping schools/homeschools with their events

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Below are a list of the main job roles you might be designated and a brief description of what they involve. Please do make sure you are aware of the different roles as this will really help you when you do get your roster.
Job Role Description

Academic assistants

Your role is to turn up to the event in plenty of time and be willing to help out where required. The coordinator of the event should be able to tell you your specific role. 
Bridget's PA You will be assisting Bridget Boulton with checking venues, running things from one place to another when needed (ie to master control). Would also be great if you can make sure Bridget has cups of tea given to her when she would like them :) 
Drinks for venues Take tea, coffee and biscuits to all the venues and offer to all judges/assistants around 10am & 2pm.
Exhibit Assistants Cover the administration jobs in the art room, doing what the judges need you to do. As Millfield students have a tendancy to come in and mess up the room, we need the morning exhibit assistants to stay in the room until the middle of lunch. The afternoon exhibit assistants then need to come and take over so the morning assistants can go to lunch. Please make sure this happens otherwise someone is going to be stuck in the exhibit room without lunch!!
Meal Time Checks

At Lunch & Dinner, Millfield require us to put two people at the top of the stairs to check that every ESC member has paid to have food. To do this, we just need to check that everyone who is coming into the dinner hall from ESC has a passport. You will also need to manage the flow of people being allowed through to the dinner halls and direct people to the different counters depending on where there is space.

You have been put into pairs to do this, and either designated to be on the job for the 1st half or 2nd half of the mealtime. Please make sure if you are on 2nd half that you get to dinner on time so you are finished and can take over from the pair on the 1st half and they can then get their dinner.

Music & Platform Assistant You sit on the end of the table and do the following tasks: First, take the judges forms from the student and distribute them to the judges. You might pray with the student depending on if the judges want you to. You will then time the length of the performance, write that time down and then receive the scores from the judges. You enter these scores onto the event result form and work out the average score (the three judges scores added together divided by 3). It is helpful to write on a sticky note the name of the student and the average score for the judges information. Dont forget to give the student's passport back at the end.
Sports Coordinators You are in charge of coordinating the event. Before the event you need to make sure the equipment is set up and ready at the event along with the draw sheets and rules. You need to make sure that all the officials know what they are doing and understand their role. During the event, you need to make sure everyone knows who is playing who, that the next player/team is ready to play, and that they have the correct officials for the game. You are also the person responsible for ensuring that the players are in dress code and talking to them or their sponsor in the appropriate manner if they need to change.  At the end of the event you need to ensure the draw sheets are completed everything is returned to master control. 
Sports Assistants Helping with the sports either timing, reffing/umpiring, line judging. You are a team with the other sports assistants and coordinator to ensure the whole event runs smoothly. 




Match these job descriptions!

Drag & Drop the description to the correct job!

  • Sports Coordinators
    Has to pick up the equipment and draw sheets before going to the event in plenty of time to set up and prep the rest of the team.
  • Music Assistant
    Must know how to work out an average.
  • Meal Time Checks
    If you don't keep to these, your pair will get very hungry and won't be very happy with you.
  • Bridget's PA
    Don't forget to make her lots of cups of tea - make sure Dawn, and the other staff are also topped up with goodies.
  • Drinks
    If you miss anyone out, you will hear about it from the judges and over the whatsapp group. They will be very thirsty and believe you me, they can get grumpy.
  • Academic Assistants
    Might not sound thrilling but is still an essential role. Watch out for those checkmates.
  • Sports Assistants
    You must ensure that as a team, you own the event and work smoothly together to ensure that everything runs well. You need to have read up a little on the rules of the event too.

Rally & O16 Tasks

The highlight of each day of ESC is the rally, and the 24-7 team play a vital role in its smooth running. This section gives you an overview of what you'll be doing.

The Rally

With all the excitement of running events, it can be easy to forget that the most important part of every day at ESC is the rally. There are some jobs you might be asked to do during the rally, and there are other responsibilities you must take seriously for all of the rally.

Assigned Jobs

Dress Check

Most formal events have some sort of defined dress codes, it's not just ESC! You need to be familiar with the dress code for ESC, and just remember to be gentle and discerning when politely requesting that someone puts on a tie!

Stage Hand

One of the aims of the rally is to keep people's minds focussed on what is being presented, so getting the medal table, props, moving mics etc. seamlessly is really important! Make sure you review the cue sheet carefully to know when items need to be moved on or off stage.


Whether you are part of the worship band or not, ESC is a great place to worship! If you are part of the team on the night, make sure you're well rehearsed and have attended all the practices you can, but come with a mind ready to worship God, not to perform!


In 2016, we reintroduced cameras and live streamed all of the rallies! If you're asked to man a camera or one of the spotlights you'll be shown what to do and probably be doing it each night. As with most jobs during the rally, the most important thing is not to be noticed, so that the focus remains on what's important: drawing young people to Jesus!

Medal Prep

If you're on medal prep, you need to get to the rally hall in plenty of time, and make sure that the right amount of medals & trophies are on the medal table. You will then be tasked with passing the correct medal to whoever is presenting them that night. This can be confusing the first time so be sure to pay attention when it's being explained or there will be some disappointed students! :)

Awards Hand

Simply put, this consists of collecting one or more sheets of paper with an event written on it from the awards organiser (Dawn), and standing in a line so that the students know where to stand to collect their awards! Make sure you listen carefully and interact with the students if you can to make sure they know what they're doing! This is the busiest point of the rally so all hands on deck! If you haven't been asked to help but you aren't doing anything, head over to help out your fellow 24-7ers!


For one reason or another, students like to leave the rally hall! Unfortunately, this can be a problem as the doors bang and distract everyone. All you'll need to do is sit by the door and make sure it bangs. Oh, and give those inattentive students a disapproving look... :)

Prep Hall

Applies to anyone who can arrive at the rally hall early, but someone will specifically be in charge. Make sure that the rally hall is clean and tidy and ready for the students, and be ready to help with any pre-rally fun that needs to be organised!

Prep O16s

Before the rally starts, check the venue is ready for the over 16s. The urn needs to be filled, and make sure there's enough hot chocolate & milk at the venue. Towards the end of the rally, you'll need to head over to O16s, start making drinks, and pray for the students.


The 24-7 team are (for some reason ;) ) looked up to and respected by the students. Being part of the 24-7 team at ESC is a real responsibility, and the positive (or negative) effect that you can have on the students during the week cannot be underestimated.

As the rally is supposed to be the highlight of the day, a time when student's hearts & minds are challenged by the worship & the Word, it's important that that you are seen to be taking the rally as seriously as they should be doing!

For that reason, here are some do's & don'ts for the rallies!

  • Do...not! Use your phone and chat to each other during the rally.
  • Do...be enthusiastic and congratulatory to the students receiving their hard-earned medals.
  • Do...be a part of the worship, whether you are part of the band or not!
  • Do...not! Fall asleep! 
  • Do...be at the rally hall as soon as you can before the rally starts in case there are any jobs to do.

Which of the below would fail rally dress check?

Tick all that apply!

  • Chinos
  • No Tie
  • Skirt above the knee
  • Three-piece suit with bow tie
  • Female day visitor in trousers
  • Hair over the ears/shirt collar (male)

What should you do during the rally?

Tick all that apply!

  • Participate in the rally wherever you can!
  • Check your Facebook feed to see what Jack & Jill are up to
  • Tweet about your day #247life
  • Choose the right Instagram filter for that awesome pic of your dinner you took
  • Encourage the students wherever possible

Which role might require you to leave the rally hall early?

  • Worship team
  • Over 16s
  • Cameras
  • Doors

Dress Code & Do's/Dont's

Dress Code

Dress Code

So why do we have a dress code? The dress code isn't necessarily a standard set of what modesty is or what we expect everyone to wear all the time at home. The dress code is however a standard set for ESC, much like the dress code you might be required to wear if you were to play golf, or go to a tuxedo ball. So don't let anyone moan about the dress code, have debates about what is modest and what isn't etc! The standard set at ESC is set so that everyone is under the same guidelines for the events and it also makes everyone feel like they are part of something different and exciting. 

As 24-7, you may be required to gently ask someone to change their attire if it does not adhere to the dress code, therefore it is so, so important that as 24-7, we ALL also adhere to the dress code. There is nothing worse than making the effort to find that extra long skirt or buying that jacket and then turning up to ESC and seeing people in charge not adhering to the dress code. 

Below are the dress code guidelines that are given to the students and sponsors so please read through them as you need to know what you must wear. Also, you might be on dress code check at the rally or at your events and therefore need to know what is required. (Sorry, they are quite long...)


Male students, sponsors, and 24-7 must have a neat, trim, conservative haircut. The hair is to be tapered or blocked and is to be off the collar. It is to be above the ears, with sideburns no longer than the middle of the ears. Dying or coloring the tips of the hair is not allowed. No braided or spiked hair styles. For boys with curly hair or afros, the cut needs to be short, not to exceed one inch (2.5cm) in length. No facial hair is permitted on contestants. Male sponsors may wear neatly trimmed mustaches and/or beards.   

Those who require a haircut will not be permitted to register until they have located a barber and complied with the Student Convention standards.   Button shirts with collars and long conservative trousers are the appropriate attire for Convention. Belts must be worn with trousers that have belt loops. Denim jeans, cargo pants (pockets sewn to the outside), bicycle shorts, swimsuits, or fad extremes are inappropriate and will not be permitted. Button shirts with collars, ties, and dress shoes (no tennis shoes) are to be worn to all rallies and the evening meal. Only the top button may be left unbuttoned, when the shirt is worn without a tie at appropriate events. Clean athletic shoes may be worn during the day. Sandals are not allowed for safety reasons. Closed toe and closed heel shoes only.  

For participating in nonathletic events where costumes are not worn, each male contestant is to wear a button shirt with collar (shirt tucked in), blazer, dress pants or suit, dress shoes, and tie, or school uniforms that meet the Convention standards. Clothing should be clean and neatly pressed; shoes should be shined. Exceptions: Mennonites, Amish, Dunkard Brethren.  Male students and sponsors must be fully clothed in street attire (with shoes) anytime they are in the residence hall lobby or outside the residence hall room visiting on another floor. Modest sleep attire may be worn in the residence halls while en route to or from rest rooms or showers.  


Male (Sportswear)

Male (Athletic Wear)  Male competitors in athletic events must wear loose-fitting, full-length sweat pants, warm-up pants, trousers, or knee length hemmed shorts. (Short or skin-tight shorts are not permitted.) Sleeveless shirts will NOT be allowed. (Exception: A numbered tank top over a T-shirt is acceptable for athletics. T-shirt must match the color of the tank top or be white). Sleeves must stay draped over the shoulders at all times. Uniformity in dress is mandatory for athletic team events. Knee length hemmed shorts are allowed for official athletic competition only. Shoes must be worn to participate in events.  

Full-length sweat pants, warm-up pants, or trousers must be worn over athletic shorts while en route to or from competition. Athletic participants may wear athletic attire to meals (as described above) if they are scheduled to compete that day. When competition is over for the day, students must change into appropriate Convention attire. Athletic shorts are NOT allowed at any time in open competition areas or in any other area on campus.  Only students competing in athletics may wear athletic attire. No jewelry is allowed in athletics.  

INDOOR SPORT EVENTS: Nonmarking soles are required for all athletic shoes worn on gym floors. 

Female Attire

An image of Christian discretion and modesty is to be portrayed. All female sponsors, coaches, and students must wear dresses, skirts (which are no shorter than the bottom of the knee, standing or sitting), or culottes (see requirements for culottes under Female Athletic Wear). Slits must be no higher than the bottom of the knee. 

Dresses and blouses must come to the neckline in front (to the clavicle bone) and back (to the bottom of the neck), without see-through material. Standard schools shirts with collars are acceptable. TIGHT, FORM-FITTING ATTIRE and fad extremes are inappropriate and will not be allowed. Midriffs must be covered at all times in all positions. 

Denim, cargo, stone-washed clothing, T-shirts, slacks, shorts, swimsuits, bicycle shorts, V-neck, or sleeveless dresses or blouses will not be allowed. Conservative, natural-colored hosiery/anklet socks and dress shoes must be worn to all rallies and while competing in nonathletic events. Sandals are NOT allowed—shoes must have a closed toe and closed heel. Hosiery or anklet socks must be worn during the day. 

Makeup (sponsors only) and jewelry should be conservative and minimal—only one earring (smaller than 10mm in diameter) per ear, in the earlobe. No other body piercings are allowed.  Girls and ladies must be fully clothed in street attire (with shoes) anytime they are in the residence hall lobby, visiting on another floor, or outside the residence hall room. Modest robes may be worn in residence halls while en route to or from rest rooms or showers.

Female (Sportswear)

Loose-fitting culottes and tops are to be worn for competition in netball, volleyball, badminton, football, archery, tennis, table tennis, and any other athletic/sporting event. 

Culottes must be full, loose-fitting, and have the appearance of a skirt. When in an upright standing position, culottes must be below the knee. Shorts are not permitted. (ESC Exception: Loose-fitting trousers or tracksuit trousers that come below the knee may be worn instead of culottes.)  

For modesty reasons it is recommended that white athletic clothing, especially culottes, NOT be worn. (A T-shirt must be worn under V-neck or sleeveless athletic shirts.) Sleeves must stay draped over the shoulders at all times. Remember, seethrough material is not permitted.

So what do 24-7 have to wear?

You will either already have a blue hoodie or you will be given one. These should be worn throughout the day (but not in the rallies). The rest of your attire is up to you, but must adhere to the dress code. If you are helping with sport, you may dress according to the sportswear guidelines and if you are judging/helping anywhere else, you must adhere to the correct dress code guidelines. 

In the rallies, you will need to wear a black shirt (if you don't have one, please buy one) with black trousers (male) or a black skirt (female). Please bring your blue tie (scarf for girls) from previous years if you have one. Otherwise we will provide you with one (please let us know if you need one). 

The dress code can be a big point of discussion and sometimes contention at ESC, but it really doesn't need to be. If you see someone competing who is not in dress code, you will need to have a quiet word with the judge/sports organiser or adjudicator. They may then speak to the sponsor or ask you to. We must do so with discretion and not embarrass people. However it is important to maintain these standards to make it fair for everyone.

What is inappropriate rally attire for a male student? (tick all that apply)

  • Long hair below the collar and over the ears
  • Suit jacket, tie and suit trousers
  • Jeans
  • Sandals
  • Shirt with top button undone

What is appropriate sports attire for a female student? (tick all that apply)

  • Culottes
  • Baggy sports trousers
  • Leggings
  • Baggy sports top
  • 3/4 Length baggy shorts
  • Shorts above the knee
  • Trainers
  • Tightfitting sports top

If you were to spot a female student on athletics day wearing tightfitting leggings without long shorts over the top, what would you do?

  • Go to the student and tell them they cannot compete until they go and change into less immodest clothes.
  • Announce it over the tannoy - Name & shame...
  • Go and have a quiet word with the adjudicator/leader for that event who will then probably ask you to speak to the sponsor and ask politely that the student change into clothes that adhere to the dress code.
  • Go and have word with the sponsor and tell them that their student is not appropriately dressed and must change immediately.

Which of the below items do you need to wear as 24-7 during the rallies? (tick all that apply)

  • Black skirt below knee (female)/trousers (male)
  • Tights (female)
  • Black Shirt with only one button undone
  • Socks pulled up to your knees
  • Scarf/tie (blue)
  • Smart shoes
  • Jacket

Do's and Don'ts

Nearly there...

Ok, so normally we would do a talk with the do's and don'ts of 24-7. I just thought it might be useful to cover it here as it is a good overview of how CEE expect the 24-7 team to behave. 


  • Come ready to serve/be flexible (things don’t always go according to plan) 
  • Be teachable/willing to accept instruction 
  • Be humble and approachable; friendly but focussed 
  • Be a team player (unity, no cliques) 
  • Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! Points of Contact: Nathan & Becky; Dawn or Rachel; Esther, Josh or Tim; The WhatsApp Group
  • Stick to the dress code: - skirt length - attitudes - day time attire - evening attire 
  • Be prepared each day for what’s ahead Remember who you’re representing: - yourself - the 24-7 team - CEE - Christ


  • Fraternise – especially with students!!!  (You’ve stepped over a line; you’re no longer a student.) 
  • Smooch ;) There is still a 6 inch rule for 24-7 members and this applies until you are married. So any couples that are doing 24-7, please do not have any physical contact whilst at ESC. 
  • Loiter/shirk responsibility (if you don’t have something to do, report to MC) and if it seems like your task is mundane or meaningless, keep at it; it’s not! Remember, you’re on duty (all the do’s); there will be plenty of time for socialising after the rallies at night – and at your house. 
  • Be rude/condescending 
  • Drag out meal times (especially if there’s somewhere you’re meant to be) 
  • Switch tasks/abandon a task just because someone – even a team member asks. It must be cleared with either Nathan, Becky, or Dawn. 
  • Don’t switch off during the rallies or talk to each other in person or on WhatsApp. It’s not good for the students to see us not participating and on our phones.

What should you do at ESC as 24-7? (tick all that apply)

  • Walk around campus holding hands with your partner
  • Be early to set up your events
  • Encourage the team and help out wherever possible
  • Lord over the students that you have authority
  • Enjoy being 24-7 and be happy!


So we have finally reached the end of the training :)


So you have made it through the training and hopefully feel a bit more prepared to serve at ESC. Thanks again for being willing to serve at ESC, it would struggle to run without you guys so we really appreciate all you do. Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you at ESC!