Narrative Writing and Editing Tutorial

This course will go through Narrative Writing and Editing techniques.


Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing

Fill in the blank:

Story ideas are difficult to come across due to the fact that while  and come and go, a story never actually comes out of your head in one piece. 

What do you have to clarify yourself with before you begin writing the conclusion?

  • Making sure the ending is right (whether it'd be a cliffhanger for a sequel or properly ending the story).
  • Making sure it sounds pleasing to read.
  • Ensuring that all loose ends in the story have been tied up.
  • All of the above.

Flashbacks are a common fault in dystopian stories.

  • Yes, flashbacks are a common fault in creating dystopian stories.
  • No, flashbacks are not the common fault in creating dystopian stories.

What does the term "cohesiveness" refer too?

Why is story writing so hard to master?

Narrative Editing

Narrative Editing

What must be done while editing a story?

  • You have to be completely critical of yourself and be subjective of the story.
  • Ask your friends and family on what they think of the story.
  • Praise yourself on the fantastic job you have done.

Fill in the blank

Over-saturation refers to 

Is it important to establish atmosphere along with world-building in a story?

  • Yes, it is important.
  • No, it is not important.

Is the input of the story dependent on the writer?

  • Yes it is dependent on the writer.
  • No, it is not dependent on the writer.