Get to know your colleagues


Welcome to this course to get to know your colleagues at Virtuagym!

We believe that engagement between colleagues is important for a happy workspace.

To stimulate this we have created an E-learning course in which we will introduce you to all of your new colleagues @ Virtuagym.  On your first day you will also receive a timetable from the HR department where you will personally meet with all department heads during your first weeks.  


Make the best of it and enjoy!

The Virtuagym  team


Amsterdam office

Get to know Paul and Hugo, which options are true?

Let's start with a brief introduction of the two founders of our company.

Hugo Braam and Paul Braam both had solid jobs before they started Virtuagym. Paul has a master degree in IT and used to work for a large bank in Holland as an IT Manager. Hugo has a master degree in Dutch law and used to work for a large law firm from the UK in The Hague.


Since they were young, they always had the dream to start their own business. In most cases Hugo saw opportunities and used to come up with all sorts of ideas and Paul was more of a realist of the both and saw the challenge in an idea. For years Hugo had ideas to start their own company, but Paul didn't see the success of it yet. Until Hugo came with the idea to implement new technology in the fitness industry. That was when Paul was convinced and it all started.


Some facts about Hugo and Paul

  • They both get more emails than they can handle, so don't be shy to send them a reminder or let them know personally  if it's urgent
  • Paul developed the entire platform himself in the beginning
  • Hugo has done the entire design of the platform by himself in the beginning


What do they do within the company


  • Head of Marketing and Sales
  • All tech related issues
  • All payment related matters


  • Responsible for all the content / new features at all levels
  • Responsible for our large accounts (like Basic Fit and City Fitness)
  • Legal affairs




  • Hugo is responsible for new features
  • Paul is responsible for tech team
  • Hugo sees opportunities
  • Paul is a realist
  • Paul used to be a lawyer at a law firm from the UK
  • Hugo used to be an IT manager at a bank in Holland


Probably one of the first persons from Virtuagym whom you were in contact with was Fedde, our Human Resources Manager. 

Fedde is a real Frisian, originally from Friesland where he was studying Human Resources Management he yearned for a more international environment. Doing his minors Change Management and Business & Strategy in South-Africa and Bali he discovered Virtuagym. Leaving behind wooden shoes and cows he moved to Amsterdam. Starting as an intern, Fedde found his way to being the HR manager and loves it ever since! 

At Virtuagym Fedde is in charge of all HR related issues, such as;

  • Staff administration
  • Performance management
  • Payments (salary and expenses made by staff)
  • Consultation and advisory for all employees
  • Management of employee relations
  • Implementing organizational policies
  • Introduction new staff

You can contact Fedde for issues regarding;

  • Holiday requests

  • Expenses made on behalf of the company

  • Tips for team outings

  • Sickness 

  • Other personal or work issues


Fedde is originally from  . What did he leave behind when he moved to Amsterdam . At Virtuagym, Fedde is responsible for .  

Fill in the blanks about our salesteam

As you know by now we started out as a consumer focused solution in the beginning. In 2012 we shifted focus from a b2c to a b2b oriented business. The consumer solution used to sell itself, so Virtuagym didn't have a sales department yet. It wasn't long before we realised that the b2b solution would not sell by itself.

In 2013 Mark Louter joined Virtuagym to set up the sales strategy and the salesteam for the b2b customers. Mark has a degree in several sport related studies like CIOS, ALO and sport and business management. He lives in Haarlem and enjoys inviting colleagues for get togethers. He used to work as a PE teacher at an elementary school and after that as a sales consultant at David Lloyd Leisure.

Mark is a real sales shark. He loves to close a deal and being in contact with new potential customers. 

His responsibilities within the company:

  • Managing and training the enterprise sales team
  • Setting up Salesforce 
  • Setting up this e-learning program
  • All new payment / sales related features 

Sales process

The way our sales process is set up is as lean as possible. We try to give as much value to our product without having to travel to clubs all over the world. 

95% of the companies that are interested in our services find us through our website. They fill in a form to get a 'free demo'.

After filling in their details, this information is send to our CRM system (Salesforce). In Salesforce our salesteam will be able to find all the details they need to contact them. The first follow up will always be by phone with the goal to schedule an appointment. If the salesteam fails to get in contact with these leads (= potential customers) they can activate a workflow to automatically send out several emails over 90 days with a contact request.

When sales succeeds to get in contact with new leads, they schedule a screen share appointment (demo) to demonstrate Virtuagym to the potential customer. 

And of course after that try to close the deal as soon as possible


In 2013 Mark joined Virtuagym to set up the sales strategy and the sales team for Virtuagym. He has a degree in several  related studies. Within Virtuagym, Mark is responsible for

To be able to grow internationally as a company we  


Check true or false about our Client Success department

At Virtuagym we care about our clients and support them in their use of our system. We believe we have one of the most user-friendly systems on the market, but just in case you happen to run into some problems, or have an urgent question, our client success team is at your service. We provide lots of opportunities for our users – both those who are new to the system and more experienced users – to learn how to use Virtuagym with as little hassle as possible.

In 2016 Thomas Brinkhof joined Virtuagym as our Manager Client Success. Thomas was born in the south of the Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam to study Health Science at the VU University. He worked as a Club manager and Personal Trainer himself, so he knows best what our clients want and think.

Inline afbeelding 1

Responsibilities within the company:

  • All communication with professional clients
  • Implementing new clients (organizing Webinars & Seminars)
  • Creation and expansion of our Online Helpdesk
  • The payments of our professional clients


Read about our support on our blog (here) and learn how we support our clients


  • Thomas organizes Webinars & Seminars for new clients
  • Thomas does not handle the payments of our professional clients
  • If you have any questions about Virtuagym you can have a live chat with our client success team
  • We’ve set up an extensive knowledge base with articles about Virtuagym
  • Virtuagym offers free and unlimited support to their clients

Drag and drop text about our development team

As you know by now, Virtuagym is a fast growing company!

We build cool new stuff every day to help fitness professionals all over the world to provide a better service to their clients, save time and grow their business. In this part of the course we will tell you more about how we develop new features.

The person responsible for Development is Gijs van der Wielen, our CTO. Gijs joined Virtuagym in 2017. Gijs is overly obsessed with IT and has been working in the field for 20 years . Before working at VG he was director Innovation & Technology and co-shareholder of educational platforms. Proven his geeky nature he holds a MBA in Business & IT and a Master’s degree.



Besides Gijs, we have a Product Developer: Rob. Rob is the owner of several personal training / fitness studios and the owner of Lijfstijl coaches. He used to work for Healthsoftware (a software company from Holland specialised in training software), so he brings a lot of knowledge to the company.


The development of new features start with a good idea. We get these from our clients (sales and support collect those) or from our own vision how we want to develop our platform. All these ideas are gathered on a feedback sheet that the support team and Rob discuss every two weeks. They prioritize new features from 5 (nice to have, but not the first priority) to a 1 (this should be developed asap). 


Once discussed the support team creates 'tickets' based on the new features on the feedback sheet. A ticket can be a bug (an error in our system) or a feature (cool new stuff). Either way, a ticket contains a detailed step by step description of how this should be developed.


We collect all these tickets in our ticketing system called 'Youtrack'. Rob then decides (together with the development team), how many hours a tickets will cost to develop and they will decide which tickets they will develop / fix for the next system update. The collection of these tickets and planning them in over time we call our roadmap. Within our company we work with releases of two weeks to develop and test new stuff.

Dev environment

All new features / bug fixes are developed in a separate environment from the one we work with. We call this our development environment. Every developer has his own environment he can work in and write new lines of code so they don't influence each other.

From left to right: Mark H, Robert, Roel, Rob, Richard, Thomas and Salvatore 

Test environment

Once they are finished developing their tickets they simultaneously push their new stuff to the test environment. Within the test environment we can't add new things, we can only test whether the created features work as they are supposed to do. If not, the data has to go back to DEV until it all works as it should.


Once all the new bug fixes / features work as they should do, the development team ''pushes'' their new code to production. The production environment is what our clients use for their business. You can imagine that this is an exciting moment every time!

This cycle is repeated every two weeks. This means cool new stuff every two weeks for us and for our clients! 



  • Owner of Lijfstijl coaches
  • Amount of time on tickets decided by
    Development team
  • Person in the middle of the picture
  • Ticketing system is called
  • Our Chief Technology Officer

Fill in the blanks about our marketing

Jonard started working at Virtuagym since September 2016 as the new Marketing Manager. Even though he is still somewhat green within the company, he has extensive experience as a marketing professional. A public secret here is that he is the oldest in the company.

His prior professional experience ranges from larger multinational corporations to startup initiatives mainly within B2C services. With employers in several industries like Leisure, Finance, Travel, Entertainment and (e)Health, Jonard has seen several types of companies and cultures. Last couple of years he is mainly active within the online domain. His jobs existed of different areas of marketing such as (online)proposition development, target group segmentation, customer journey optimization and project management which he can now bring into practice within Virtuagym. 

Jonard has a passion for customer service and the application of (new) technology to increase ease of use and optimize experience. The question how propositions can be more customer centric, effective and personal make his clock tick.

His educational background exists of strategic marketing management to project management skills. Nowadays he embraced the religion of lean startup and scrum. Marketing can and should be evidence based and experiment driven.

Within Virtuagym,  Jonard is responsible for all on‐ and offline marketing and communications matters. From user acquisition (leads/prospecting) to fill our sales pipeline to increasing customer engagement, ‐satisfaction and ‐loyalty. He also works on creating more structure within the marketing department and increasing communication between departments. 

In his personal life he loves being active in sports and nature. Last years he mainly focused on (quarter) triathlons and is interested in Scotland's beautiful nature. But he has some experience within our branch as well, since he used to be a fitness instructor during his study. Jonard has a family consisting of 2 kids (Anne and Jesse and wife ofcourse) and loves the Asian cuisine and gadgets.

Download Virtuagym Fitness & Virtuagym Food on your phone (hopefully you already did that...) and write a 5-star review. 

Jonard is an  person who likes sport and nature. Here at Virtuagym he is the new.

He has great passion for  and is into new technology that helps increase customer satisfaction. Beside his marketing role, he fits in really well as he used to be a  

Furthermore, he has a lot of experience in different segments such as . That is why he has a great understanding of different cultures and company structures. 


Check the right boxes about our 3D team

An important component of our system is our 3D animated exercise videos. At this stage we have approximately 4000 exercises in the system and we add approximately 100 new animations every two weeks.

This is done by our 3D team. The key person of our 3D team is Daan Koole. Daan lives in Amsterdam. After finishing his education to be a cook, Daan has worked in a tapas restaurant. After 12 years of being a cook Daan followed a Game Artist education and joined virtuagym in 2013.

All our 3D animations are created in one of two ways.

1. Manual animated exercises

This is the fastest way to create a new animation but can't be used when an animation is too complex. For example: you can manually animate a Hamer Curl because the movement is very straight forward. But you can't manually animate complex plymometric exercises.

Example of a manual animated exercise

2. Motion capture

When an exercise is more complex (example, because the movement is done through several joints), we use a technique called motion capture. Motion capture is a technique where you use several cameras to record a movement from a real person and project this to a 3D character.


At Virtuagym we use 3D animations for several reasons:

  1. It ensures continuity and professional representation of our program
  2. You will like or dislike a real person within seconds. But Brad Fit (as we call him) is very neutral.
  3. It will allow us to easily update / change the physical appearance of the animation.


  • This exercise is Motion capture
  • We create new animations manually or by motion capture
  • We use motion capture for complex movements
  • Currently our system holds over 2000 exercises
  • We proximately add 100 new exercises every two weeks
  • We are done adding more stuff
  • We never develop new exercises bases on requests from our customers

Fill in the blanks about our design team

As a company we used to be focused on consumers only. Within the consumer business, design is one of the most important things. If the design of your system or app is not a 100% clear, people won't understand your system and they will delete your app immediately.

Since we shifted our focus to the B2B customers, we kept the same vision.

''A user should understand how to use the system right away because we believe this is a key element to keep a happy customer. To realise this we simply offer a user friendly system with a great design''

This results in:

  1. Time saving (our customers don't waist time to get to learn the system)
  2. Happy customers (no frustrating complicated systems)
  3. More customers! 



As you know now, we create new cool stuff every two weeks. All this new stuff has to go through design before it can be implemented within the system. The person responsible for our design is Daan Schaart. It is best not to try and describe Daan, because we simply can't (no person can...).

Lets just show some cool stuff Daan has created and after that proceed with the assignment







































The person responsible for our great design is . All the new features have to pass him before they can be implemented. We believe every part of our system should have a great design because: and finally this will help us to get .


Medellin Office

Kalen Pino

Since his birth, Kalen knew he was going to be the deadliest man with poker chips. After taking a year off work to earn his living at Texas Hold 'Em tables, Kalen found himself working as a Sales Executive for SAAS companies. Along with studying management with a focus in entrepreneurship, Kalen writes short personal biographies in the third person. In the summer of 2014, Kalen contracted with Virtuagym in order to help with World Domination with a focus on the US market and now oversees the US office.

Now he works as the Director of Operations. Perhaps the most interesting fact is that Kalen has NEVER been beaten at Super Smash Bros. Melee, except for those times he lost his lives before his opponent.

Got your attention? Here are some more fun facts about Kalen:

- It makes him happy to connect fitness professionals with Virtuagym Professional. He also enjoys destroying his fellow man on the battlefield known as SSBM.

- Kalen was born in El Paso, Texas

- Kalen likes to drink his coffee out of a cup

- You should never leave him alone with your girlfriend ;)


Daniela Gonzalez

Hi everybody!
Daniela, from the beautiful city of Medellín. Proud to be the first support consultant in Spanish and the first girl representing the city.

Loves travelling, sightseeing, dancing and the lovely Medellín weather at nights. Happy to have the best colleagues ever and grateful for the international environment.

What is the happiest moment of Daniela's life?

  • Sleeping in the That desert in India.
  • Joining Virtuagym.

Ryan Iacoviello

Hi, I am ryan, I am a boy and I play ice hockey.

I like yellow labs(dogs) and I like to fish. I also like speaking Spanish because this language is MUY INterasante. I have a phobia of hot dogs because the meat is gross. I also like to collect farm animals as a collection. My favorite pieces include my donkeys and my horse. Additionally, I think the world is like an oyster and no moment should be wasted. Muchismias Gracias!

Who does Ryan think is the greatest football nation of all time?

  • North Korea
  • Italy


The one in the corner with a plant on his desk.

Graduated from university in England last year with a degree in Marketing. However, always had a interest in sales. Had a part-time telesales job during university so could fund summer holidays to Ibiza and festivals in Croatia. Loves travelling and ran into the job at Virtuagym while making his way through Latin America.

Thinks he's smooth by posing next to rental cars while in LA;

but in reality he still can't find a Colombian girl who will be his girlfriend.


Ask Matt how much he won/lost on his first visit to casino here!

  • lost 1500,000 pesos :(
  • won 1000,000 pesos XD


Hi all,

This is Nathalia.

I am A business Administrator. I went to London for almost a year and a half  to do my Masters in Project Management. I now can say that that experience completly change my live. Personal and professionally speaking. Well, I met my fiance "Daniel" just right there. An believe it or not, his Colombian too. well, life is funny!!!! I had to travel to another part of the world to meet the person I supose to share my life with.

Something you must know about me is that I love cooking, reading healthy stuff and exercising. And I more than happy to know new people, share with different cultures and travel around the world. I´m a very positive and enthusiastic person; for me, you just need to believe in order to achieve anything you want" .


Felipe Cadavid

His name is Felipe and he really loves languages. He studied Foreign Languages at the University of Antioquia in Medellin - Colombia, so he speaks Spanish, English, French and some Portuguese (He's now thinking about learning some Dutch).

Before becoming part of Virtuagym, he used to be a freelance translator and interpreter, and before that he worked for 2 major airlines as a sales executive.

He decided to join the Virtuagym team in June 2016 because the nature of the business has a lot to do with his passions and hobbies. In fact, even though he looks skinny, he likes Boxing, MMA, outdoor workout and he likes to read a lot about nutrition and fitness. On the other hand, he also likes computers, technology and Sci-Fi, so if you have any computer settings related question, he's the right guy to ask.

He might look shy at first, but when you get to know him you'll realize how confident, friendly and outgoing he is. Oh! And yes! He's single.


Hashim Ali

Hey everyone! My name is Hashim Ali and I am the New Business Development Manager for the Medellin office. I'm originally from Chicago, Illinois and somehow ended up attending DePaul University with Kalen Pino (big mistake).I'm a huge NFL fan and enjoy cheering for the Green Bay Packers! My interests also include studying Spanish, reading, drinking micheladas, and swiping right on Tinder.

What is Felipe's favourite Sci-Fi movie?

  • Interstellar
  • Harry Porter


Living and working in Medellin, Colombia, Sam originally hails from the Westcountry in England.

He's the (probably) best footballer in the Medellin office, and likes to give sweets to the girls in support. He's a man of few words and doesn't particularly like writing bios!

What is Sam's favorite desk snack?

  • Carrots
  • Chocolate