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Hi !

Welcome to this e-learning course in which you learn more about our marketing activities, the tools we use, our way of working and of course the people that make it all possible.


We believe that engagement between colleagues is very important to achieve a happy workspace and ultimately: #WODO. That is why this course, much like the other courses, is stuffed with interactive assignments.


By now, you shaked a few hands, made small talk, played some ping pong, maybe you even know the ‘real’ name of Hugo and Paul’s mom (spoiler alert: it is not Priscilla). But to make a head start in the marketing team, basic knowledge of our prime activities and your direct colleagues is required.


At the end of this course you will know what the marketing @Virtuagym is all about. And hopefully we learned something from you as well! Surprise us :-)


Good luck and remember: keep it fun!

The Virtuagym marketing team

1. Introduction of the course


First of all a big welcome in our team! We are sure you will have a great time working here both business-wise and pleasure. 

This e-learning course is divided in four main topics, namely:

  • Activities
  • Tools
  • People
  • Documentation 

These topics will guide you through the course. Each topic contains several assignments which you will need to complete. Don’t stress out: they aren’t too difficult, but they aren’t easy as well. After completing this course we will have a good understanding of your level of knowledge in order to start @Virtuagym.

2. Activities

Main Marketing Activities

Our (online) marketing strategy is focused on two main goals: lead generation and branding. We undertake different relevant activities to meet these goals and to keep optimizing our results.

Lead generation
Our main marketing objective is to generate leads to our channels and enforce potential customers to leave their contact data, download our mobile apps or request our Live Demo. In most cases, the sales department will come into action and follow-up the initial action.

Brand building
Additionally, all our effort goes into building our brand. Although we made a name in The Netherlands, we are a relatively young company. Thus, we need to generate attention for our products and services, while further establishing our brand, both internally and externally.

We created an overview of our scope within marketing. Make sure you go through this presentation before you proceed. 

3. Tools


It will not come as a surprise that the vast majority of these activities happen online. In this part of the course you will learn more about our daily routine, which is quite diverse. Additionally, you will learn the basics of the various tools we use to help us work effective and efficient. While learning, we dare you to leave your desk and go explore the office. After all, there are a lot of fun and smart colleagues around to help you out and get to know you!



Our website is by far the most important touchpoint to provide potential customers with the information they need. Most of our marketing actions lead to the website which contains the subsections All-in-One, Solutions and Customers. The system we created our website in is called Wordpress. In this CMS we maintain and create all pages etc. For a short overview of this and the structure you can take a look in this document

Assignment: Read this short definition for User Experience by the Oxford Dictionary. Then answer the question: How do you think the user experience on our website can be improved? Write down your ideas, email them to [email protected] and proceed.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track every aspect of our website. We gather and analyze the various statistics to optimize our online activities and build reports. In order to be able to track every link, button or part of the website, we use UTM’s. Urchin Tracking Modules, or UTM’s, can be build in an URL.

The UTM parameters help us to determine the quality of all marketing campaigns. UTM parameters are used in every link in all online campaigns. All emails, banners and links on other websites are getting a link with UTM parameters, which helps us to understand which sources are causing good traffic. Google Analytics automatically shows this information, so we can see how many people came to our website via a certain campaign, and how many people requested a demo. Our developers also built this into Salesforce, which gives us insight in the quality of every single lead source, which helps us to answer many questions, like:

  • Is the campaign worth the investment?
  • Should we invest more into this particular campaign?
  • Which lead sources are bringing in the most sales?
  • Which lead source is a 'good' source for lost contacts? (=people our sales team cannot reach)

​The last question is an important one as well, because if we bring in many leads that just waste the time of our sales people, we should not invest in it.

Key Performance Indicators
The most important KPI’s are Goal Completions (= leads) and Goal Conversion Rate. The conversion rate shows how relevant a lead source is. The higher the conversion rate, the better the lead quality.

Are you ready?

All up to speed? Great, lets find out if you can manage to build a UTM link yourself. Click this link and create a UTM using the following information:

Campaign source: google
Campaign medium: banner
Campaign name: professional

I got it! If you include a UTM the URL will look like this:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

You probably heard from paid advertising, right? Well, we use it a lot as it is a part of our online marketing strategy. Google AdWords gets us high in the Google rankings and delivers us a great amount of leads and, eventually, conversions. The price, or cost per click (cpc), of the ad depends on its quality score, relevancy and commonness.

Time for Squats!

The position within the Google paid search results is based on something called the "ad rank". Challenge Frank for a squatting competition, and while you are at it, find out which factors build up the ad rank to determine the position of the ad.

Did you beat Frank? Great, let's hear it. The formula that Google AdWords uses to determine the position of the ad is: bid X quality score  X  

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation
At the moment we are diving deeper into marketing automation. This way we have the chance to customize our marketing in a way that we can target specific segments and even individuals. We are for example now starting to implement lead nurture flows, which means that we are trying to support our leads in each lifecycle stage with the assets relevant for them.



We use remarketing to approach/remind prospects online and stay top of mind. After they have visited our website they will be confronted with advertising from Virtuagym. This can be a small banner or a header on a web page for instance. Google AdWords uses behavioural targeting to approach prospects. This way it is possible for companies to really specify the way of approaching. With AdWords it is easy to set up remarketing campaigns.

Example: Have you ever searched for shoes online? There is a big chance you stumbled upon a company called: Zalando. Just kidding! We know, you know. Zalando uses remarketing intensively. Imagine: five minutes ago you were checking out those new sneakers via Google and now, five minutes later, all kinds of ads pop-up your screen promoting that same sneaker. That is some pretty neat remarketing! Companies that also use remarketing include, Zappos and Airbnb.

Assignment: Browse the internet for a little bit (max. 5 minutes) and use your common knowledge to come up with at least five other companies that successfully use remarketing in their marketing strategy and send your answers to [email protected] and proceed.

We use these a lot..

Google is the most advanced and certainly the most well known search engine in the world. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any others that fit our marketing strategy. Capterra is a search engine focused on software. For prospects the use of Capterra is free. The vendor (eg. Virtuagym) pays Capterra per click, just like with Google AdWords.

HubSpot is a marketing tool that allows us to automate certain marketing tasks. The tool consists out of 3 modules: marketing, sales and leadin. The Marketing module is meant to create marketing activities that we can send out to our entire CRM database. It gives us the option to create emails and forms that can be used on websites and helps automating these processes. The Sales module can be used by sales (but we use Salesforce instead). The Sales module allows you to create deals that clients can accept. The Leadin module is used to capture email addresses on the blog with popups.

These are the primary basics of Hubspot, if you want to learn more just feel free to ask about the system or do the Hubspot free courses.

We use several email marketing services to send out emails. Depending on the nature of the email we can either choose to use MailChimp or Yesware. More about Yesware later on in this course. We use MailChimp to send out our two-weekly (B2B) to existing customers. Occasionally, we sent out newsletters to leads when we have interesting news on updates. We track their performance with, drumroll please.. UTM-links! Our monthly (B2C) newsletters are sent via Mandrill, which we use for mass-email. The costs are way lower when we use Mandrill instead of MailChimp, which makes it an easy choice.

Basicly, MailChimp is an all-in-one solution for email marketing including features which fit seamlessly with our other analytical tracking tools (eg. Google Analytics).

Ready, Set.. Go!

Earlier on we told you more about MailChimp. Together with Yesware these are the two email marketing tools we use at Virtuagym. Investigate! Go have a little chat with your colleagues of marketing and answer which of the following statements is true?

  • We primarily use Yesware for promotion and advertising purposes.
  • MailChimp enables us to personalize our newsletters.
  • Yesware and MailChimp are exactly the same, we only use them for different customer segments.
  • Yesware enables us to personalize our emails. MailChimp offers commercial features and has a similar look and feel.
  • Yesware emails go straight to the commercial bin of our prospects. MailChimp always goes to their normal inbox.

Google Play Developer Console

Google Play Developers Console
Virtuagym has several mobile applications for different operating systems. Google’s Android is one of them. With the Google Play Developers Console we manage our Android applications. The console enables us to manage every aspect of what a user sees and experiences, other than the app itself. It also lets us hold track of and analyze every statistic related to the app.

You got this. Enlighten us!

What are, for Virtuagym, the two most relevant statistics considering application tracking?

  • Active users
  • Average usage
  • Upgrades to pro version
  • Downloads
  • Average review score

Share your wisdom!

“Stop guessing what your visitors want. Google Analytics tells you what, Hotjar tells you why.” You get the picture, right? Hotjar is an advanced system which makes use of mouse-tracking. It helps Virtuagym by providing recordings and heatmaps from consumer behavior on the website. Every movement, scroll, click, and keypress on the website is being recorded. Therefore, Hotjar provides us with insights on how our visitors are using our website.

Assignment: Imagine a situation in which we need to alter a minor aspect on the website, based on the recordings of Inspectlet. Which departments should definitely be involved? (3)

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Development
  • HR
  • Design
  • Management


Salesforce is our cloud-driven CRM and sales tool. The sales department uses Salesforce on a daily basis to build a sustainable relationship with our customers and manage prospects. Our marketing department does not use Salesforce actively, but occasionally acquires insights regarding leads.  The Customer Success Platform consists of a huge amount of features. Some of the key features are CRM- and sales automation, customer service solutions, personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns, business intelligence software, managing online communities and application development.

Print advertising

Print advertising: Every year we spent a part of our budget on print advertising. At this point we have a deal with several Dutch fitness magazines (eg. BodyLife, Fit! Magazine). Therefore, occasionally there will appear a magazine with a Virtuagym ad on the back cover, as well as a column written by our CEO Hugo Braam. As far as our ad position goes, our aim is on the back-cover of magazines. On the back-cover we are easy to spot for both readers as well as non-readers who see the back-cover when someone else is reading.

Assignment: Investigation! Name five specialized international fitness magazines which would be interesting for Virtuagym to advertise in and explain why. Find out who is the responsible person for print advertising and send your results to this person. You can of course ask your direct colleagues for help!

Fairs & events

Fairs & Events
Every year we attend various fairs and events to raise awareness among prospects and to make sales. Some of the fairs and events include Fitness & Wellness Top, Salon Mondial Body Fitness, IHRSA European Congress, Get Together Conference, Club Industry, Rimini Wellness, IDEA World Fitness Convention, Leisure Industry, FIBO Innovations Tour, BodyLIFE Roadshow. In the past Annemarie made all the arrangements for the events, but as of April 2016 she handed over the torch to Mari. Go have a chat with Mari to find out about our upcoming events!

Mari's biggest fear is  and her main daily task is  in the office.

Virtuagym Blog

The Virtuagym blog is one of our key communication tools. Every week we post a new article on our blog, which is why our communications team continuously works on developing relevant content. We distinguish four different themes, namely: Business Growth, Client Engagement, Efficiency, and Resources (downloadables). All these articles are written in English. In the near future, we want to expand to different languages. Marketing automation will play a big role in this process.

Assignment: Complete the following assignment and earn yourself a pat on the back!

Go have a chat with Pieter and find out which are the three different core themes we want to address in our content strategy. Fill them in in the blanks below.




Give it your best shot!

Cold email
We love data! And we have plenty of it too. We hear you thinking: Duh, you use Google Analytics! Not what we meant. We often stumble upon a huge list of prospects in foreign markets. We use SellHack to generate email addresses of potential prospects, after which hundreds of email addresses and (business) names are ready to be used. So that is what we do. By using the cold email method we can contact a lot of prospects at once, without losing the ability to personalize (mass personalization). A first rendezvous is only one mouse-click away.

We use A/B testing on a regular basis. Especially when we are sending out emails we have the opportunity to experiment with them by doing an A/B test. Normally we focus on the subject of those emails and experiment with different ways of approaching. As we do more experiments we get better insights in what works and what does not work. Eventually, we can expand the this method by delving in the content of an email.

Assignment: Which of the following two email marketing tools is the best one to use for cold emailing?

  • Yesware
  • MailChimp

Time saving shortcuts

Sidekick is literally our little, smart sidekick when we are emailing. We use Sidekick to check if the recipient of our email has opened it or not. Additionally, we have all the relevant information of our recipient on our screen. We can even schedule emails. Awesome, right?

Rapportive digs deeper in this personal information thingy. While writing an email Rapportive provides us with all the information we need to make a good (first) impression. Shared connections, social media, locations; you name it!

Another smart tool. If we by chance stumble upon a name without an email address or phone number we can use SellHack. SellHack explores a large number of sources to uncover the information we need about a prospect.

Open Site Explorer
Wouldn’t it be cool to know what the value of a certain website represents for Virtuagym. Whether it be for SEO research, market or competitor analysis or a valuation of a blog; Open Site Explorer provides us with insights to spot business opportunities.

Google Alerts
Ever wondered who searches your name on Google? Well, with Google Alerts you will find out! At Virtuagym we use Google Alerts as part of our online marketing strategy. We provide Google Alerts with specific, relevant search terms and in return, we receive Alerts when someone used these search terms in articles, searches, blogs; news items, columns; you guessed it: EVERYTHING! When Google knows, we know!

Same concept, different features. Mention alerts us when our keywords are mentioned. The tool can scan social media sites and even has a feature, called Sentiment, that provides information about the context in which the keywords are mentioned. Whether people are talking trash or giving us a thumbs up, we always know!

Google Tag Manager

And the award for most relevant tool name goes to... Google Tag Manager does exactly what its says, it manages your tags (JavaScript fragments). We don’t like to write the same code over and over again. Therefore, the main purpose for us to use GTM is to save time. The manager offers several features that otherwise would take us ages, again and again. Want to know what the GTM can do for us? Don’t be shy and check this page (link) and answer the following question:

What can Google tag Manager do?

  • Check spelling
  • Activate tags
  • Save time
  • Check for user rights
  • Make us a sandwich
  • Make tags compatible for mobile devices
  • Provide a preview

4. People

Your awesome colleagues in a nutshell

Yay, you are right on track! By now, you probably have seen some new faces and shook some hands. While setting up your desk you may have seen some other guys and girls in the office. Spoiler alert: these are your colleagues! The upcoming weeks you will have plenty of time to get to know them and find out what their favorite type of beer is, although you should know RJ’s by now. But just to give you a little sneak peek of what everyone does all day, here is some info.

Jonard Rood

Jonard is untill today the oldest in the company. Proud father of 2 kids. His expertise lies in the field of proposition development and strategic marketing projects within B2C services. Last years he has been working specifically in online marketing (as E-commerce manager and projectmanagement). During his career, Jonard gained experience in several sectors like; Leisure, Finance, Travel and (e)Health. Next to that he loves structure, focus and effectivity!

Jonard has a love for innovation and new techniques/tools that enriches customer experience and efficiency. Next to being a father he loves sportive challenges, doing fun/crazy stuff (like Tomatina) and finding peace in the comfort of mountainous surroundings. 

Pieter Verschuren


Pieter is our all-in-one solution for communication. Content is his baby and the Virtuagym Blog is one of his domains. If you ever wonder why he wears headphones during the day, it is because the man loves to listen to classical music. It helps him write the best lines of content and keep his focus. For questions about code and content you will where to be!

Justin Stavasius


Meet Justin, a passionata for all thing digital and sharpshooting with rubber bands. He mainly focuses on the digital aspect of marketing including SEO and marketing automation but no challenge is great enough, not even jumping out of a plane! In his spare time he likes to tinker with computers, but don't think he is just another geek ;) He likes to travel the world and see cultures as well. Feel free to ask him what kind of crazy adventures he has been through!

Claire Cho


I’m Claire who came from South Korea and studied in the Hague. I enjoy watching animation like 'Dragon ball' and movies such as 'Blade Runner'. I go pole dancing and I’ve recently started watching formula 1 with my cute hamsters and boyfriend. Some people asked me am I upset when I'm thinking something. Probably it's because I was not smiling at that moment. But I’m a friendly and kind person. Please don't hesitate to bother me, then I could bother you too :))

Mari Berends


Mari is responsible for our events department. Next to planning our attendance at trade shows and organizing seminars, she fills her days adding useless objects to the marketing office, like a Christmas tree in January and a broken coffee machine. She also gathers a suspicious collection of pills and potions behind her desktop and is on an everlasting quest of finding the ideal healthy office snack. For questions about upcoming events or for an in-depth 'would-you-rather' discussion, drop by any time.

Petra Stiblikova

Petra Stiblikova

As the event manager, Petra is responsible for organizing fairs, trade shows, congresses and other various events. Next to planning events she also likes to attend parties and she knows most of the Amsterdam hotspots and trendy restaurants. You can totally ask her advise on what to do / where to go the upcoming weekend! Petra loves traveling and all kinds of water sports, one of her dreams is going surfing to Bali. While travelling she loves to chat with the locals so she keeps studying languages, currently being fluent in 4.

5. Documentation


At Virtuagym we work in the cloud. It helps us to save and share all of our documents easy and fast, without having the trouble of local servers. Google is our personal cloud-assistant. Whether it is email, documents, search, agenda’s or hangouts; Google is our wingman. To keep things from becoming a mess we set up some ground rules regarding documentation:

  • Work in Google Drive to make documents, set up spreadsheets or create presentations
  • Keep a clean ship! It should be easy for your colleagues to find your work, so try to create a clear overview and always give your documents a logical name
  • Don’t make and save duplicates of documents, unless it helps you work better and faster
  • Google Drive saves your documents automatically, just be sure to check the latest save before you close your document
  • Never start moving documents around before consultation with your colleagues and/or manager
  • English is our office standard, both written and spoken

6. Did we miss anything?


You’re almost there! We don’t want to be too naggy, but we would like to optimize our e-learning course, as this will benefit your future colleagues at marketing. Therefore, we would like to know what you think of this course. Is it too long? Could it be more interactive? Did you experience any hiccups? In other words: what did you like and what could be improved in your opinion?

Write down your suggestions and share your thoughts with us by sending an email to [email protected]. Your input is highly appreciated!

Welcome to the team!

Awesome, you did it! You are ready to get started and contribute your part on our way to world domination! #WODO